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I Am A Spirit of Me.

This idea popped into my head this morning as a reflection of all the different things I am presently working on. It is the idea of all ideas when I thought about this because I find myself constantly creating ideas and testing ideas, and challenging ideas. When I look at myself in the mirror all I see is my ideas and the wisdom and the growth of these experiences.


Since I consider my self Life and I consider my self a spirit when I mix the two I get the spirit of life to generate ideas and test these. When I execute this and look at my findings I see myself as the idea as well the experience of me as life. With this said some how this idea popped into my head that I am a spirit of me, I am a spirit of my ideas and what they project. I am a spirit of all such experiences I have chosen myself to experience which is the life or growth of all of these together in combination with all other ideas I have experienced throughout a life time. This collection however robust has allowed me great wisdom of choice, of idea creation and a much better spirit of myself.


Isn’t growth the accumulation, what if the accumulation is really only ideas achieved, meaning experienced and collected to be used for future uses? As I have realized myself as this collection and when I really view these as ideas it becomes of great interest to me. Recently I discovered a clear vision of what good ideas are and what bad ideas are by the experiences that either supports us or the actions and experiences that do not. If I am a spirit of me and I realize all others are a spirit of them and that our actions are to support one another to generate and test ideas, what does this say about us?

Look at some of the great ideas that support you as this idea as a spirit of you.

Life; is a great idea in support of you if you recognize you are such a life.

Liberty; is another great idea if you realize it keeps you free of bad ideas forced upon you.

To Pursue Happiness; is a brilliant idea because if what you do is generate ideas to support you as life, to create ideas and test ideas in order to grow yourself to be better and creating ideas and deciding on ideas and we become good at it, are we happy?

How about the idea of Houses, this is a fantastic idea to keep us from all the elements that change on a daily basis and allow us to create our ideas and test these.

How about the idea of communities, this too is fantastic because it allows us a place to grow and test our ideas and share the ideas with others who generate ideas. Some of us bond over some of these ideas and build great relationships of great ideas to experience.


Are these long standing good ideas we can test over and over and get good results from? Are these ideas we can test to the maximum to see if there are limits to such ideas? What if some great ideas are limitless in terms, meaning no limits to growth are actually found? Yes to all of these because it can be positively shown without you questioning your own ideas of you and your own experiences, that’s a shocker.


It has also come to me that not all ideas are created equal and that some ideas are very poor or produce very poor results. That these ideas do not support all who generate ideas and one would be wise to understand this separation in clear form or as the spirit in you recognizing you as someone able to create ideas as well test all ideas to grow from.


Now I am sure each and every one of you idea creating and idea testing spirits have made some bad ideas, have tested bad ideas, have decided to follow through with bad ideas only to discover the ideas did in no way support your idea to create good ideas. This is growth and this is discovery and this is lessons learned and builds our strength of our determinations. So how can this be a bad thing if we can grow from this idea?

The growth only takes place when we decide we have screwed up or admit we have screwed up and these were not the results or effects we were wishing to experience and we also recognize that others because of this statement would not wish to experience and you could call this complete honesty to self or the spirit of me. You could call this a good lesson learned and be stronger from this discovery and help yourself deliver more informed and better ideas to test because of it. This is full value to you a life spirit, something gained, something of solid evidence to know your choices are good and valid. From this idea of a bad ideas it really is not a bad idea at all but rather a genuine lesson learned and a stronger you because of it.


But let us be very clear here because there are some very bad ideas out there that have literally been here for thousands and thousand of years. They have produced no good results and have actually wiped out communities of life on planet earth. These ideas would be considered destructive ideas because rather than the results of support it shows a result of destroyed and destroyed life spirits do not generate ideas do we?

So how do bad ideas persist and by who for this matter and why?


First lets us look at some long standing very bad ideas and then we can take it from there.

Rule; this idea is from long ago and its whole purpose is to control others who generate ideas. To dominate or control with made up or false authority. It is truly the longest standing documented idea of all time. It has produced not one results of support for the idea generating spirits of life and has actually done the acts of the destruction of idea generation. Yet it continues doesn’t it, but we will get to this soon.

How about Wealth; believe it or not this idea is actually generated about the same time the idea of rule was brought into existence. Throughout the centuries it has proven entirely corrupt at every avenue in societies and usually is dominated by a few in all cases, thus the creation of its corruption. But it too still continues regardless of how bad it actually is or how bad the results are able to produce.

The idea of Secrecy; now this idea is the idea to beat all ideas because without it there is no corrupt that could continue, as long as the idea of secrecy continues so will the corrupt because this idea is a tool to corrupt. It has no genuine value what so ever and when used is consistent results of favoritism to a few the corrupt. It too, is like a bad dream that does not go away and persist, why?

The idea of war to protect you; the idea of war is also long standing and totally a lie and is in no way genuine in any form, and is the act of destroying idea generating life spirit. But people with continually protect it as a total right to be this way, to be empowered and the destroyer of other idea generation. Yet the rulers put the idea into existence to get others to submit to only their idea creation by the fear they would place upon them by causing fear to their lives, the very life spirit of idea creation.


The question to clearly ask is how do these bad ideas continue and who is it that continues them? Do they do it on purpose or by accident? And why do it if you know it is a bad choice.

Since no idea is possible without the decision to carry it out and no idea may show a results unless some act took place we can evaluate these ideas and determine the cause and the poor events taking place before our eyes.

The first thing to understand is we are all idea generating life and means all are capable of ideas and decisions. Then to realize some idea generators have created ideas of supremacy, the idea they are the supreme idea generator. That only their ideas are the ideas of the universe and no other must or shall have such a privilege. This is an idea in their head mind you and by the decision and the actions of this idea they manifest the view of such a mad idea. This is usually done by secrecy, manipulation of ideas and thoughts and a false idea of authority projected outward. In other words it is entirely fabricated in their own minds, decided upon and implement only by them. This thinking I am supreme is all made up and has no proof to back it. It is simply an idea cast out to get you to THINK this idea is so, to decide this idea is so and finally to show the results the idea is now so. Wealth, power and law are all ideas of the same group of self serving idea generating dimwits, because in truth there is no life spirit that cannot create an idea plain and simple. Because they actually refuse to allow this, refuse to acknowledge this truth they only destroy all that is around them as well themselves because they lack self respect of knowing all life creates ideas.

But to add insult to injury this becomes an insulting idea. All ideas, all IDEAS are passed down through symbols, there is not one idea that is not shall it exist as a word anywhere on any page or in any mind and any location in all of life. Who were those who started the passing of ideas? Rulers? Who created the education systems for such a ruling? Educated by the ruling? How did they continue these ideas through all of time, through symbols in education from educated from the ruling? Please look at the chain of events of ideas. You get an idea and you test it, like it and then what share the idea? So these idea generating like these ideas and pass them along in hopes no other will recognize where all these ideas stem from? Look at your own education and the ideas passed on to you, here let me remind you of some. Be good boys and girls (an idea isn’t it?), get good grades and you will make lots of money (wealth) the question is for who?

Do your homework and do not argue, just do it.  The American dream, my favorite, thank goodness I failed at this idea. Government, truly genius.


Let us look at the ideas that educated never brought to your attention. The idea of you as LIFE, what life actually does in its natural state. What you are capable of if you put your mind to it. My mind to it?

Ideas are created by whom? You.

That no idea is possible with creating it, deciding upon it and the action of making it a reality, that no idea in the universe ever took place without choice, not one.

That you as life are empowered with the will to create, decide and do. That every other life around you is empowered with the will to create, decide and do. Then no life was ever empowered with any more will than another life and that all life is created equal in this fashion of abilities, one carrying no more than the other. One may be more determined, but none hold any more authority over their own choice.


So to create ideas and choices to support you in the direction of sustainment and growth are the best or most important acts life can do for itself, fact. This can be shown beyond any reasonable doubt or to take out any question of such truthful ideas.

So creating ideas and choices that lesson others, employ false authority (by not knowing yourself) to abuse the ideas of others and by not allowing sustaining practices is destructive to life and ideas period…


Now education is passed down from one entity or individual or group of individuals to the next entity, individual or group of individuals. If no one questions the ideas being passed down they keep getting passed along the way. If no one challenges bad ideas then bad ideas get passed along the way, when those accepting such bad ideas select to continue these bad ideas do poor results persist, as well the continuation of these poor ideas.

To assume the ideas passed along is to trust those passing you these ideas are honest with you as they are to them. If they are not honest to them they will pass on bad ideas to you.

This even extends to greater levels which is mind blowing to say the least because the pictures you see today will become very clear.

Let’s say you do not realize that all you are is life generating ideas and others are passing you ideas and you never inspect or actually experience the ideas. Then you assume the ideas are actually correct or true and so all your ideas and choices now become based on these ideas shared with you. Only you never looked to see what the results of such ideas are and if you never do how is it you know they are good or bad ideas?

Now here you are in no question, thinking everything passed on to you is correct without any inspection and you pass this information on to others as authority of as truths that were never validated by experience. Then those that got these ideas from you passed on those ideas assuming and never inspecting. What kinds of ideas would you have and which would be good ideas, which would be bad ideas and what do you expect the results of such choices would actually be?

Now watch TV, look at the ideas from there, are you sure these are all well investigated ideas, are you sure someone is being completely honest with you and giving you the straight scoop or are they adding their own ideas to the ideas they are now passing along? Since you’re not into the habit of investigating any ideas nor verifying any ideas what now are you passing on? But lets look at TV and let’s look at Governments through TV and what does TV say. It shares the idea that Government is good and on your side, but what do the results say? Some taking authority over many who generate ideas. We see some stealing money from others who have worked their entire lives. We see debt at the most enormous out of reality acts in our whole existence on planet earth and these are actual results because results do not lie, they tell us some idea was used to make some choice to do some action and the results are the verification something at all took place. It also validates there was an idea, a decision was made and acted upon.


So in the end of all this madness and all these ideas spewed around like dust particle in the wind, which ones really work for you, and you and you as LIFE, in support of you as LIFE? This means in all honesty to find out you have to inspect the ideas and determine if the results back up the idea of supporting sustainable practices for you, for your communities and for your earth. Great ideas support idea testing, great ideas support awesome experiences we learn and grow from. Great ideas deliver to us better skills for better ideas to share with other who create such ideas. It is not to control, it is not to limit, it is not to disallow, it is to create greater and better experiences for each other in everything we do, every place we go and to do it better than we ever have. This cannot be a bad thing, but all the bad we see today is astronomical and the only ones allowing and who are not stopping it from taking place are the ones who have not inspected all these ideas, who have not determined what good or bad choice really are. There is such a thing as a good idea and a great idea and there are as well very bad ideas and to distinguish the difference, to be able to clearly see through the fog and know exactly why that is and is really to know yourself, to understand that you as a life spirit create and generate ideas all day long, that acting on your behalf is in all honesty to you. That investigation into ideas is healthy and growth to you and that no better choice or actions could be done to take this time to recognize you as the idea generator or a spirit of you.


I am A Spirit of me by the ideas I create and test and experience and grow with. I am an accumulation of each and every one I have ever gone through, I am a collection, a string of events placed there by my own choices to deliver to me the experiences of all the ideas I could ever generate. I am all that is good and I am all that is bad but I have grown to be better at the ideas I create, the choices I make and all the actions I do to achieve other great ideas for me as well as for you.


I am a Spirit of Me.


William Schooler

A Producing American



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