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A Republic training camp

We look around and we see training camps for all kinds of ideas like football, baseball and police training camps. These workshops help support the idea of effort and all efforts forged in the idea itself to bring about a greater understanding and ability as a team spirit or organized and strategic lessons. We have even seen some Government training camps attempting to train our kids to their way of thinking.


But why is it we do not have any training camps to be A Republic which by definition in the terms of the Constitution we in America are supposed to be living in.


What is A Republic and who are the experts and what does this have to do with me? One a Republic is a system of Government where Rule of Law exists, it is also a society of public with ideas they can be allowed to share, can be heard and attempted. What it does is allow us as people , public and life to attend our own purpose or understanding of ourselves and our acts towards each other. So if we wish to live as A Republic why would we not train to be great at it?


Today if you looked outside do you feel like a Republic? If this is lost how on earth did it become lost? Because we lost it, we never put any energy and training into be good at it?

What if all a true Republic was actually missing was the participants, how would you feel? If you really choose to live as one but you never attempted the act as one how are you one at all?


So I leave you with this question to allow yourself to answer one and see what kind of response we can build to achieve a Training Camp for A Republic where we as public may train ourselves to be superb at such an achievement, to deliver once and for all a great example of what a true Republic really looks like. The only Rule will be the rule of Law where each must respect each as they share their ideas and where each must allow to share their opposition and where each must practice the art of listening to each other to create the full practice of a true Republic in real form with real results that may in turn be a real display of the example itself. No one willing to do these acts does not have to be a part of the Republic, only those who choose to live and act as one which is mutual respect to hear each other may attend. Dominance will not be tolerated in any form but a willingness to show results of some idea for verification is entirely allowed by all.


No group nor set of people may use authority against another but can in all cases show beyond reasonable doubt why something does not work. This cannot be done by statement but rather the verification of fact finding itself which is an act of verification itself. The rules of engagement are to allow each other full disclosure of their idea without interruptions as they speak and show these ideas. Or you could call it really the art of learning how to listen well to what is being expressed. This setting is a Public within a Republic which is life allowing itself full respect.


This will take practice and one sheriff will say if someone goes or stays if anyone authorizes acts against any other. The agreement is your own willingness to listen so that you too may be heard.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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