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Finally a product to display,


Let me start with A Republic, now why on earth would I want to start there. Because we are in need of one and because it is like any other product in existence, it starts with a concept or idea and in order to bring it into existence we first have to discover what it is, why it is and for what purpose would this concept actually serve and for who. Why have a product if you have no intent to create some kind of demand for such a concept? It would seem useless but in reality it would serve no purpose at all and would be useless to even go forward.


So let’s ask some of the basic questions and see if we should mover forward with such a concept. Like what is it? A Republic is comprised of a public (a bunch of individuals). This public has the desire to live out its desires and create idea and bring them into existence for others in exchange. That is funny, it almost sounds like we are doing it to serve others in exchange, go ahead ask the question what is different about it? Essentially nothing so thank you for asking.


But what is it really, what are the parts and what makes it so unique anyone would want it for in the first place. For one it is all life, all individuals and all public which when evaluated one can discover these are all the very same thing, but we will sum it up as Life and the unique part. The next essential part is life now has to be allowed to live (create, generate and thrive) in order to do this it has to be free of obstructions, bogus authorities and any form of domination, hmmmmm what shall we call it? Let us call it Liberty to be FREE FROM dominance, false authority or bad Government and so we can sum it up as Liberty. So now we have Life and Liberty in order to do what? Well if life creates and generates and it has to be free from dominance in order to do so what will it do? It will pursue questions, experiences, and curiosities in search of happiness or contentment, to be happy with self for what? How about accomplishments that have been delivered and satisfied by demand, so what if we call this the pursuit of happiness? This would make it Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (where have I seen this before) so what is the next part? What if I tell you this is all of them, what if I tell you that each of these encompasses the other that without one the others will parish, would you believe me? Without checking or verifying or evaluating but totally on assumption? I hope not, but these 3 parts actually cover the whole concept, idea and if all are visible so is a Republic. This does not come at the greatest of ease does it and has to be put together in order for it to become really visual and experienced and then and only then is it a real true product because it has results and it cannot be if it has no results associated period and this is VITAL for you to get into your minds eye.


So how do we go about producing theses items and comprising these parts so that the visual experience actually takes place? Well I can tell you for certainty it will not take place unless a decision is made and there must be agreement because without these two no product is achievable. Yes there are other factors but these two must be present or it will be impossible no matter what thoughts you think. The agreement is the Life as a component, that Liberty is a component and that the pursuits of our achievements is present and without this agreement it will not take place and once the agreement is formed comes decision time, to decide to move forward in this DIRECTION. It is a direction because anytime you move forward it is in some kind of direction period and we will call this direction the direction towards life to stay consistent with the product we are working to achieve. The decision is made by every individual who agrees with these parts of this whole, of this product or this idea and concept will have to decide to move forward in this direction because without the full agreement and with a full on decision will be chaos, opposition and drudgery to achieve a simple idea.


Now this particular product and these particular parts take this decision making process a step further in that you actually put these parts into the decision, WHAT?! Well let’s take life and let’s say you want to live life, if you make decisions to destroy life are you making decisions to support it? NO! You are not at all so to go into this specific direction you would include this visual thought of life living into your choice as an individual. This also very much applies to Liberty which in a visual idea would be very small non dominating Government, or corporations abusing authority they were never given because why? Because it is yours for crying out loud, yes you can decide to give it up but no other has the authority, the permission or the power over you to take it, NO ONE, EVER! And I do not care what they say or put in front of the sentence, show me or go home because it flat out does not exist as you will learn in these lessons. The visual is to include this idea of Liberty in the decision to be a Republic as well as our pursuits. This visual of pursuits would be achievements that support all parts of a Republic; if you build the destroyer of A Republic will you have one? O heck no so you would pursue products in the direction of Life, Liberty and these pursuits and that visual idea is now put into the decision to go this direction with full support of the decision, the parts of the whole and now the Republic will shortly begin to form because now the energy has been placed and the force of the decision will drive it this direction. If you do not think this is the case, take any object or product in existence and show me unquestionably that agreement and the decision was not a part of its very existence and I assure it is as you will find by discovery if you look for yourself. That nothing man made was put here without first agreeing to it and deciding upon it period. Learn to live with that because it is as true as the life you live today so pinch yourself and see if you are still alive.


The decision has been made by all individuals that agree to these parts, these terms and this direction and the energy now begins but what is next? What about a road map of achievements or dots to start from one point and go until the reach the destination or the other point.


The starting point is you, you discovering how much life you are, how capable you are, what parts of you there really are, like; the ability to create, the will to decide, the will to live and the desire to learn and grow. Aren’t these all capacities of you as life; are these capacities of the lives surrounding you? Learn to recognize your very own resources unto you. With these you are able to take an idea and bring it into existence and achieve it in some form and hopefully the form you choose rather than some un-chosen form, achievements are the chosen ones. We all have to start somewhere so why not you in front of your mirror having this very discussion.


The next step will be to assure yourself what this direction truly intends. It is life changing because you will think and base choices on something you did not do before so your outcomes will change, your perspective may change and lets hope your personal foundation will change. These changes shall become noticeable to you and you will want to assure yourself by making sure you clearly understand the destination you are attempting to arrive at. This destination will only be clear when a Republic fully exists and shines like a beacon. You will have to be able to recognize when this destiny is meet.


How does all this mesh with A Producing American? My question would be how does it not? In order to be fully productive, like what you are producing and deliver what you personally would like to experience you will need A Republic to operate in, it is essential and in actuality it is vital for our own survival to actually grow. No other on planet earth is capable of getting a product such as this, only those deciding and applying effort can deliver such and objective, concept or product which in truth are all very much the same.


I want you to recognize that life needs life to create these ideas for others to experience, the others of course are more life willing to experience and learn from such an episode. In truth we are here to serve each other in exchange to fulfill our own dreams and desires, to grow farther than we have been and all of this is produced and none of it will fall out of a sky and why should it when the world has you, A life to perform some motion for some other to gain knowledge from. The concept to deliver is a very valid one and when we deliver who is it we deliver to? Some other, don’t we? So never forget what that is for. Our exchange is simple, more experiences for us and that is what it means in the most simple of terms. We simply produce experience in exchange for more experiences and when we stop exchange stops as well the experiences and life begin to diminish.


Why did I call this a Producing American and not simply the producer? Simply because I am an American which at one time had a Republic in which to produce in until it was stolen by non producing, takers verses givers, people who never produced a thing their entire lives and figure they had you to do that for them, that does not create exchange that does not do for another it sucks life out of life.


I like to say deliver or go home and what I mean is deliver A republic or leave my Republic if that is not the life you wish to lead. I am not here to provide you a life I am here to provide you a great experience because it is my own respect on to myself.

Should I produce A Republic shall I live my life as I have chosen it and allowed all others to do the very same.

The end of this is simple, what direction do you want to go, are you willing to learn how? Do you wish to provide A Republic to all those around you who wish to live as one. These are the questions for you since I already have all my own answers or you would not be reading them. My decision is made and now I search for agreement and the will to learn how to fully deliver, I do hope you are ready.


William Schooler

A Producing American by trade and by desire.


Delivery is the art of living when it is shared with all others willing to look.    wjs

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