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A Republic

What is a Republic with all these different definitions and ideas of such a concept?


Plato explains it is the composition and structure of an ideal state. Others since have claimed it is the state in which supreme rest in the body of its citizens. Another concept is any body of persons viewed as a commonwealth. There are others as well but where did it originally originate? Its original concept came from the idea the public thing.


My question at this point what is a public? People in a population of people and really what this points out is individuals amongst other individuals and many forming groups and ideas of the groups or group.


Now with these concepts in view which of these concepts could be used to support the idea of individuals, to allow individuals in a public setting and what is it individuals are capable of in such a setting?


Commonwealth means for the good of the people or the public welfare. So looking at this what could be a concept that includes all public that both supports such a public and allows such a public or a commonwealth of individuals?


Isn’t this A Republic? Is there any restrictions with the definitions given here or is this more along the lines of limitless terms?


What would a Public in support of a Public be or individuals in support of other individuals be? A commonwealth correct? Very much so but it is still very unclear in defining a direction and this is where ideas or concepts fly all over the place and the lack of agreement actually falls out of the sky from.


How do we define a state and which state are we specifically defining? How about this state; the state of living by doing in the direction of greater survival experiences for all individuals willing to do the acts of supporting of itself. Another words public in support of itself by its own acts in accordance with all others knowing that the destination is clear for greater survival and standards of living on limitless terms versus limited terms. In other words the state of self sustainments amongst a public in self sustainment acts to each other? What would you call this state when achieved?

Lets say we define it as A Republic or the ultimate state of survival or of self sustaining practices. Does this help make a clear picture of A Republic as in vivid or able to experience by ones self?.


Now with this, what if we add some very basic basics that hold this value in place when applied and when not applied does it fall apart. So what are these basics we could add?

First the question is what is life? Isn’t it an individual doing the acts of living or doing something in some intended direction? Have you ever asked yourself before? Maybe it is an important question that needs a good answering. By personal experience I have found life to be curious, activity, willing to experience which is the real lessons we learn by the results we can view in which to determine from.


So with this should life support self and other life? You would certainly think so but is not always the case especially with the present confusion of what A Republic truly is. Life in all cases should be in support of life by the acts it does and the examples it leaves. This can also be defined as a very important basic or principals to live by and is an essential part of our existence.


But this concept cannot be by itself, why? Because of other ideas or concepts of what some think life should be or not be for that matter. This should be cause for concern as it has been in the past, so in order to allow life to be in full support of life we really need to have Liberty in place and what is Liberty? It is to be free from other ideas that oppose life supporting life, it is to be free from bad or poor dominance or the manipulation of life and the acts supporting life. This would make Liberty a vital basic then to decide with in order to keep implemented the actions of living as life in full support of life. So now we have two very essential basics, Life and Liberty as the pinnacle of decision for ourselves as life but we need one more because without it the first two would be null and void.


We need to be able to achieve such effects that supports ourselves, our concepts and all destinations we decide to shoot for. Our achievements in this direction our entire support structure to sustain by actions within and for ourselves. This concept and basic would be our Pursuits of Happiness which by far is the act of doing and the results of successful achievements in the direction of fully supporting life in a limitless terms, to become better an grow through time. To expand our capacity to create concepts and bring them into existence to experience and to learn from which by effect becomes our happiness knowing full well we made it to our destination brought into being in the first place.


I have given you your inalienable rights didn’t I? But this is not all they are, they are what binds us, allows us and fully supports us and by applying these into the decision making process becomes the achievements of us by our decisions to do so. Yes this is a study so few have been willing to delve into this deep because it is scary to think how capable we are and how responsible this makes us over our own security doesn’t it? But it also clears up some open ended questions many run around planet earth refusing to look at. If you look at these concepts I have expressed where did all of these come from? The Declaration of Independence? Some did, but where else? History, yes some did. But most came from dictionaries, in fact they all did in the end because I decided investigate each one to find the origination points and the original concept as intended before the additions and or alterations of such concepts. I mean after all what are dictionaries if not the passing down of ideas or concepts defined in their original form and their changes since then over time? Something you may have overlooked but thankfully something some caught and shared with me and I have continued using the practice with great successes I must tell you. It certainly has cleared up a lot of confusions I used to carry around so I am thankful for such tools as the dictionaries because even they are not created equal and one would do well to have several for digging down to original concepts before additions and alterations.


Now look at all I have spoken of and do you start to see a picture forming of what A Republic truly is? Public standing up for public in the direction of self supporting the public for greater survival ideas or concepts that help and sustains the effort involved in such activities. Believe it or not I am not the first to discover this at all, that Thomas Jefferson was the first one to put it on paper in such a way to keep his opponents guessing while he delivered the most significant document for A Republic ever and this is the Declaration of Independence and his document is documented truths in sustaining A Republic should we decide to. Eye opening isn’t it? I also found it to be a document we apply to our decision making as well the constitution (which keeps Liberty in place) and allows our Republic to exists and expand itself. But if Liberty is lost it wipes out our Pursuits as well starts tearing life apart at the seems because as life we are certain it is wrong.


Why is this a part of A Producing American? Because to be able to produce at any level you wish to do upon your own efforts you have to be allowed to without any such restrictions or your chances lesson dramatically. This is cause for concern because all life in pursuit is doing such an action unless discouraged from doing so by poor incentives as well poor practices. It is our responsibility to find these truths and change the direction to the desired direction of A Republic or a public in support of itself by the practice of living.


In Truth A Republic is exactly what we make it to be as clear as we define it or as obscure as we choose not to is our total choice and if you look nothing on this earth takes place without the choice within it so it becomes very import to include as much as possible in to making good as well correct choices for such a Republic doesn’t it?

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