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This concept is one of the most important parts of you, it is the leading edge of all things done. It is also the only known  force in all the land and nothing was ever done without it, nothing.


The act to decide on something is generated by who? You, a life with self determination an act that carries with it cause and effect, responsibility and is behind all effort in any defined direction. Think of effort as a direction because in order to use any, it starts and it stops. The point of origination is always choice and the point where it ends is decided or determined by the decider or the self determined. The direction is because if you start somewhere and you end somewhere else some direction or destination was chosen.


In the room you are in today, right now stop what you are doing, look around you and pick out all man made items that you can. Now go over and one at a time figure out how it came to be. Its started as an idea didn’t it? It was decided on and this brought it into being didn’t it? If this is not real to you I suggest you pick the items up and feel them and answer you how they were put here if there was no idea of it and then no decision to bring it here?


All forms of Government are decided, all airplane designs and implementations, all houses, cars, corporations and anything else you can think of.


This almost parallels idea creation because ideas could not become real if the act to decide was missing.


This subject is one I have delved deep inside of for this reason; I am capable of such a task. So is all other life, all who produce and all who do a thing. Thats right, if you do anything you have self determinism and can do the act of deciding or you would not do a thing. I realize realizing this exposes a huge abundance of responsibility and this can overwhelm even the strongest mind. It is also the one act that we should learn to understand over all other acts or maybe poor choices could arrive. Well lets forget maybe  because it has fully been tested that poor ideas are conceived and decided upon on a daily basis or we would not be in this mess.


It is very important to understand this act as force because it is taking something out of nothing or something in one form and changing it to another form and without this act no motion would be possible from the get go. You really need to realize what you are capable of, that this ability you carry is inevitable and that you own it whether or not you claim  it. Everything you do leaves your mark, effect and result because it is your signature of such an act taking place at all. Could you imagine someone telling you they built a rocket ship and then not willing to show you the rocket ship, what kind of signature does this leave? A lousy one for now.


There is another very significance to the act of deciding, what ever it is you decide will take place. In fact is there anything in your life that you have achieved that you are proud of? What was it? Did you make that happen entirely by such a choice? Yes you did and this means you too could make poor or bad decisions couldn’t you? Have you? I know I have.


So how do we as idea makers, self determined deciders and cause know the difference between a good choice or a bad choice? Remember all choice is a direction chosen isn’t it? So who does it effect, this choice and this effect? Once this is determined how does this effect effect you, or effect another? Does it effect in a good way where it supports you as life or another as life? What is a good way? Well if you are life and you enjoy the act of living, doing, deciding and effecting and the effects create and environment that improves this for you, would this be considered good for you? What if it effects you in a bad way even to the point of killing you? Isn’t that bad?


So life and its preservation and growth becomes A deciding factor or component to the choices we make. Should we actually apply this to all choices we make all acts will be in this direction. When only partially done will we have a partial effect. So an informed choice is one that includes knowledge of you and the best acts of allowing it to do what it does best.


Now if a decision is force in a direction, what happens if you get 2 deciding is such a direction, you get twice the force and if you include 30 it becomes 30 times the force.


Here is something for you to look at; Look at Bankers, Corporations and Government and lets say they are all in cahoots with each other and decide to steal us blind. How many is this? 100s, 1000s? How much force is that? Now how much opposing force is there if say two decide? So one force completely wipes out the other force  and the direction with the most force will prevail unless there is more determinism and far more persistence based on a Foundation of bedrock can move mountains. So it is very possible to move a bigger force with a smaller force based on the informed, the principals and the persistence one is intent on. It is truly about numbers to decide in a direction with a clear visual of the destination or picture we attempt to meet. Opposing forces are the only thing that can stop you. So what if your opposing force has no principals, no self respect, is highly unorganized and others are informed, persistent, defiant and intent, who will prevail? Persistence each time.


Please do not take my word for this and test away, you will find things you were clueless about and blow your own mind. This discovery for me changed my whole life, my whole direction and life has been good to me because I am good to life, now that is funny isn’t it?


Groups in decision sometimes carry the most force even in the wrong direction and this is because of deception. The deception is they are told one thing and so they each think and decide and this is very dangerous business. It is the act of non informed decision making based on what is communicated versus informed by verification which is the experience of discovery by you. If I teach you nothing else and you get this you will find your way. people are easily swayed because they have giving hearts, this is a great asset but can also be our own defeat. This is because there are always some that will take advantage of this because they hold no self respect. When you discover how powerful you are do you also discover how respectful you should be, knowing other forces besides you exists and respecting this is mutual respect.


The deciding factors in all decision making are all you so what is it you base your decision on? This concept will help you discover you as well. If you base your choices on what is good for life (this includes all life), if you include the act of Liberty as well the act of pursuing your happiness in every decision you make will be the effect of such concepts and you will actually be living as these in every day life as well acting in support of these with every choice. You will notice you have heard these before and yes you have because they reside in our Declaration of Independence and are the very Foundation of such an independence as individual choice. It empowers you to be able to choose for you as LIFE, so does this really say in support of myself and my surroundings?


I did and interesting test the other day, I stood in the middle of a room and decided to circle myself while observing all that was around me and what I observed was life all around me. Now when I do this in my community I can see the same thing without actually seeing the people right in front of me because I still recognize all the life around me. When I do this in my country the same thing happens even though I cannot see Chicago from Washington state but still I am aware that all this life lives all around me. Now when I do the act of deciding acts that support all this life does the visual I get become massive and now the impacts look enormous and the truth is some decisions are this enormous and carry with them very bad effects. In fact in todays society it is hard to find huge enormous great effects that support this much life. This is entirely in relation to its inclusion. If we do not include these, they become non included and the effects verify this fact.


It should be well recognized right now that not all decisions are good ones and in fact some really bad ones have taken place in our time as well times before us and the way to really tell is to look at all the effects or the results in front of you, are these acts in support of you? Now do your circle of you, are they inclusive of all others? In a good way or in a bad way?


If we know all have such a capacity to create and decide yet we see bad effects surrounding a group or entity what is this really communicating to you? That you were not a part of such a decision and some decided without you to not include you at all. That these are their limits to them imposed upon you and also known as very poor choice or greatest of all, very non informed choice. If you are unaware of you as life and all other life around you is very poor awareness levels and should at this point and time be noted as so.


Look at this for a moment, here you are a producing american deciding to perform some service or device another can use and all you wish to see is the desire for more. This is natural because we wish people to have a great experience at something that we too would like to have. When we view it from this perspective do we include all other life because we don’t pick and choose, we put the idea out there and hope it gets noticed and creates a demand for such an experience. We are actually performing ideas and decisions to include life in all products and services by this concept. By doing such an act also narrows the focus to the product as well the delivery as well all the recipients of such a desire or demand.


Now when people decide to do this for another reason it becomes a perversion of the truth and manipulates the system towards ignorance, because remember choice is in a direction and which destination do the effects or results serve?


Today what do we have as effects in our society, we have welfare, we have debt, we have wars, we have fear, we have corrupt Governments both state and federal, we have price increases, defaults, poor products of all kinds, we have stealing, more government agencies than employers and the list can continue. So who and what is being decided for you? What is the biggest known product in the world today if you had to answer this question? DEBT, thats right, not solvency but debt and this being the case does what for life? Increase sustainability, No? Increase Federal Government? Hell Yes, kills people? Hell yes again, does this steal from people? every day, so would these be good effects or very lousy effects? Pathetic effects. So who is causing this much discomfort and bad effects, who is making such poor choices? Keep in mind nothing takes place without choice, nothing.


Under close inspection I could see it was the world banking or world financiers who have decided such an act for them and not for life. Not recognizing themselves as life all inclusive of all other life has limited them. The basis or idea for which they operate as power over all other life, to be in control of all life only for them to be served. They manifest the wars, corporate ideology, infiltration of Governments, stealing from the producing class and have not one great achievement in all of history that sustains life and societies and the effects or results the entire opposite. Its not actually life in control of life, it is by results Life out of control to life and is really known a pathetic at best.

What these people do not have is any opposing force or opposite decisions to wipe them out. This was simply done by filling the world with false information to the degree people would not recognize their very own capacity such as the will to decide and to have principals in which to decide from. Their decisions are by far the most negative decisions in all the land and in all time in history and what is more disturbing is that we all hold the force to stop them in their tracks should we become aware of ourselves and decide based upon our principals listed in our Foundation of Independence of them which was why the Declaration of Independence was formed in the very first place. It was not only King George we were being abused by, it was in partnership because all cause needs something to support a cause. Their cause the out of control supposed control by destruction and fear and is by all evaluation FALSE and made up in the minds of men who have only lost themselves or limited themselves to something that has no inclusion what so ever. Recognize their choice and the force behind this choice is that of numbers and persistence but definitely not on Principals and a foundation. Should defiance be based on such take place with as much or more persistence these idiots would be gone is moments all because there is far more decision makers on this earth than there is of this limited bunch.


Look at how big this is and how much force it has had behind it. This should be well recognized that if they are this capable of something so poor then we are as capable of something far greater by principals and foundation by CHOICE, DECISION or the force with in each of us. To think other wise is to only question you without taking the time to find such an answer. To recognize you is the best and most important part of you and your own capacity.


I have decided I shall live as A Republic as A Public, individual or choice maker. That I shall produce achievements in the direction of Life because I am certain of what I am and the inclusiveness this holds. I have decided I will share this with you from a Producing American prospective which by acts is capable of delivery. I hold my own value, my own authority and my own skill by the knowledge of me to me. That no other may take this way regardless of their own thinking because I decide my own destiny and when others get in my way I defy them by my will to decide to do so. That I am not in fear of my life because I am so sure of it with such a capacity to decide and that all things take place with such a skill should I decide. The decision is made and this is final and is in full honesty to me which I share in full honesty to you which you too have the will to decide, to be self determined, to be a cause of effects in a world for which you live and means very simply to do something for you and all life around you or decide to accept what idiots do and there is a huge comparison should you be willing to identify you as life and as living.


The deciding factor of all things is you should you choose to deliver.



William Schooler

A Producing American by Decision

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