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Who are the Governed?

A good friend wrote an article today that got my attention because he said something about the Governed. The problem is he was talking about me and all of the sudden pictures of the Constitution and Liberty were flying around me and I asked myself; is it possible the Governed are supposed to be the people within Government? Invigorating thought isn’t it, but if you think about this, the Constitution is a set of limitations to keep Government at bay and to allow life to do what it does best (generate ideas to test and try and export). This is not in need of Governing because each life has authority over itself to fully decide. Interesting, if this is the case why would I need to be governed at all, especially if I bring into existence great ideas that help life grow?


You are experiencing this as the thoughts and picture roll through my mind to see what happens in the mind of William at work determining factors that count or discount something.


Since the Declaration of Independence when applied supports all life, keeps in place Liberty to allow all life to pursue more life in support of itself and has no restrictions or limits for which this may go. History has provided us lessons we were very much warned about Governments, this is why the word Liberty even exists in such a Republic so that A Republic may even exist, to limit Governments or to Govern them to the limits set which totally allows and supports life doesn’t it? This is totally monumental in discovery because what it says is Government has turned the idea toward life as the governed when Governments are to be the governed. This cannot be a bad find as we realize our out of control Government, getting this straight becomes a priority into the standing up for ourselves as life against the opposition attempting to Govern or in this case control what we do or don’t do.


I do hope you will review this and give it deep thought and evaluation. This could be a missing piece in the puzzle of tyranny which most of us are against. I do hope this makes good sense to you and that we may be able to utilize it in our future in the correction of the corrupt.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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