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By birth I am of sovereign because I have total power of my choice by my own authority given me by life or God itself.


No other is issued authority over, this is simply taken and imposed or made up in the minds of men simply ignorant of their very own sovereignty.


Anyone rising up to pretend to be over is merely by acceptance by the sovereigns pretending to be below by their very own ignorance of them as life, as individual and as a Sovereign.


To have a sovereign idea is done by agreement amongst the sovereign or is it? It is possible for those who give up Sovereignty by ignorance to agree to ignorance to oppose themselves and their existing capabilities. Today Democracy is what is popular instead of well known and in this case you would have sovereigns against sovereigns by ignorance of each other as well of themselves.


Nothing on this earth by man takes place without choice by the individual life. It is flat out impossible and this would suggest that the ignorance of being sovereign is far from understood.


Your grasp intellectual and well thought out is based on such events in history by distortion of men and improper authority and ignorance by them, as well the chief justice who refuses to only recognize himself verses taking to heart information passed down to him by way of books to suggest some other idea. Which without full investigation and the personal experience can only transpire into assumption or public opinion which does not have to be based on results what so ever and can be manipulated because viewable results do not have to be present.


In life before the natural occurrence of influence by others is simply the curiosity to simply explore, experience and learn sustainment skills. To be self sustaining and grow in and amongst others growing. When this direction is chosen is life is in total support of itself. This does not have to be a difficult investigation, simply look at the life of your children from the time of birth and by observation all you can see is simple curiosity and growth.


Truly our Sovereignty becomes the true knowledge of ourselves, our capacities , our skills, our determinations and finally the number achievements we can bring to the table to help life sustain itself by its acts to itself.


The mirror will only reflect what has taken place and not what you decide to cause to take place, so we can only reflect on the acts we have done in order to correct the cause we choose to deliver to each and everyone of us.


It is not the books, it does not become the intellect, it is the acts that produce the effects which are now something to reflect on, evaluate, understand and give us the will to determined as informed versus ignorant. Should you refuse to believe me, reflect on your whole life and how many things you are certain of by experience alone. How many are there and what was it that made you so certain? What you thought of it or the actual effect that resided within your own universe?


Really be honest with this question and I assure you the truth will be revealed and this is your education to yourself, your understanding of yourself and your recognition of your total capability as a Sovereign, individual, life force, public, citizen and the greatest deliverer of ideas in the universe ever.


It is so easy to become distracted by all the other effects around us and before us but there is no better effect than the one you create today by the lessons you have fully learned and are certain of. The focus and the real question becomes why and for what reason? And the answer as simple as your reflection, to sustain life and allow it to grow without limits what so ever.


The Declaration of Independence is that Document, the Republic is this direction and the Principals within it are the support entirely of itself in full support of itself and thus is Sovereignty.

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