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The history of LAW!

In reading back and looking at the source of law or in its beginnings takes me back to a place where so much has originated and this will blow your mind.


Law comes from Ancient Egyptians, so does Rule, so does power, so does Finance, Secrecy, taxes and a lot of really really bad ideas. It would make one wonder how some bad ideas could be passed along for such a long, long, long time.


Well let me help you with that, how have all ideas been passed around? Symbols and words, sentences and grammar  and how long have these been recorded? Since ancient Egypt, holy moly folks. Today the poor ideas are still created and used and deliver the exact same results as they did then because that civilization is no longer here is it and why?


Look at how many in society today consider themselves prominent, leaders, authoritarians and rulers. What do they have in common amongst themselves? Poor authority in that they believe all others should do it for them? You ever seen this concept anywhere? Like maybe corporate structure, or schools and education, or Governments and perversions of documents and so on? seen any of this, sound like what we can see some 5500 years ago?


More importantly have you seen any other civilizations, Governments and rulers all creating the same effects or results as the others? Where oh where is all this passed down intelligence coming from? Yale, Harvard or both as well many other well funded educational institutions?


Best for last, who the hell is challenging these prominent freaking idiots? You? Why not, you just going to take for granted what you are told when the performances have produced the exact same poor results for 5500 years? Define for me what stupid really intends? Stupid means the act of attempting the very same thing over and over and over and expecting something different to take place, yet we consider this in this country to be smart or educated, really?


Law is also some platform that expresses a civil society but I ask what does civil mean when it relies on corruption over and over and over again?


You ever been in a court room when lawyers are arguing their case especially without a jury, talk about a spectacle and authority and with the jury it becomes the best at the play on words or word play. The most prominent up on stage showing his grasp of really complex words no one in the room could possibly understand and then someone explaining in their terms what that means but to the jurors are now questioning themselves versus facts and simple common experiences..


I have to be completely honest here. I see law as a language to protect the ruler, the financiers and the most secretive corrupt in the world. I think the idea of Rule is the source of each one of these practices and all results point right there. And if you look, what is considered the highest authority in all the land is the High Court or the supreme court which is based upon law and the authority of such a practice? This being the case would the corrupt allow the total corruption of any free producing society in every degree?


Which by the idea I just delivered to you questions what has taken place in our Republic and this nation. Here we are looking to the higher courts for the answers to those things that ales us and especially when it comes to our Liberty. Liberty itself is supposed to be some protecting this act, it is the limit of any authority to dominate or take over. It is the idea that allows life to grow and sustain in its practices with each other.


This is very interesting to me because I argue all the time that the Declaration of Independence is the highest order in this nation as Independence from. It was written by and attorney who himself recognized life as the most precious of principals and that all real law would base itself around such an act as life in support of Life. It also is the best example of Rule of law as the highest authority which is good common life in support of good common life. Good common life is defined as great common respect for each life, it is also the root to common sense or what makes sense for the common. The difference between the common and authority is the acts towards each other in the form of effort. To bring into existence ideas that support each other and allows each other to grow, prosper and sustain life in all forms as in family and community or republics. Each community consisting of citizens doing the acts to support each community the republic the act of allowing and listening to one another, to display achievements that can be shown to sustain the community.


Having a republic form of Government was not to be some party idea against some other idea, it is to be an act of holding in place liberty so no outside or internal force could dominate life. Rule of law simply to keep these acts in compliance and has not one thing to do with one man made law or one man made authority and everything to do with life doing the effort to sustain its communities, Republics and all those supporting this by their own actions of doing so.


If this is the case what the hell has this judiciary branch of Government become? Which lawyer has had your back and done the acts of supporting or sustaining these republics?

Which case law, which corporate litigation, which Government imposed regulation have acted in support of these Republics and in all of these which has done the opposite to defy you as life, free will to decide for yourself?


Folks, fellow life, fellow public and fellow republics it is time we learn some real good lessons from the evidence before us. That we finally become informed and make some truly great choices to turn this little wild idea around to common effort into sustaining our communities by the idea we are able to generate that creates the demands of sustainment.


We are LIFE, we deserve LIBERTY which allows us to build communities, it allows us the room to create our own ideas and test these. The act of liberty is some putting in effort to keep us free from any bad domination and the bad domination recorded in history has been dictators, rulers and Governments that do the acts of suppressing common working, self generating, producing Americans to put in effort to sustain communities, republics and the life within them. How have they all reached these acts of suppression? By ruling laws, currencies and Governments and these results are documented through all of history since ancient egypt folks? Since the beginning of recoded history and symbols and words. If we refuse to look at this idea we only refuse to look at ourselves at all as life. This is the most disturbing ignorant act of all.


I have been digging and digging in an attempts to find the causes of bad results in order for the causes of good results to be created. This is something I only was questioning when I located so much that originated from this same location in time and the results have been consistent through all that time and I could find no other reason to doubt my own findings.


The truth of the matter in all such findings are that these ideas of Rule, of law, of currency and of authority have all come from the same source and were all passed on by the same such sources that those who use such resources do the acts of supporting such ideas and are also the same creators of the very same results no questions at all. The idea that money is power has been one I have questioned for literally years because it did not make sense to me, but when I look at the source of this concept it goes right back to the very same source each and every time.


This means each individual who goes in to learn these ideas and to do these acts that support such poor ideas manifest the idea we are seeing today. This would point to each attorney, each Judge, each politician, each financier, each corporation and each banking institution in the world is actively supporting these ideas, they all got them from the same sources, they all passed them around to each other, they all supported these acts by choice without question. Even religions connected with these groups have also received the same teachings and may account for the poor representations of such groups and when you look at the vastness of these practices world wide what acts mostly stick out in your mind?


How about the act of wealth number 1, how about corruption number 2, how about secrecy number 3 and how about power through corrupt Government, corrupt Corporations all adhering to each others rules to protect them and to rule you. To dominate at every street corner with no regard for your very existence all the while promising you protection under which authority?


I am saying to you LOUD and very CLEAR, these folks are all lying to you knowingly or unknowing has no relevance because all acts create results and what do the results tell you? The truth without question.


It is my suggestion we as the producing Americans of our communities, our Republics, and in our nation begin to look at this bad effect and learn to do the corrections necessary to stop it in its tracks. This may not be as hard as you think because the first thing you have to do is recognize the truth about the cause of such a bad effect. This makes us half way there if you get it, if you don’t get it you may be one of those practicing the efforts to destroy yourself like all societies before you. What effort are you working on, which ideas are you supporting? Is the first answer each one of us has to locate or accept defeat by our very own effort.


Ignorance is not bliss at all, it is some idea some passed around in hopes for. Results were never taught as factual or the truth of any matter. I suggest you take this all in because it is a huge chunk of your life to take in and then I suggest my Deciding Factors of all things because as producers of the world we have what it takes to deliver that which we decide to, we only need to know what it is we are delivering to each other.


Like the corrupt who feed each other bad cool aide we would do well to feed each other valuable ideas that produce excellent results, we as producers have done it before and we can do what ever it is we decide to do.

I rest this case on the basis of factual truths that may be validated by your own search to do so, in fact I suggest you do such an act so we may fully support each other based on what we are sure of.


The truths are now delivered, to be inspected, researched and validated and I stand before you A Producing American able to decide and able to achieve what ever it is I put my mind to, can you as well?


The law lied to us, the man made law that is, know the difference. I do.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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