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Rights or Gifts, a question?

I don’t know why I look at these as gifts over rights, maybe because rights are something said by another agreed to by many. But these gifts extend even further because we were also given abilities to create ideas, to find agreement and the ability to decide and bring into existence, although most will leave these out for some unknown reason.


And truly the way of life in which you describe is A Republic as in Life in support of Life, with liberty that allows life, along with our pursuits of happiness the ability to achieve. These principals all have to be in place in order to live as a Republic or one will not exist.


Government intrusion is the stripping of Liberty which defies A Republic or goes against such a Republic by popularity, also known as Democracy.


There is one more gift left out and that is our responsibility to ourselves as a life which encompasses all other life and if viewed from the view in Gods image reflects the true intent of God. Life is given to promote more life and allows life to experience and grow. It is not given to be controlled or lied to or manipulated by false story telling and surely not to be Governed by some who only THINK they carry superiority.


It is time to view life as we are and not all the made up ideas passed along events in history but from the reflection residing in your mirror, to self as life, your decisions as life, your results and achievements as life or lack of. Focus on what you are not doing verses what everyone else is doing for you or to you. WE are capable of holding our own if we realize what life truly is and stop pretending what life really is.


All ways of life are chosen in religion and in direction. A Republic a direction in support of life and its abilities and a Democracy is the opposition by popularity by deceptive practices. None of these appear unless acted upon, including all religions and directions in life. Many in religion have chosen the Democracy direction but how many have chosen A Republic? What do you see today? A Democracy or A Republic? Which one is being acted upon? Lets be real with ourselves first, determine our direction and act upon it to bring it into existence. One religion condemning other religions is what act and in which direction? Supporting or destroying?


That is the thing about honesty itself, it does not lie and in starts in my mirror.

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