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A Democracy versus A Republic


Well I had another brilliant light bulb turn on last night after I heard some speech from Obama about Democracy in other countries and it was disturbing to me so I decided to do some research and here is what I discovered.

A Democracy is the popular idea whether by public or by Government makes no difference and is the agreement on what is popular. Now the questions I started asking myself is what is popular? Is popular informed, knowledgeable, the exciting thing or what is it? I had to ask is there any certainty in believing something without identifying the parts? A realm of questions started bursting out.

Now A Republic is very defined and very specific as a foundation or way of life built on a set of principals and these are Life, its support and allowance. Liberty, which is free from not being allowed to support and do or live. Then we have our Pursuits of happiness which are really our achievements that supports such a direction. So it is well defined and if we understand it we virtually understand ourselves and the support of ourselves by the acts we place upon ourselves. All three parts have to be in association with each other in order for the other parts to stay alive or in existence. Using these three principals keeps it alive and well and prospering in the direction of supporting all life in all achievements that supports itself. How interesting, if we really only knew this in the beginning right?


Now is a Democracy this defined, this clear and this personal? No because what is popular is not always what is understood and known at all and in most cases is false. This would be considered false or deception and have you seen any lately? Which life do you think we are leading? Which direction has this country taken?

These are all good questions to answer with yourself especially when elections are coming. What is important about elections, what is popular or which direction in life you go? Which direction do you choose? To know your destiny or to guess and wait and see what turns out?


History has definitely deceived us in many ways and it is mostly done through human intervention to direct a certain way, my way or the highway some will say but that is not how life is naturally, that in fact is made up in the minds of men is it not? And why is stupid so darn popular anyway? Because ignorance itself does not know any better, does not want to know because along with knowing yourself also brings something else so many are not used to and that is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to us, LIFE! Yep believe it or not you cannot deny the inevitable, the all experiencing, and the decision maker of the universe in all of history. Man with the ability to decide, a funny gift given us by God not to be funny but to allow us to explore ourselves and our very own capacities, to gain from by living out our ideas and sharing these with others to experience for themselves and to learn and grow from.


This makes for interesting questions doesn’t it and stimulates ideas abound and that is what truth does, it creates enthusiasm, energy and excitement to experience the world around us. Life would be smart to support life because it is such an idea that is allowed to perform for itself. Live and know the truth because it is visible by the lessons residing in such a history of our experiences as well others experiences. The way in which we dispel the myths only created to deceive us in an attempt for superiority or control over without our consent is to recognize what is popular and what is important and the distinction between the two.

WHAT A GIFT OF DISCOVERY; may we actually use it instead of wanting what is popular by deception.

Man I love the truth,

by William Schooler

A Producing American


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One Response to “A Democracy versus A Republic”

  1. William says:

    The constitution cannot stay as intended without the foundation of Declaration of Independence which is our Republic, the principals that support such a public and all those deciding on such a Republic to utilize the principals in all actions to promote and sustain such a Republic.

    Life is not in support of its very own foundation because so few recognize what a Republic truly is and therefore do not do the actions of building one. All ideas and concepts to date brought into existence took actions and knowledge of what they mean, there was agreement to the terms, understanding of the parts of the whole or nothing would manifest. A Republic no different than any other concept. Many think it is words on a document but in fact is something you very much use or you can forget all about it.

    If you want a Republic find out what it is, understand it entirely and do the acts to bring it into existence. But keep in mind, not all will decide on A Republic so only allow those who will support our cause.

    Define yourselves by your actions and achievements and there is not one thing wrong with being defined as A Republic. Here something I wrote today for your reading pleasure, please enjoy and let us grow together in a known direction we can all agree to that are willing to decide to.

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