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The ism out of the ism to nowhere

A 1948 Cartoon describing our Foundation.


Here is a video someone sent me that said we have forgotten our foundation describing that this was or is our foundation. I disagreed and replied with what is written below the link with the actuals I found that totally show where we lost our way because it is the truths as I found them and not the way I look at it or think of it or any of the other 3 ideas people will attempt to put on my plate. The truth has results, these are viewable so when do we stop denying what is sitting right in front of us? So watch this video then read my response and for a moment really question this because you are the one that needs to answer the questions this will create.




Actually Tom I am going to disagree, that is the foundation of the banking elitists telling us how wonderful life is by using capitalISM which people truly forget to LOOK at, its the same bottle of ISM with a different name or cover.


Our Foundation was meant to be LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS in A REPUBLIC which by acts is allowed to support this idea freely and not controlled by any other but some have managed to muck it up by obscuring the facts and with poor videos such as these. The biggest laugh is we have the most education in the entire world and what they really mean is we have the most enormous training camps in the entire world to condition people to the Banker Elitist Utopian dream of wealth at the end of a big long dark tunnel and all you have to do is be good boys and girls and SHUT UP and don’t say anything. Awe but acceptance and popularity brought us here didn’t it or really it was the total lack of our own investigation of ourselves and in truth points the very cause at Religion pretending to be something it is not at all. In fact if our Declaration of Independence (OUR FOUNDATION) would not have been altered from its original draft that picture would have been very clear. It is funny to me how acceptance and popularity became the definition of Gravity, something that makes the world work, yet when we look out our window what do we see? The very idea this video just expressed and the results, well just let them speak for themselves since after all they are the truth and the effects of such a cause.


Disappointing isn’t it, in our own trap door from acceptance verse understanding and defiance from knowing our very FOUNDATION.








In addition to the original post


I am taking this a step further because the more I explore this the more that comes to mind. A Producing American really needs to get what I have just pointed out because it is essential for you to produce in a direction for all the right reasons and not all the bad reasons given you.


Isn’t it rather interesting that all ISM is pointed to a way of Life, they are all someone else’s idea of such a life with limited parameters. So compare A Republic to any ism, Catholicism, Communism, Corporatism, Capitalism and all of these have something in common with each. They are defined ways of life which you are directed and not directing yourself because someone claims authority and decides for you. Now A Republic form of life does what? Allows Life, supports life, gives Liberty and keeps Liberty, allows us to pursue achievements which does equal happiness and by having all 3 of these principals in place allows life to do what it does without limits, rules or bad control. It allows growth by continual evaluation of our creations towards a specific direction. This direction is a Republic defined as Public in support of each others determinations, to be allowed to expand on without any such parameters or limits and to allow full evaluation of each by the results they cause when used by anyone wishing to review or evaluate and then to express these openly for genuine content in support of such a direction as A republic.


This is far from what we look at today and in fact 9.5 people out of 10 look at capitalism as the way of life with the fallacy if you follow all of the prescribed rules you will receive the wealth at the end of the long dark tunnel. How interesting is that? Here is something else I really noticed is Capitalism points to Government as the incorrect approach yet by all results viewable today Capitalism owns the state or Government by buying elections and elected officials. So it is saying one is very bad while it does the act of fully supporting such a bad effort. This is very important to note in your own life because if you look at Catholicism, Communism, Corporatism and Capitalism all of these are here by agreement of popularity verses the full understanding of the intent by such a way of life. It is to believe this way of life is the way without question, so dare not question it or you will be ridiculed for doing so because you are going against exactly what they want you to THINK verses what you can explore and know for yourself with full certainty mind you.


By discovery and Thomas Jefferson was the very first to discover it and document it by the way, that A Republic is and will always be the true freedom of US, that person you look at in the mirror every morning. That those entities preaching any other course that pulls your attention away from the very binding Principals in The Declaration of Independence will never amount to such A Republic. That we are easily swayed by popularity contests instead of full on investigations to expose the wrongs and those things that draw our attention from the binding essentials.


This video is an amazing find because it portrays the actual picture of today’s society and its popularity verses its understanding of such principals at all. I hope many will question what is written here with great depth because you will be amazed at your very own discoveries and those with a different AGENDA will go crazy attempting to make me LOOK BAD. O ya thats me all right, informing my fellow public to stand stronger against the lies the idiots have created and shared around the globe for centuries with not one bit of dispute. But my persistent refusal by my full understanding of my foundation and my principals will not even allow me to go into such acceptance of popular. Honesty is the best policy and that starts right here at my house by being honest with me, making my own discoveries about me and my environment. This also shows loud and clear that those in Capitalism point the finger at Government as bad while they do the act of its total creation and personally this is the biggest crime of all in the history of humanity. This way of life has choked us to death and we have no better results than we experience right now today with abusive debt building and financial abuses that are directly tied to the acts they are actually doing which is causing what we are experiencing.


When we as producers deliver to each other ideas that we would love to have ourselves do we do the acts of respect for each other. This is done so by actions in support of each other to bring about ideas and products that support A Republic as the way of life which by these acts is in full support of each and every life and when this is not done have we lost respect for ourselves. Look at the focus of your attention and that of the people around you and what do you see? The idea of capitalism as your answer to your life’s dreams but in fact is the answer to the capitalists Dream which does not have you in such an intent at all because they only allow those they wish to see in agreement to their idea, there popularity and their poor example and way of life. In actuality the only true value that exists on this planet is you and your willingness to share great experiences with others around you in support of yourselves because you are all connected as Life, the way we choose is by determining and the way we arrive there is by the acts we do.


Here is something else I reviewed, RELIGION has a way of life but by popularity support capitalism with the thinking wealth is what sustains them verses accomplishments and demand for such. Look at the Catholic church or Christianity and look at the wealth associated with such a way of life. Yet I describe a total different direction which I only found in the Declaration of Independence and in the original draft Thomas Jefferson very much points out this fact but it was removed before approval could take place, why and by who? Those imposing or pushing for this ism way of life? You bet it was and the very reason for freedom of Religion to allow others to perform and show their own results and not by one only choosing to be some authority over the other. But since all have taken things from the other the results today bare no better from one to the other because Capitalism is the biggest part of the source created. It is very obvious to me from the present day results Capitalism is a lie and does not produce for the public the people, that in actuality it only produces for a few who are intent on the control of it all to dominate and control. The control used is the poorest form of control because it is very bad control and its evidence is everywhere around you.

The idea of Finance and the value is the biggest joke on the people of this world I have ever witnessed but by God it sure is popular isn’t it?


I really don’t apologize if that pisses off several of you in support of such poor ideas, in fact I am hoping it totally infuriates you to no end. But then I am not popular, I am knowledgeable which I know you cant stand and will do everything possible not to tolerate.


Free thinking, free will to evaluate and free will to discover does have it advantages to the pretending of history as more powerful than another. I beg to differ and you are ignorant of your own capacities to deliver what is wanted verses forcing what is not wanted at all.



William Schooler


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