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What is focus and what does this have to do with A Producing American?

In reading my Foundation defined you have hopefully realized some specifics or primary principals.

Focus means a center point or attraction whether solid or of activity. But what it really means is where you are looking and putting all your attention on. In other words you are not looking at anything else, you are not thinking about anything else and all your attention is on the object and or action taking place in some experience. It is very concentrated and very clear about where you are and what is taking place. You will find this in any really good race car driver, during a race nothing else exists but the steps it takes to win such a race. I know this because I have raced and I have won and there was nothing more exciting than realizing how focused I became. I mean to the point where I recognized every little pebble on the course, every little noise that took place and how at the time not one other thing existed in that 45 minutes of time.


This has been a very important part of producing for me because I was very focused on my product and the Delivery I was causing to take place. This has been amazing and when I saw my demand rise from this act alone I was amused to say the very least. What is even more funny is I did not look at money and how much I would receive but rather the product and how I would deliver it better than anyone else. Making it an excellent experience for the customer I was dealing with and the results more requests from me personally. How interesting and that kind of makes you question all the old philosophies out there that do not get this kind of response at all.


So to focus all the attention units on one spot for a period of time takes practice to become good at it. It means to stop thinking of all the other things residing in your universe on a daily basis. It also means to stop focusing all your attention to all the other things people throw out there to disperse or relinquish you of such a focus. You have to train you to become good at it, to become clear on your destination, product, project, solutions or direction you are attempting to achieve. In fact no achievement will be entirely complete without such a focus because this allows full completion by being focused on all the details associated with such a concept or idea. You could even ask yourself what is the whole of an idea or concept?


Focus now becomes a very essential part to being a Producing American because the one thing we really appreciate is demand for our services, our ideas or our achievements.


To train yourself to focus is a simple exercise but a much harder practice and in fact the more you do practice the better you become until it becomes a daily habit and you no longer have to think about, it takes place automatically. Ask yourself what a habit is? It is the actions you perform repeatedly without thinking about them. Some of them you started when you were just knee high to a grass hopper and are still with you today.


Today attempt to think about all the things at once you have your attention on. You have bunches if you really look and many of these are actually caused by others. In fact most people are in avoidance because they are overwhelmed with all the CRAP to focus on that others have forced in our vicinity.


Its time to retrain yourself to become GREAT at focus and be a star in your own life of capability. It all starts with you and what it is you DECIDE.


To start simply take some walks, go out and find things to look at. Really start to notice the things about the plant or tree or car you are looking at. Try to catch yourself thinking about anything else. But really concentrate on the subject until you notice things about it you have not noticed before. Once this is done give yourself a good pat the back for getting that far and then go out the next day and try it again only with something else. Keep doing this until you start to notice everything about your subjects. This will also help you to experience other things besides you and what is on your mind. Do this until you find yourself doing it all the time without even trying. I am positive it works if applied but you have to be the DECIDING factor not me.


Please come back and express what you have seen and lets see what others have found and share these notes with each other. I mean should we be each others support to help achieve in this society? It would really be good to be in Focus when answering this question.


A Contribution by

William Schooler

A Producing American

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