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The Tree of life

                  I just watched the movie the tree of life and it was fantastic and realized something I have never really noticed before. I recognized that in the light we see the true reflection of our selves, our lives and our experiences. When we look around in the light we see life all around living in different ways but it is the focus of life that truly lives on within us if we recognize the reflection of ourselves. That we are life, that we should cherish each other with respect and the act of kindness and respect.


It is amazing to me because I have recognized the importance of life some time ago and have figured out in order to love others we must first be able to love ourselves by our actions to ourselves as well to others. That to deliver respect to ourselves is purely to deliver respect to all others by the acts we deliver to those around us.


I am blown away actually, I am not even sure those who intended the movie realized such an effect. I am humbled by the experience and acknowledged that all things that take place are by life itself or no action could possibly taken. We in essence are our own experience unto ourselves and what we deliver is our reflection of ourselves, our thoughts our acts and the love we share with our selves.


Yes we all make mistakes as we should because these are the true lessons to realize fully who we are. That without us nothing would exist at all and we should be thankful we are this imaginative in the very first place.


Outstanding and thank you for the realization of my experiences as well my actions.


The mirror in the light does become the perfect reflection of ourselves doesn’t it?


Life is much like the reflection of a tree in that it creates more trees and these trees work to support other trees by allowing other life to sustain under such a tree. Every now and then we have a forrest fire that wipes out these trees or does it? In essence it makes the ground far more fertile to expand tree growth and new trees form and expand themselves.


Life as a human being is no different, we perpetuate life by allowing it to live if we are observing our reflection and learning our lessons. Yes there are a few that refuse to look at their own reflection and work to destroy life. But life that has the love for life would not do anything to destroy it and would do the acts to preserve it. This would be the natural act and the graceful act would be the appreciation of such acts knowing it is very much the right thing to do.


This is very important for the Producing Americans to really get about themselves. That we are gifted without question capabilities, to create, to decide and to bring into existence and by doing these acts in the direction of life itself we permeate our own reflection and our total respect for life.


When I saw this movie it was right up my ally but I did question what act was being promoted. The best I could tell that even though there was religious views within the beginning it was left up to each one of us to make up our minds about and me being very respectful of such acts could not help but notice the realization of our reflection in such a light.


Yes we should be expanding life by allowing it to grow and by observing the results of our acts and how well or how little we support ourselves in such a form. Yes it is true the physical universe changes shapes, does not last forever and has to re-manifest every so often to become stronger and better educated. This in no way is a bad thing when it does it on its own terms. For those creating the destructive acts to wipe it out having only decided they are above what nature actually offers and that no grace within exists.


Respect for ourselves is above all especially when we realize we are connected to all other life, so by saying respect for ourselves truly means respect for all life that promotes life and for those who do not need to find a different planet because this one is occupied.


This would indicate that delivering respect to ourselves and each other is the best product we could ever want to produce from our will to discover, decide and pursue.

May this contribution find you and help you to see yourself in such a light because that is truly when all things become visible and if you want a glimpse, go into a dark bathroom and look in the mirror and turn off and on the light and tell me what you truly see. Is it the reflection of you when the light is on? Now put your actions and results in that mirror along side you’re physical view and now what do you see? How well or good were you at learning?


There is no level too steep that we should not challenge, it is not what I can tell you but what you yourself are willing to experience and view within such a mirror. May you learn to love you and share that amongst all other life in your vicinity, now look at the globe you are on, is it really as big as you think it is or is your house only filled with neighbors far and wide.


Deliver to yourself your own respect by the acts in which you create for you and all others around you or you can refuse the mirror and keep lying as long as YOU decide to.


Maybe it is time we step down a step on the ladder and reflect in such a light, need a flashlight?

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One Response to “The Tree of life”

  1. 1lacieloo says:

    I’m about to watch this movie in an hour or so and I’m SOO inspired to really “watch” it. Dad, you’ve been an inspiration to me from day one, even in the wee days when I couldn’t yet see it.

    I can see it now and am grateful for the ability to be able to! I have been sifting through my own experiences lately and analyzing the good to the bad. Without regret to the bad, I simply am thankful to be able to take a look at it for the bad decision it was and appreciate being able to take the actions necessary on changing how I’d do it now!

    Learning from our mistakes goes along with being respectful and appreciating the ability to have good experiences. To create good experiences and be able to enjoy it ourselves and share with others. You have taught me a lot more than I can probably recognize even today. But one thing about it, the reason I appreciate your teachings soo much, is because… actions speak louder than words. You really do walk what you talk. You have also shown me how to identify certain things by teaching me the true meaning of what it is I’m identifying in the first place. How else would I know what I’m identifying?? That’s the beauty of life!! We are able beings!!

    “There are no accidents”. :o) I love this saying and am completely inspired by it! Why? Because it’s the factual truth!! I get a kick out of responding to my 4 year old after he spills something and I say”How did that happen?? Layton: “Sorry Mommy it was an accident” he he. When I respond” Layton, there are no accidents” .. it will be an awesome day when he is old enough to comprehend the true meaning in that and what his response will be. I CAN wait and will, they grow way to fast!

    My kids and I went to church today as we were invited by a dear friend whom knows a little about our situation and believes we could use more positive energy in our environment. It was uplifting and intriguing to observe everyone in the room with the same desire, from different experiences, backgrounds, race, etc.. coming together to share it and try and grow their message. What ever we take from any positive experience can’t be a bad thing. I have my certain biases and feelings on religion, but I like the idea of others sharing positive energy and wanting to be respectful and helpful to others.

    I fully enjoy being that kind of person. A selfless being. Yet I’ve learned, a certain level of selfishness is necessary in order to achieve the true ability to be selfless. If I cannot sustain my own needs and love for myself, how could I give that to others??

    It is like what we see in our government today. If each and every one of them were coming to the table as honest, pure, and clean-handed beings, it already would be a different ball game. They would have already figured out that being honest with themselves and doing unto others as they would HONESTLY want done unto them… we’d be a people-for-people nation. Wouldn’t we be?? Money could still be used as a means of exchange for production, but it would be respected and viewed as just that. Not beligerently blown out of proportion, worshiped, stolen even. It would be a gift in a sense. I bet it would look a whole lot different too. Banks, banks? Hmmm. Wonder what form they would actually be then. So interesting to sit back and imagine such things, but sad that we actually have only our imaginations to rely on for such peaceful transactions.

    I agree that if we don’t do anything ourselves to change things, waiting for someone else to do it for us is unsuccessful. AND, selfish. Thanks for taking the initiative in inviting us to be a part of change and showing us how it is necessary and possible.

    Love your daughter, Lacie.

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