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Could this untying of the knot be behind the corruption?

I may have discovered something this morning that has been eating at me. I responded to a post a friend sent and he sends one every day. I responded to it by something that has been eating at me for a few days now and that is the difference between Sovereign, person, people and Life. Is there one? yes there are very specific differences (who knew).


Here is the response he sent me; In worldly terms when man attempts to improve God’s law, he is doomed to failure because the perfect cannot be perfected. In U.S. terms when people attempt to “improve” the Constitution, we end with sentiments rather than Divine reasoning.


For myself life is a very significant choice, it is also a basic part of my decisions in that I decide with the idea to support life. So it can be said all my choices have life in or associated with each choice. Call it a staple diet of choice or one of the basic factors of all choice for me personally.


Now life by definition for me means the Principal of existence or the axiom of existence, it is my energy to survive or live and to live is the act of doing something. By this definition it is spiritual or the basic energy of life. It is also all inclusive, it does not mean only me it means all of me or all life around me, it is so life like isn’t it? Or spiritual which is something I touch on in my foundation defined.


Now person on the other hand is different because it solely expresses one and not multiple, it is the individual and is defined as a human being but human and being are a combination of things meaning the human body or individual characteristics and the being the spirit or the life of the body.

When we look at Corporations they call these the person as singular, one entity and a few decide for such an entity based on the one person or entity. This too could be looked at in Government as well, it being and entity is looked at as the person or sovereign which by legal terms is one entity. It also represents controlled by a few.


It even gets better because sovereign means, a person, a monarch, a king, a supreme ruler or a body of persons as authority. What is most fascinating is the term comes from a gold coin worth 22s 6d, it also means “supernaus” or chief principal.


Now looking at this and seeing it in the tax code I started to recognize this term comes from Rule and Finance which in history is power over, WHAT? So here is another great discovery, the Declaration of Independence recognizes us as Life and is not a legal document but documented truths. The Constitution which is specific to Liberty because by law it restricts what Government is allowed to do to life. Yet the actions we see do not support this effort. The Constitution is considered a legal Document by most and defines us as Sovereign’s or persons, this is in legal terms or man made law by such terms. So all choice made in Government is made based on the person or the sovereign which is the single entity and all choice based on the declaration of Independence is based on life which includes all in each choice. The Declaration of Independence is also Rule of Law because it is based on natural elements life. The constitution on the other hand which is made up law by humans and not the being or life and decides based upon itself as the sovereign by a few.


I don’t know about you but I am seeing a connection here to the perverse look of what ales us, but let me hit you with this base ball bat to send it home entirely.


If the language in the Constitution said Life in place of all places it says Sovereign would this back up the Rule of Law set by the Declaration of Independence. By adding all amendments to a constitution based on what acts supports Life and not the sovereign the person would support what, Life or Government? If these acts were based on life would life be allowed to participate in the discussion as well the protection to life. When done by the sovereign which is clearly only ran by a few the decisions only protects the person or the entity deciding.


You could look at it this way as well, the Federal Government as one Body of Life which all life is included in the choice. Then you could look at states as a body of life which all the life in the states, or the life within each state as the body of life as the state. Each choice now includes the support of all life in each state. Interesting view isn’t it?


To further add insult to injury, if what I say is true and sovereign is a term coined by financiers and Rulers and the corruption seen in our Government are clearly defined by acts of Financiers and the rulers of British Government, as well as the corrupt Corporate law of our nation and global power to run the world. What did I just find? Does this by chance connect any dots of abuses? I have to say it is very much a remarkable connection to say the least and what is verification, results of acts performed? Have these acts ever been performed before? To what extent was our enemy willing to go to abduct independence back from the independent and liberated? There would not have been attorney types intruding bad language into our legal document that constitutes Liberty correct? Or did the infiltrators get through and influence our prime Document?


What is it the Declaration of Independence warned us of about our enemy anyway? The ruthlessness, the trickery they would performed even disguising themselves as Religion? Oh no way, right? What does the Original Draft of the Declaration of Independence say? Did it warn us of such a group? Who were those who opposed these documented truths to not be seen in the ratified Declaration of Independence?


These questions should not go unnoticed and very much should be questioned. After all who has taken our currencies and empowered themselves? Who are those in the Federal Reserve exactly? None of these would have been our enemy correct and of course none would be so silly as to put this identifier in tax code to steel from the producing would they? Na, their results are far to pure to show us corruption has taken place in this country.


Next we should look at what People means, this to include what? Public, individuals, lives? In a Republic where the public live are these public allowed to question others claiming authority of some claiming certain laws? What is a Republic with Liberty? Independence to speak and to be heard in a public setting of the public themselves. Is this the case today, how are these elections going? Are people actually allowed to express their concerns or are only a few allowed under media control? Who controls media? Hopefully not corrupt financiers because this could expose the truth if that was so, couldn’t it?


I am guessing digging and time will tell us depending how much effort we decide to put in to get to the truth of the matter wont it?


What are the acts of a Producing American anyway if the idea is to produce to preserve and support life? I dare say dig.


You be the judge…

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