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Words and Ideas

Can you tell me how many words have ideas backing them? Can you see any symbols out there that have no ideas attached to these symbols? How many words have multiple ideas attached to them?

First we should probably assess what an idea is, it is a concept made up in the mind, a vision or imagined view of something. It is something all of us life forms (as in human form) can manifest within our own minds with no help, no assistance completely by ourselves. It is an ability of such a life of the act to create something.

But because we can and are able to do this does not manifest or magically make one appear. Some other steps take place for this to happen, we first have to do the act of deciding to bring it about and then we have to do the efforts of putting it together to provide one thing, a result of the idea or concept generated. How does one know it exists? The ability to experience the idea as well the results.

I have a saying; ideas are like dust particles in the wind, there are millions of them and not one visible without decision, effort and persistence to bring into an experience itself.

So first we have to generate one, decide to do the effort along side persistence to make it an experience. This can then be measured and determined to see if the idea is the same as the concept in the mind or the vision. Once the evaluation is completed and the determination made that it is correct and exact as envisioned may the results of such an experience be fully displayed without question mind you. This would be a certainty of such an experience as well the education of the experience.


Now there is one very important question to answer about all ideas in the evaluation process and that is; Is it a good idea or a bad idea and how is it you tell? What is a good idea? To look at this I highly suggest a good mirror because this will send it all the way home. Here is the first question; what are you? Life, what would be the best actions towards life? The actions that allow support and sustains life. Why life, because it creates ideas, can decide, can do effort and test and provide proof. Does that look like you in the mirror? Does that describe all of you in the mirror? So what is different about anyone of you as life by this description? All the sudden you all start to look alike, well kind of.

So a great decision would be acts that allow you as life as well as all the other life around you to create ideas and test these for greater sustaining experiences that can be viewed as achievements in this direction.


Wow, with that what is a bad idea? It is an idea that gives the very opposite result; it is domination, false and made up authority, abuse, bad control and a destructive way of life for all life including yours. How do we identify these bad ideas? By the results they leave in our communities, in our homes and in our idea creation. It is actions that go directly against who and what you are as life. It is not sustainable and will eventually in all cases in history destroy itself.


Here is a great idea by life; the car.

Here is a bad idea by life; the bomb.

Here is another good idea by life; Communities

Here is another bad idea from life; Governments


Here is a fantastic idea by life; farming

Here is a disturbing idea by life; Law


Keep in mind all of these are ideas and concepts created somewhere in time by someone who creates ideas; now who creates ideas? You do and so does all other life. This is troubling isn’t it? Should someone stop you from creating ideas? Absolutely not, why the heck not? Because it is a natural act or the natural thing for life to do.


Here is a fun example for you; Imagine you create an idea of an orange bowl and some other idea generator (life) takes your idea and adds to the idea by putting on green pin stripes, is it the same idea or a new idea? Then some other idea generator comes along and puts on a blue lid and now what idea is it? Next some other idea generator says I am going to put this on a table but the bowl never moves, did this change the idea?


Now take the word money, an idea created 5500 years ago and is still used today, but ask your self this; how many times was this idea changed, added to, altered and redefined?

Better yet, are there any other bad ideas that old? Rule, Authority, Wealth, Power, Law, Secrecy and others. Now how many times have these ideas been changed, altered abused and repeated? And by who, idea generators?

Look at the revisions of bibles, seen any, who revised, idea generators?


How many of these ideas by results of actions done support you as life, some idea generating decision making machine?


How many words have been altered to contradict the original meaning, by who, idea generating? How many words have passed on bad ideas that keep repeating over and over and over again, why?


What is the difference of assumption, opinion and certainty? Assumption and opinion are ideas in ones heads untested un-manifest and certainty is experienced with reviewable results. Or knowledge of the experience itself which is also verification the idea was decided upon, acted on, has results to review and leaves you questionless instead of questioning.


There are literally thousands and thousand of words and every singe one has at least one idea attached to it and some with thirty attached to it (look at is). Some are genuine, most are altered or added to and some are down right distorted intentionally to dominate or stand alone for a few to understand.


There are literally hundreds of thousands of symbols each with an idea to express or exemplify, which totally indicates the amount of ideas generated over time by idea generators of the world. In fact it is a world wide epidemic that we idea generating decision making persistent life forms expressing ourselves by symbols and words we can find to best describe the ideas we are generating. Can you imagine the implications of this, especially not realizing we own these capacities just because we are born? So you could call us idea generating achievers in life, all cuddled up on a rock in space called earth which again is an idea generated itself is it not?


But to improve the idea of this whole concept there are literally thousands and thousands of really bad ideas because the effect created by the deciding never evaluated their results to validate they knew a thing at all. Literally there are millions out here right now making choices based upon very bad ideas all day every day because the ideas were not evaluated and became assumed by choice. These where never experienced and lay in the minds of life circling a path to no where. We see failure on a monolithic level every single day and all we do is generate more ideas without another thought about the original ideas and very poor performance. You could even call this the entire road to total stupidity.


So while you are out experiencing some others idea while generating ideas of your own, do not sit down and dare ask yourself why you do what you do. Assume along like everything is A OK, never giving it another thought or generating another idea, no evaluation, total speculation and let stupid run your life.


Or realize you are much more, that you are gifted beyond your wildest dreams to create and generate awesome ideas that serve you as you as life, imagining, deciding upon and persistently delivering ideas that produce fabulous results that support and sustain you as life. That can be verified and measured in achievements which allows the growth of experience which gives you the knowledge you need to steer your ideas, decide your directions to fully sustain life as never ending because as long as we keep creating life and stop killing it will it naturally expand itself.


So how is that for an idea, to add to your bank of ideas in which you may decide with better possible choices for you and those all around you.


Life, the idea producing achievement deliverers of the universe.


That said, here is some history for you that I fully researched and I want you to re-familiarize yourself with these ideas to support you.


In the Declaration of Independence is a truthful Document to declare to you that you as life are independent or free from all old bad ideas presented before your time. That the constitution is your secured liberty to be free from those who use these bad ideas that have proven beyond all questioning they do not produce good results. These are ideas not to be used by judges, lawyers and politicians to control you but protect you from their own old practices of history. That these ideas are basic and about you the deciding factor of all ideas generated to sustain such a practice of doing so in and effort to achieve greater ideas of accomplishments and live happy in the choices that you make. That life is the most essential component to serve itself as well each other such great ideas constant.


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness are the ideas of producing Americans to be delivered to ourselves, fully tested, and fully validated without question and not to be taken lightly by any other idea generating life.


That the actions of history and very bad ideas has served us well for our future because of ours experiences, the results cast before us and fully knowing who is in charge of creating such an idea at all.



William Schooler

A Producing American (because this is the idea)

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