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The difference of knowing your definition.

Some will say the dictionary is the final matter when it comes to defining a word. This can both be true and false, it is false because some have added many definitions to words that really do not apply. That not all words are consistently defined the same from one dictionary to another and that the unabridged may hold more definitions than the dictionary you are holding.


The truth, because some where down the line in all the meanings the word came from some era and when derivations are shown many will come from the same source and time. Getting to the root of the word can some times be the most productive, this can also be the most effort to discovery of the word.


But the ultimate in any meaning and any discovery will be how you associate it to the life you live. What it means in the context of your experiences. When one tracks down the word and figures out how this definition of this word applies to my life’s experiences now becomes a part of your vocabulary as well your experiences and the understanding becomes a clear vision of the true intent as it was intended by the originator.


This is not inclusive of every single word because some words were put here to trick, to influence and to confuse the word using. It is important to be able to figure this out.


The greatest examples of this will be the prominent or those who think they have mastered the art of words, which in some forms they have. But what they have not mastered is the full understanding of words and this can be dangerous. Assumption does not come from knowing and is the exact opposite, it comes from being in question unwilling to find the answer and willing to assume some understanding of it without the experience itself or the life experience itself.


If anyone has suffered through words I have and was told I was dyslexic and that I was slow. I found all of this to be entirely false and my findings only substantiated the claims I make today. In fact I am constantly miss spelling words and many will stab at me constant. It used to make me feel bad but since my in-depth study of language I really don’t give it another thought, Its ideas that communicate and words help us to describe but with the abuses of language any good idea creator can become overwhelmed. It then becomes the lessons shared versus the importance of perfect spelling. Most who are critical of spelling have the worst understanding of words, are the worst to assume as well deliver good messages. How many people have you met where the person was set on using words most could hardly understand? This is the art of looking pretty or to be an intellect or to look prominent, this is only a self portrait someone has of themselves and is usually not a great one. Most will think they are dominant and will spend hours attempting to make you wrong or look bad for all the poor grammar and miss spellings. Yet talk to them in english and not in writing and all the sudden they have no clue, interesting isn’t it? Since I have tested this fully I hold firm on this statement no matter what the prominent will swear to. The way I can identify these people usually is because they talk a good line but they cannot perform the function in real life or when they describe it, it is in no real life form and usually comes as direct quotes or reciting. I am sure you have heard this in Religious groups where someone swears they know the bible (and they do word for word) but they have no clue in life experiences what the hell any of that means. And my all time favorite is law, those who recite law. They sound like a broken record but go in and read law and you will understand why. I think there are very few who understand law that most assume and interpret and either one of these is understanding. In fact in some of these where they make their case and you listen to the case made and you scratch your head and ask now how the hell did they arrive at this? The point of this is, it does not work well nor make real good sense. Standing on a stage to make yourself look Prominent is what? An act of making something look like something you are entirely not by using memory to be able to speak in crowds, to look intellectual or smart. Ask them to perform the task and all the sudden they have blubbering lip movements. Sounds like Politicians doesn’t it, well most of them are attorney types, LOL. That pretty much explains it all doesn’t it?


The important point to this message is that words and symbols are not the gospel of anything, they are a way to express the idea being proposed. This is all that needs to be delivered and if it is not delivered perfectly makes no difference. Can it be delivered is the only question you have to answer for yourself. You can look through my stuff and I am delivering a message not a pretty picture so people will like me. I know my experiences add up to something genuine and should be passed along. I attempt to do this the best possible way without perfection but rather total honesty or in a genuine form as I found and express them.


I hope this piece of work would bring those who are up in the clouds closer to earth so that they may too acquired what we have as experienced. But sure as I sit here many will react and call me names and attempt to put me down only in the attempt to prop themselves up on some pedestal so they can look pretty. I don’t need to look pretty, I need to get ideas completed and delivered that work, that can perform and bring desired results because in the end, the only thing ever really true is the results sitting before you, did the idea work or not? How well?, Can we use it and will it be delivered consistently? When people become that good with language will I worry, but when I see good results that work in such a delivery, what then should the focus really be?


If I am a Producing American and I share with others products I have results for and they can duplicate these efforts I have done my job, have I delivered the experience they were looking for? The answer to this is simple, if you are reading my stuff and you attempt these concepts I pass along and you deliver to yourself more capability and you like it, is that a good product? Is that a great delivery? Do you want more? That would be my demand.


One day I am working to go public in a public setting and have work shops and training camps for republics. This takes practice and challenges which I am practicing with friends and blogs as I type because I want to be great at it, not just some guy on a stage there to look pretty. Many say I am pretty convincing in person, but that is with two or three around me.  I want to try hundreds and then thousands and be able to deliver as well as I work to do today.


Why me and why should I be the one? Because along the line I saw some great results from the things I have done, and others did as well and were pretty impressed by it. I thought it was normal but what is that? I have no idea. I have also taught people for years to do the trades I have learned  and many have thanked me in my life time for all I taught them. I thought these to be good assets and examples others could use as well.


If nothing else I hope you got this concept right here so you can focus on your products and delivery and not all the hype surround pretty language which is highly over rated, highly overwhelming because of its sure size and has had tons of abuses over time. Learn your product well and learn how to get others to understand it well to bring up demand and you too will be a star to every customer you come in contact with which is anyone who needs something from you. As you see I do not charge for my services at this level and this is because I thought it far more important for others to have it than to worry about how much I make from it. A more productive community and world would be exciting enough and all the exchange I could ever hope for.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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