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Who is the lie?

We say the lies others have said but what we really mean is the lies we have accepted others have given us.


In all honesty is only discovered by the effort to actually look inside me.


My own discovery of me was confronting my own lies to me and acceptance seems to fill the void because then I do not have to look, all I have to do is accept the lies around me.


We can spend all the time we want looking at how others lie to us but until we find our mirror and look deep within ourselves and admit the truth we shall continue the lie.


Pretending we are not lying is only one of the lies, discovering how many lies we have to ourselves, now that is priceless. Honesty only comes with searching our own souls. Since all truths are experienced and can be seen and touched can we show the truth. The hiding is the lie as well the acceptance.


My honesty to others is really only the acts unto myself, to treat me with respect, to realize I am not alone, to do as I promise without waiver, to lead by example of great actions to all and me around me. To contribute to my needs, to tend to my responsibilities can all be observed without question. It is nothing to do with what I say at all and everything to do with my actions which will always tell the tail no matter what I say.


In order to have honesty we first have to live in honesty by the acts that are true to ourselves and not made up. To be kind to self, to love thy self and to act this way constant.


Life is and can be genuine when allowed to be, it only becomes so opposite in the acts of oppressing such a life. We all know from the time we can think a thought we are here to live and let live which is by far to allow each to be allowed.


The true authority of you is you and is in all honesty, any act outside of self is false authority when forced upon. These are all findings, all living within us to be discovered about us. Yet we accept another and the lie begins.


All of you are the deciding force behind all actions and all things, yet you refuse your own truth and pretend it is another.


O what a lie, O what a lie, face you because you are there should you decide you are worth all the energy you create or fail yourself by your own inactions unto yourself.


Welcome to the truth of the very lie you live.


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