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This idea is the highest honer of a producing American because it means to deliver that which you are willing to experience.


Really look around you, do you see individuals passing or delivering ideas to others? What act is it we do not deliver either to ourselves or to another? How is demand built if not by a great delivery of an idea (experience) some other wishes to experience?


If every individual focused only on each idea they deliver and learned to do this well would great experiences start to become very apparent. The idea of focus is to put your full attention on and all your energy on some idea in some direction of your choosing or the direction of another’s choosing by your agreement and decision to move forward in such a direction. That in fact nothing can manifest without the agreement as well the decision to move forward in such a direction whether good or bad.


Determining a good direction versus a bad direction is another subject because it has its own guide but the focus here is great delivery or FANTASTIC delivery by your agreements, by your decisions and by your acts in these directions.


If you really look at the ideas, services and experiences you go through all are delivered either by you or by another. That no experience can take place without such a delivery of the act or the item in which you shall experience. Knowing this well allows you to bring up your actual level of delivery not only to you but to all those around you and this is magnificent. The ability to Deliver is the highest honer of all, to be recognized as a great deliverer, someone who shares with you great experiences is also the highest demand you will ever experience in your life. The better I deliver the more demand that surrounds me constant. It in itself to master delivery is to master your own capacities or capabilities of yourself. It is also the greatest demand you will ever experience and the exchange extraordinary.


What is the mastery of an act? It is to become great at it over and over until you no longer have to think of all the parts within it and it becomes a part of who you are by the habit you form by repetition. The act of delivery can as well be mastered so that all things delivered are done so with the very same consistency. I am positive of this because I tested it over and over and I have become very well known for my practice of delivery and my demands reflect this practice. All habits good or bad are formed by you and your repetition of performing such acts whether consciously or unconsciously. Recognizing this gives us the ability to form and use good habits over old formed and implemented bad habits. To master the great delivery experience really is mastering yourself at your own skill of delivering that which you love to receive. It is totally based on the level you love to receive delivered experiences, its also a measuring cup to see which direction these habits are headed and how great they are or are not.


Knowing where you are going is the act of achieving a destination, so knowing your skills, your habits and all of your deliveries now becomes the exact reflection of you as in a mirror looking at yourself and what you actually perform every day. The evaluation of these acts should be constant because it is you preforming them, if you are not cognizant of them how do you know what it is you are delivering?


Look at this idea for a moment; Take every idea you have ever manifest (the act of bringing them into existence), what are these? Each and everyone is an idea, the action you took is the manifestation of this idea and you are doing what with it? Delivering it outward aren’t you? It does not matter if it is to you or another, because when you do acts that are outward or outside yourself aren’t they the acts you can display? So every idea that is acted upon is now a manifestation and delivered somewhere isn’t it? Believe me when I tell you people do not think like this, but we should because it is us manifesting and delivering all these ideas isn’t it?


If you look at the depth of this delivery you can discover the observations and collection of data of deliveries done and the full evaluation of these and the constant results by such acts of such a delivery. Who on Gods green earth would have thought this to be the case? Fortunately I was willing to deliver to myself the full inspection of such acts , manifestations and deliveries. My highest honer is to share these with you as a contribution to you, your self improvements by your self discoveries by such acts in your own universe. By shinning the light upon yourself becomes the discoveries about yourself which in turn is a full delivery of you to you and thus the highest honor because self discovery truly is that.


Please if you have questions or need help I am very willing to assist you at your own delivery. I am great at it and have more energy flowing through me than when I was 10, I am now 56 and feeling like 4 with my new discoveries every single day.


You could call this published doctrine A Delivery to you by the very person who delivers in all of the world ideas like all others capable of such a task, A producing American, an individual in the United states of American. Each person delivering great ideas is a contributor and a deliverer to our own development. What better gift to deliver to each other but a piece of ourselves as we actually experienced it.


This idea is now fully delivered to you should you wish to improve you at your own delivery skills.


By William Schooler

A Producing American by all choice.

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