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What is Acceptable?

One of the first definitions I read said; capable or worthy of being accepted.

The second is; pleasing the receiver; satisfactory; agreeable; welcome.


The word actually comes from accept which means; to take or receive with approval.

But I found a derivation of this word that fully describes today and is the real intent of such a word and it says; to take what is offered.


Today we have no better word to describe this society and that word is Acceptance because what is taking place could do so no other way. In other words the public takes what is offered regardless of how poor it is and our examples today could be no louder by poor results at best.


As A Producing American I take great value in what I can create and deliver but there are many among us that are more than happy to accept anything offered never once looking at the causes or the effects permeating their very own community. This has a great assistance program by many who have accepted something false from the very beginning.


Keep in mind all things are produced whether by information or of ignorance and the results represent the total stakes involved. Unfortunately for most americans we were not taught that we are the value in all communities that without us none would survive at all so who is it that fabricated information and got full acceptance without full investigation of the causes and the results and the answer is simply the Financiers of the world. They have been practicing this over and over and over again for 5500 years. It has been passed down over and over and over again and those who accepted kept the ball rolling even fully knowing it was not the value at all and was entirely false. What is it they are so sure of? They know that people are lazy and will not investigate themselves. They know that people are easily persuaded and will assume almost everything and accept what is given.


This also infiltrated Religious groups as well, Catholicism being one of the wealthiest of all and is the representation of such a practice. Their own acceptance a sign of their own ignorance of them. Though this is not the only group but I assure you none will admit it because then they would have to admit they screwed up and God knows what that would do to the church.


A few things I have located in my time on earth is popularity, opinion and acceptance all have something in common with each other and that is they all feed on ignorance or lies and this is how they grow. Its done because no investigation takes place which allows what ever poor act or poor intent to operate without restriction causing the growth itself. This weakness has grown for literal centuries because so many assume they are unable, when in fact they are very capable should they stop accepting and question everything that comes their way.


What is worse the whole operation continues on the basis of denial or unwilling to admit I screwed up. A lesson cannot be learned if admission of failure does not get announced to those doing the acceptance or the failure itself.


Look at Federal Government today as well as society surrounding it and are you proud of what you see? Yet why does it continue? What is the matter, you cannot admit you screwed up and put some idiot in office that does not know the Foundation of this Republic? The truth can set you free you know, but first you have to admit the truth for it to set you free.


Investigate you and how many times you have accepted something without investigating it yourself? What afraid what you might find? And then what, you have to admit the truth?

Admittance, what a bugger.


You know if you think I wrote this for me you are so incorrect because I have admitted I screwed up in my life and have learned an abundance of lessons and one of those was I was accepting things on the grounds of assumption. That someone else said it but I did not investigate it so shame is on me. So I wrote it to you so you will ask you the questions and answer you because of what I found myself. Yep the act of finding you and your own weaknesses really sucks doesn’t it, but look at the good side if you actually do this we get to improve or poor condition in this world which needs a great deal of improvement.


I know me and this truth thing is no easy task is it and once you realize this you also realize nothing is easy so be willing to investigate. Hmmmmm Novel concept.


I am putting this out here because this is the one big weakness in all the world but it is HUGE here in america to the point of total embarrassment of my community, my state, my country and worse yet those calling themselves my countrymen without ever investigating what that means to be an American.


Here is the truth as I learned it; I am A Producing American in A Republic in the United States of America and not claiming to be one while doing the acts of democracy or what is known as mob rule by ACCEPTANCE and all you need is 51% of those who assume and accept what is handed them.


I live by my principals Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which reside in the Declaration of Independence, a documented set of truths and principals for which to decide in the direction of A Republic with. By using this document as the foundation of this whole country as a Nation under God where the states are Sovereigns and can choose upon their own. Where communities can prosper based on what they produce by such true value as you. That this accomplishment alone of A Republic can only be done so based upon such valued information or shall never be done because all points are valid if investigated. That will sure screw up some accepting wont it?


The Financiers dream of Rule by the manipulations of Money as the value rather than you as the full value of exchange is by far the biggest lie of all existence but LOOK HOW HUGE THE ACCEPTANCE REALLY IS! Even many who consider themselves to be good educated people have been falsified and their own acceptance actually keeps us here. O yes I realize this is down right RUDE! And it should be because the embarrassment is all of you accepting this crap without ever looking yourselves. Assumption is not the end all or is it? To assume money is anything is the joke, it is a piece of paper printed by a machine that says it holds value. It is a lie and has been over time since conception. It was to get people to look there rather than look at the themselves as the real value of all things and all exchange.


What actually adds insult to injury is educated people who went through years of higher education play with themselves regardless of how poor the results are. We have a whole capital building full, we have a whole Washington DC full of the same idiocy pretending they know an damn thing while playing very bad politics because they did not investigate that either, they perverted its very intent.


A nation of Producing Americans could resolve this crap in weeks but you put together a group of non producing Collage degreed idiots and watch the heck out because stupid will grow like and enormous dandelion we all do not want. See that is the very truth of results, they are visible and share no dispute and the results are massively in my favor aren’t they? I must of skipped college and went for the real experiences versus all the hoopla and acceptance I could find for myself. Although admittedly I did my fare share like all others have and are. I would love to be a fly in your room right now especially if I could see your thoughts, WOW, that would be a powerful moment.


The truth will set you free because it has freed me from the grips of the ignorant ones of our universe and this is the very reasons I started A Producing American in the first place. To get you all to investigate yourselves to become masters at producing great results instead of all this FALSE CRAP circling each one of us. I am finished and I totally refuse to accept anything else in this life time and if I have any say at all, all of you will stop the same poor act as well so we can all grow as well our children, our children’s children and so on. Ignorance is nothing to be proud of passing along now is it, so stop accepting it for crying out loud.


Merry Christmas



William Schooler

A Producing American without acceptance

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