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The question You should answer for you;

If you decide YOU decide for you, how may another decide for you?


Please attempt to answer this for yourself before reading my answer to me because there is a total point to such a madness. I originally wanted to put this question out here and then hide the answer and then I asked myself why and I answered myself. For this reason I am giving you my answer for me because I originally asked myself this very same question when reading an article about George Washington and his Foreign Policy.


I do decide I do decide for me because as I have found I am my own authority that no other takes more precedence than I when it comes to my choice. I am my own leader, my own discoverer and my own deciding factor. Can another decide for me, no because I have to decide if I like his or her decision and what it is based upon. This means I am the final authority over all decisions I participate in. That no other individual on earth has any more authority than I and I am superior to me. This in itself is a choice isn’t it? Why should I make this choice? Because it is true, it is honest because it puts full authority where it belongs in a genuine state as in a natural state of authority.


For the longest time I have known the over all force of decision making. In fact I have pointed out in several of my writings because the force of decision is truly all things. If all were to understand themselves fully they would intuitively know their own force, what I am able to achieve in any direction and how much decision and effort to apply. This is because I have truly experienced a good percentage of me or the me in me. How to experience yourself is not a bad thing and is the very opposite, it is the greatest experience of your life to recognize yourself with full force, full ability at full capacity. I get comments a lot on the amount of energy I bring and this is not by accident this is entirely and effect or results of my own realizations of the parts of me by the experience of me. To know these is the will to exercise these because you can only put forth what you know and not what you do not know or what you choose not to know.


How many of you do not wish to know you? How many of you made such a choice? Why did you do it? Are you scared of you, scared of what you might do with or without you? WHAT? With or without you? It does depend on what you decide if you listen and get this communication.


There honestly is no more authority than you for you as you in any form or any capacity and I do not care which authority is attempting to tell you otherwise. It is simple to say one thing but it is far more interesting to show one thing isn’t it? One of my best educations about me is and was decision making. What makes a bad one, what makes a good one and how to tell the difference and what it is I base every portion of it on. Think of yourself as a single king of you, of your cells, of this body, of these thoughts, choices, desires and so on. It becomes endless, thats right ENDLESS as in no limitations for which we are able to grow.


But the very first thing before all things is to first decide that you do in fact decide for you and thus accomplishing the decision maker for you of all time as it should be. No one to blame, only you to point the finger at and all the responsibility, O my.


Some say I talk in circles but when I look around me I only see in circles so if I do what it is I see then it is possible I am actually discovering myself inside my own circle. Now that is just a wrong assessment isn’t it? Or is it?


Where does my determinism come from, ME or some other? Totally self generated and the more I discover the more I generate and this is my energy creation, and one thing builds on another thing and another on another and so on and as it grows so does energy. Why is this, what is manifesting all this energy? Is it God? Is it? Since I am doing all the actions, all the contributions, all the looking and all of the finding what part is it God is actually doing? God gave me this gift of life and what if all I am sharing is that gift, is that part of us as life? The doing part of life as given?


I can honestly say that I have revealed more about me than any other I could possibly find out about because I am self generating by all direction, by all observation. I am an energy unleashed to itself to use and admire what I accomplish. Not as special, not as powerful, not as authority but as me and nothing but me so help me God in full authority over me as well to me as in act towards me in my chosen direction which has been decided and written as my foundation of myself A life, in liberty, in pursuit of achievements by all free will to wart off all obstructions at my command of me.


Some will say I am only for myself and this is entirely false because I only speak of me in reference to the discoveries of me as LIFE and what this truly represents by acts to me and results to me. I do share these discoveries but I don’t enforce these discoveries because I can only decide for me but I can also be hopeful some other will catch me inside them should they discover themselves on such a level. Energy here is manifesting at an alarming rate like I have not experienced before in this life time, I can only attribute it to these acts of such a discovery and I may only suggest you ask you the question and then you answer you the question and find out what you discover, you may actually end up knowing far more than you know now and then you can sit around days and weeks attempting to figure out how I discovered me, but a word to the wise, I would not and focus on the discovery of you because you take far less energy to discover than another does to discover another.


Good luck to you and may your discoveries be your biggest blessings in disguise.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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