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Delivering A Truth to myself

What is A truth? The opposite of false, displayable, experienced, verifiable, A validation.

It actually is something you are able to go out and find the answer to by the experience you are willing to put yourself through, at the end of the experience will always be an effect known as a result and this is always viewable, verifiable and validates the findings.


Some will say faith is the truth but faith is the act of being honest with you or having faith in your actions as genuine and responsible. Faith in something you are unable to experience is not the truth, it is the desire, the quest but it is far from revealing. The experience and the effect of the experience are the truth because they become indisputable when observed and validated especially mutually which means by many seeing and going through the same experience and seeing the same effect. This validation can supersede all other ideas because the force of a decision takes precedence.


So what is the act of delivering A truth to me? It is my actions, my results and my own verification of these. To discover that which I am willing to investigate and validate. The certainty every cause I take will always equal the same effect when done multiple times, the certainty becomes the repeated confirmation that particular acts in particular directions will consistently produce consistent results. These verifications can be documented as knowns with certainty and recorded as truths to use, to determine with, to use in decision making which takes precedence over all other acts.


If for some reason you think this is not the case I simply ask you to look around you as far and wide as you would like and tell me how each and every idea you are able to touch and experience became manifested in the very first place? By decision, this is a very exclusive truth one should be very aware of because if you can find ideas that were not acted on that carry results please send these to me. Because no idea was brought into existence without first deciding it will exist, not one.


This is very important to recognize as a producing American, to realize you are the cause of so many ideas whether yours or another’s, that not one is carried out without agreement and the decision to do so, not ONE!


It would be good to recognize your own strengths you did not realize you had because what if you were making bad choices based on some poor idea some other gave you that you never validated or verified? What result could you possibly expect from you? So delivering the truth to you becomes a big paramount does it not? I am only as strong as I am certain of my actions and not one bit more. This means to fully recognize your own truths about you are the most important of all, it shares with yourself the importance of your choices as well your actions, it validates the force you carry in a world you are now in denial of. The awareness of you is the very delivery to you and the ability to create and cause great things, or destructive things or even really dumb things because you either make choices by what you do know or you make choices based on what you truly do not know and each carries its very own result and can be measured, evaluated and determinations made and then the question becomes in which direction is this heading? That is the ultimate answer we have to decide and deliver to ourselves isn’t it?


Want to be very capable? Understand exactly who you are in completeness with nothing left out. There are really not that many parts of you if you were to really investigate and discover you, a life form able to deliver ideas and acts to manifest effects called results that are viewable by all residing in your path as well by you with full certainty of you.


There is no way I could have reached this point nor communicated it without the full investigation of myself, my acts, my decisions and all my results which still today are very visible and when I look in my mirror I see all of them in their entirety and I realize this is me as I have created myself informed or not informed will only change the results but not the actions taken. Betterment is my recognition of experiences not so well desired by my own creation and realized as valuable lessons in order to better my chances as well my choices because the more I experience personally the more value I add to my decision capability. My chances are simply the measurements of my well being, the level for which I survive and the energy in which I have to perform. The more truths I deliver to me the more energy I receive daily to the point of running circles around the slowness by those around me. As they question themselves why don’t I have this much energy and then never doing the act to know why, to have the truth and to deliver it where it so importantly belongs which is within you to be you by your acts of capability in true form to include all that you are in total respect of yourself which now is permeated to all others around you and is noticed. Your own recognition your own ability should you be so willing to actually know yourself.


Delivery is all worth while if you wish to carry the energy I have inside me, life with a burning desire to live out and experience and grow. A good producer will produce and deliver the most important idea of all, YOU!

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