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This is such an absolute and it was done with A constitution which allows liberty to grow and when liberty is missing in a Republic the Republic falls.


But there is also independence of such a defying bunch, to exclude the corrupt and to refuse to use such corrupt. But to enable this action takes the knowledge of our Declaration of Independence as the foundation as a direction in life opposite of A Democracy which stands upon popularity of corrupt and not on the principals of our Declaration of Independence which are all inclusive of each other to achieve such an objective. This means we need to understand Life, Liberty and our Pursuits of happiness as all life supporting principals to be used in the decision making process of the direction of A Republic. The only thing missing is our total understanding and not one thing less.


We are very capable as life when we recognize our purpose to each other, to deliver to each other ideas and achievements that support life in such a direction as A Republic. To know the foundation is to live by the foundation which results in the direction the foundation it imposes and intends. Life is to be in support of life and not in control of it, in authority of it, in the practice of manipulating it, these are all acts against such a life. It is time we learn to understand ourselves over and above the ignorant of ourselves who only prey upon the weak of our own ignorance.


So yes we should learn to nullify knowing well we will be in complete defiance of the establishment of ignorant corrupt and we must be willing to operate independent of such a mad entity. Because you cannot use corrupt to uncorrupt because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no better words to describe such activity and it is very much up to us to recognize without question the truth has been spoken and the certainty is ours to gain.


Let us be far more defiant than our enemies of this direction and nullify all laws that do not promote and establish a Republic clearly so it will be clear what one looks like when fully achieved. To know yourself is the ability to stand tall, study and practice the Declaration of Independence until we are all clear and in agreement on its terms and then defy their idiot defiance to our objective.


I will not stop until we are there period.


By William Schooler

A Producing American in A Republic by choice

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