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The most important questions of your LIFE.

What is LIFE? Some other life? Only one life? All life?

When choice is not based on what is in support of life what choices are left?

What Document states life as the deciding factor in all of life?


What is life fully comprised of when you focus your attention in the mirror? Is there self determinism? The ability to observe and question? The ability to evaluate and validate as genuine? Does responsibility exist regardless if understood or not?


Is the act of denying you actually denying you?


Have you ever seen a dead person do anything? How many live people do you see not doing a thing? Are these showing signs of life?


The final question; so what has life achieved that is so great you cannot wait to open your eyes on this morning and go live in it?


I assure you these are all the unanswered honest questions to self, as well the lack of determining factors we are living with.

There is so little to be learned about ourselves yet so many are unwilling to take the time to self determine exactly who and what they are by asking these questions and then findings these answers for themselves.


Breathing is hardly a sign of living because the act of doing is the only sign life has done a thing and results, effects and accomplishments are the only proof in existence that life ever did a thing.


Be careful now at this practice because you may ask yourself, answer yourself and actually discover yourself and that is the scariest of all.



What so many refuse to look at is ignorance is a creation the same as all ideas are created. One has to do the act of creating it, to refuse to know something is a deciding factor especially when it is staring at you and you deny you wish to know. As living as A Life, thats right I am life and I live as life, I decide as life and I also investigate as life. Yes I am an individual but regardless I am a life of life. When you say the word life, dissect it and all the sudden it is connected to all life, it has no start nor any stop and is continuous. Every time I say life I now see all life not only this life and when I decide based upon sustainment of life, support of life or the growth of life I get the picture all life. When I attempt to take the life out of life it wont leave and is persistent which is a very interesting concept.


Think about this, you get the idea you want to buy a particular car and you have been shopping around and you know what kind you are looking for. Finally after hours of searching you see the car you were what? Imagining? Finally you negotiate a price and close the deal and drive away. The original idea was to buy a car wasn’t it? This took some effort and persistence to achieve and to bring it to a full close. This has everything to do with your determinism and your persistence.


This is also how we work to deliver products and services as well, or how we produce something from start to finish regardless of obstacles that arise. The persistence is the achievement as well the acknowledgment of the persistence and the sound of joy when you arrive.


Ignorance can also be produced this same way and persisted upon by some to others passing on false or confusing information to send you the incorrect way. Its been done for centuries and there are literally masters at it. Elusion is deceptive to make something look as something else. But believe it or not there is a way to plow through ignorance to challenge and clear the confusion being presented. But first the best way to do this is to know yourself very well so when you evaluate you know what reason and what to compare to. To figure out what something supports or does not support. If it is in your best interest or is completely against your interest but first what are you? Yes I know and individual, but you are also LIFE as all life regardless of your choice. Its a natural connection  or you could not sustain life without you period so the connection persists. as well all accomplishments are done by persistence of what? Life.


Notice at the beginning I said the most important questions of your life and what I really intend is the most important answers of your life, you knowing about you, know you to be able to fully determine for you. Funny, no one does it better than you for you because the personal experience is the real education isn’t it?


Who are the creators of ignorance besides you? Other life ignorant of life, unwilling to look at their self and their connection to all life. Then to decide a direction with such information is to hop in a car and drive down a freeway at 90 with no direction and no destination for which to arrive.

Now what is a world banker? Greedy? Dumber than a box of rocks? Trickster? Illusionists? All these names identify ignorant don’t they? You bet they do and what results have the world banking community given us in this life time that is so exceptional you will never forget it? DEBT! Wow, a negative effect across the globe? Think about this, has this created solvency in our world? Doesn’t life live around the world? Has it created sustainable practices which supports all of life? Nope? Well crap, what have they produced that supports you as LIFE? NOTHING at all! Not one thing ever in all of history since the time of financiers. In fact they have worked hard to take all your ideas, forced you to do all the effort in production in exchange for you to be indebted.

Nice huh, but lets look at why this is, who on planet earth is challenging the world bankers? Who is standing up in defiance of banker ideology? People tell me all the time I could not live without the banker and I ask why is that? And they tell me because you need money to live. What is money truly? It is a product by financiers to represent what I produce, if it represents the things I produce the product must be what actually holds the actual value and then they use something of equal value to represent it correct? NO! and this is the elusion and the elusion extends further than this by convincing you the money is the value and not what you as a producer produce and when you run this all the way down, nothing could exist without your effort, meaning; you are the actual true value should you discover this real truth.


This is going to make some others mad isn’t it, and it should because I am attempting to stop the stealing in our world from life the truest value in all the world should we realize ourselves and our true value to each other as a producer to another producer to another producer and on and on and on and all the sudden here is that damn persistence again with no damn end.


Think about this site as a Producing American and the value it truly represents. It is entirely based on life, Liberty and the pursuits of happiness which means; Life in support of life as a value to true value connected in persistence in a direction determined by us by our own recognition of ourselves. I know you are all laughing now but I assure you if you went through all these steps , fully got it, fully applied it would you watch your world change before you into what ever you create by the direction you decide to choose as life in total support of life continuous without limits at all. I know this because I have done it myself and I am filled with more energy than I had when I was five. Every answer I find un-restricts me and allows me and creates life energy in abundance or genuine value to all life. Laugh all you want because I do every day for all the right reasons and it is becoming very noticed in my circles. Contact anybody I know and I assure you they will tell you what they have seen. If you wish to get resources contact me and I will share some with you to check for yourself.


I am sharing me with you because I am connected, I contribute entirely for our cause as an example of true value and genuine energy as I located me. Nothing will make me more excited than others finding themselves and generating more energy, more answers and far less limitations of ignorance and an the abundance of achievements that supports by all our efforts in the direction of such a support. Or full respect unto ourselves as we have realized. Those who will impose and say that this is not Gods will can provide no proof and God is will within all of us. I am not here to lead you anywhere, I am here to help you lead you everywhere you wish to achieve that encompasses all that you are. I am not a profit or a magic man I am a Producing American, a contributor to life in support of all life because LIFE means all life by definition to mean the act of accepting life versus ignoring or destroying life. Pretending authority or making up excuses not to look at yourself is our own ignorance. The more that defy ignorance will by example lead others to live by example in support of ourselves in all honesty as it should be. Not because I say it but because of our acts unto ourselves we show we are in support and no more need be shown but the results of such acts.


To date life has not achieved anything so grand we all cannot wait to get there because ignorance of ourselves has been our limits unto ourselves, mostly by some imposing the limits or ignorance by their own unto them. They defy their own intelligence and we should work hard to refuse to be just like them and offer a far superior authority by the example we leave that is able to be experienced without question and without false information delivered to us daily to determine our own findings.


I recommend all take up the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of all choice based on life, liberty and the pursuits to happiness. This is because in all my discovery I found this to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth as documented.


Honesty is the best policy and it starts in your mirror.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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