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The Deciding factors behind all things.

What is the act of deciding? It is an effort one does by accumulating information, truths by experiences to decide in a direction.

What are factors? It is an element of something as parts of a whole.

So let’s say we have a whole pumpkin pie one of the factors would be pumpkin, another factor would be crust, and another factor is vanilla. You could also call this the ingredients of the whole and factors and ingredients can both be shown as parts of a whole. The whole being the idea, the idea a pumpkin pie, the factors or ingredients the parts of the idea implemented or acted upon by the mixing up of all the factors.


So how does this work in choice, or with choice? If you take an idea and decide upon the idea, isn’t the idea the whole idea, or just a small fraction of the idea? So what is the whole idea being decided upon?


The whole idea of the pumpkin pie is the combination of factors that make a smooth sweet flavor on a light crispy crust of dough, makes your mouth water doesn’t it? But to achieve this idea a known recipe of factors or ingredients would have to be known by amounts, quantities or amount of each ingredient.

It would also include the cook time, the temperature as well cooling time when finished. In the end and the adding of some smooth whip cream we can salivate on some great desert can’t we?


The idea remember is the Pumpkin pie as a whole, completed, tested and deliciously served. Who knew the whole of a Pumpkin pie is comprised of ingredients or factors. But better yet who on earth had any idea so much could exist is a decision making skill?


Are you able to decide for you? Where were you trained exactly? Was it proper, did it include the whole of choice making? How could you tell if the choice was good or not, can you taste it? In some cases yes and in other cases absolutely not, but here is the question to answer, can you experience the idea decided upon?

If you experience an idea, do you question that you did? Or do you know you did and by doing so you looked at the results of the experience and evaluated if it was for you are not, didn’t you?


Now what is a great choice exactly? What is a poor choice and what in fact makes the difference? What is the difference between a good or bad choice? What are the factors, who decides and what is the whole of such an idea?


All these questions could leave you breathless, no doubt, they sure did me.


First let’s attempt to include some factors in making a good choice, what is first? We have to have an idea in order to choose don’t we? How about the idea of life? Big idea isn’t it, but it is a concept and in order for it to be a concept there must be some idea attached to it in order for it to be whole.


Life is what? Energy in a direction, the direction is to survive or live, be, exist, or do. It has responsibility, choice making skill, capable of doing and likes it likes itself. So a good factor in the choice of life would be to protect it from dying. This is a good factor even though we know some where along the line part of it is going to die no matter what we do. Which part is not in question at this time? The point is a good choice for life would be acts that allow it to continue on as long as it is able and a better choice would be to do that very well so that the level of survival is above breathing and an even more important factor would be what allows it to do what it is capable of doing. These are factors folks that you may want to be cognizant of if you wish to make good choice, I am not stipulating you have to but I am clarifying wisdom in comparison to ignorance. Wisdom being the knowledge of, ignorance being no knowledge of at all. But above all, are important or known factors to decide with.

So what kinds of acts support life? Does the act of growing food, eating, warmth, other life? What if there was no other life would you survive? Not long and for sure you would not procreate and bring into existence other life, so no you would die a lonely death very quickly. So yes to live growing food is a great act, eating the food as great an act, keeping warm is a natural fact if you get too cold you die and having other life is essential to survive as a race, as life , as a society, or a community, as a nation, or as a world of life.


How about the act of war, is this an act that promotes and allows life to live, survive and do? In some cases but not many at all and is a destructive act against you as life because you like living so why would you go around believing others like dying? So it can be a good choice and it can be a very bad choice so how is it we decide? Is someone threatening you with force? The decision would be good to protect yourself from someone attempting to take your life. On the other hand if all someone is making is threats and never acts what is the truth revealing? They are poking out their chests to be bigger than they really are and fear you as much as you fear them. The decision to act in war becomes a highly destructive act at this point and time and would be a disturbing factor in choice making.


So you can see there are different factors to put into the pot in order to make a good choice. Here are some others, including other life is a great factor to add in decisions, including the allowance or the liberty of such life is a great factor and including the acts of pursuing achievements that supports life is a great factor to put into great choice.


Now one could ask what makes me so certain? I can say I have official results of personal decisions that I can produce that shows I have made poor choice, bad choice, remarkable choice and great choices. But what are official results? They are the truths that back up the actions done or were taken and the results of these acts the verification anything took place from the beginning. Because not only have I looked at each and everyone but I took the time to figure what the difference is between a good choice and a bad choice as well and informed choice verses and ignorant choice. The other discovery I learned about choice is not one thing has taken place without it, poor, great or other wise. This helped me realize exactly how powerful choice actually was, that it is the force behind each act, the more I decide the more force I deliver to any one idea. This was personal amazement, but it was also curiosity on why is it I am not informed of such details because this would be very important to know if I wished to make great choices.


After years of my own study mind you, tons of questions, unbelievable experiments to test these ideas to their full on strength I went the extra mile to assure myself I would never be lost again, man is that an understatement. I have learned so much to date that I stand on some of the most solid ground of my life and not much scares me anymore when it comes to my choice and solid ground is great choice making. Deciding to have this site, deciding to stand up against those imposing, and deciding to help others understand is a good part of my life these days to assist in achievement for you, for me, for our communities, for these states, for our country and for a greater good besides me.


The deciding factors fully known in all ideas is how all ideas will take place and by nothing short of such an effort.  I bring this exclusively to you because you are a member of life the same as I, you are endowed with gifts, Life being the most important. Liberty being the next important with a will to pursue accomplishments in this life. None of these will take place without your personal choice to do so thus the factors that should be known, understood and used as intended because great choices are in support of you.

As life you are also gifted or enabled with other facets or factors, these are responsibility, choice making, determining skills, evaluation skills and the ability to persist in any chosen direction. This is something you hold, it is something the person next to you holds and it is something that all who live hold. The only determining factor in all of these is all life holds this same capacity and none short of it. This is also a factor of personal authority, or your own energy for you to stand in a survival state, to be able to grow, to be able to define yourself by your own actions. This is all the authority you own of you and no other has any more nor does any other have any less. These are all factors not only should you be familiar with but I will work to help you understand that they are yours and that you are your own authority regardless of what another tells you. These factors are also all verifiable without question if you search. You will find each and every one to be the whole truth and nothing but as I have discovered each and everyone of these factors. This does not say there will not be other factors located, but it will be shown that these are all the best factors to support you as life and all life is in connection with all other life because all these factors that we all carry because none can dominate the other by knowing and using such factors. When you discover these in you, when you apply these as you, when you put these factors into all choices you make will you make great choices.


I really hope this makes an impact into your personal life, I hope this effort is recognized as effort for you to be you as you are as life. I have spent thousands of hours in investigation to get to this point to pass on to you these factors in high hopes you will even use these because this country relies on us to get this correct in our minds. To know exactly what we are doing and which direction we are headed and how to recognize what is achieved when it is achieved. What is it the example bares?

I have a very important question for you; what direction or way of life is the Unites State of America supposed to be in? For what reason I ask?


Our direction is to be a Republic, what is this and what are the factors of such an idea or concept?

We are supposed to be a Republic to be heard, to be listened to, to be understood by the display of our achievements for which we can show that support us as A Republic. For the idea of a Republic to be fully known all the factors should well be clearly seen, well understood so that a destination of arrival can be verified. You show me how you get some place you have no idea what it is. What is it? One, it is a direction as well a destination of achievement should we decide it to be, in order for this to take place the factors should be well known because you cannot reach a piece of the pie without the whole pie. This should now be clearly stated.


There is another very important part of this factor and this is Liberty, the act of liberty is written in the constitution of the United States of America and means to restrict Federal Government from over stepping any bound. In order to achieve this one must be able to be heard, listened to, one must know the factors of Liberty, the idea as a whole. Decision must be made that supports the act of Liberty itself. In a full Republic this is allowed or it is not a Republic is it? What is a Republic and what are the factors? How do we reach what we do not know?


You may now be starting to get the attempts being made against us and the successes of these attempts point to our own lack of knowing exactly what it is we stand for in this country. That in truth we are missing the deciding factors in the whole of A Republic, which we are missing the deciding factors in decision and we are missing the deciding factors of the deciding and which part of this does not represent our own ignorance?


To admit failure is the allowance of the lesson to be gained. Can you? Can you admit truthfully you were absolutely without the deciding factors in support of you? Can you realize that in your life time you have been pointed every possible direction other than your own support your whole life time?


Because you have and you were pointed there by deciding factors defined in ignorant people who do not recognize themselves as you are. They have made up in their minds (Decided) that they are the power and the authority over all life and what is it they are missing? The true deciding factors for a great decision, and for this reason they make the most catastrophic choices of all time. They revert backwards in history only attempt to repeat the same failure history has brought us. In essence they have denied themselves wisdom by never admitting a thing and only thinking they hold some other authority never given them. This is the most lifeless act of all and does not do acts to support life in any setting, in any civilization in all of time. It is the greatest display of ignorance to be seen and these steps have been repeated so many times that stupidity has grown to an all time high.

These are ideas generated many centuries ago in the idea to rule over or be God like if you will, this by example has been and still is today an insane idea by all results posted on centuries of stupidity constantly repeating over and over and over again.

The dots that connect all involved are simple to see once the factors are learned and well understood. That any life or body of life presenting or enforcing or influencing as authority over is entirely false in all degrees.


Even our creator would be appalled because we were each given the gift to decide, that we are our own authority to challenge any other authority openly without question. That we may use any display of accomplishments to show something working well versus poorly. That not all choice is good choice and their choice pathetic choice at all because of these deciding factors.


The most important factor of all is you are total authority over your own choice, the ultimate in cause, the ultimate in achievement and is the only reason anything on earth has ever been done, and I mean anything and everything.


So learning to make great choices supersedes all poor choices in all actions because it displays a greater result that can be evaluated, determined from and decided upon by the deciding which is you in all cases.


Now, the idea is A Republic which reveals a public able to speak for itself openly without restriction. This is the whole of the idea folks, the deciding factors are Life deciding in effort to have Liberty to allow itself to pursue its own achievements to present publicly in the creation of demand for said ideas, to be used and to support said life in decision of itself. Using the evaluation and determining skills to decide to pursue or continue or discontinue by choice based upon such factors as visualized and experienced answers to questions to self. The destination of A Republic is when all public within the Republic are allowed to display their ideas openly without restriction from another. This destination by all honesty is life acting out by its capabilities to do so within its own authority, In a Republic any authority may freely challenge another authority or a deciding challenging another deciding is a display to prove the intent to support life by the results of said ideas.


Now the foundation of this idea has been written prior to my writing and was done so in all honesty, though it was altered during its ratification. This document is the Declaration of Independence and the original draft is actually the most accurate in pointing out the total of the dominance or false authorities. He did this by documented truths of experiences and results that are fully verifiable and can leave you without question. It’s most important purpose is to use as the primary principals for choice or the deciding factors in order to have and achieve a total Republic. These were written as inalienable rights or gifts given and may in no way be taken away by any other. It is the most basic of factors in total support of life by choice. Thomas Jefferson recognizing himself as life, recognizing all others as life and exemplified these truths so specifically because he knew if these were used as the deciding factors in Life, that life would in turn support itself.


I know this for a fact because in my own research I discovered this before I reread The Declaration of Independence after some 20 years and when I saw what he had written after my own discoveries did I recognize Thomas Jefferson himself recognized these already. I was both baffled and very surprised but I actually didn’t see it until I read the original draft and started asking myself why they would remove documented truths. If publicly all he was doing was displaying what he had discovered there would be no rime or reason for removal of any stated or documented truths because they would have been in all honesty as he saw and experienced these without question.


If you think I fell upon this by accident you might be correct, but the fact that I have put so much time and effort in discovery of me this incited curiosity of further discovery. These acts lead me here in search of the truth as I reveal to you. I will be saving a copy of this document so that no other authority may alter it ever. That these are stated truths as I have discovered them and yes I am challenging all other authority for I carry as much authority as any other in A Republic for which I totally stand my ground based upon my foundation and the Deciding factors found well within the Declaration of Independence as Documented.


You really need to understand this document and what it truly stands for. You should get to know all your deciding factors and understand them as well. You should recognize that you along side thousands of others are the deciding factors in the whole of this Republic, that each who decides adds the force against our opposition who have decided upon the acts of ignorance.


You should recognize that you are very much a deciding factor into the whole of life as life in total support of life by the choices you make and the actions you take in such a support as well this idea.


I give to you, you as I found it in my most genuine state as life itself. I give you the gift you have always been given but were never allowed to recognize. I have given you my truth as I discovered in my own experiences. I have given all I can for us to make a difference for ourselves. I am not special, I am not great but I am a damn good decision maker who knows what a truth is revealed by the results it can represent. I have given years to you in full support of our selves which serves no better purpose. I love you, now let’s decide to LIVE!!!



William Schooler

A Producing American (the truth delivered)

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