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My Ideas and You


Some of the people who have read some of my stuff on this site have expressed that some are long and they are having trouble understanding me.

I don’t blame them, I understand me perfectly but that does not get the ideas across from me to you. A Little about me, I have been experiencing for some 56 years and I opened my eyes for the first time about 15 to 18 year ago. I had a wild experience happen to me about 5 years ago where I discovered some things that were very important to me personally. It literally blew my mind, I mean literally. I felt the size of a city there was so much pouring out of me. I did not ask why me, I ask what the heck do I do with this? The truth be told it has not stopped coming, I don’t know if I am some vortex outlet or some life management system or neither, but I am sure these ideas and my accumulative experiences keep swirling around like crazy. I have an abundance of energy like never before in my life and creating this website is my outlet to let it out man. But it is also a testament of how much I have viewed, inspected, dug up and explored and now I guess you can call it the pay off or the ultimate in discovery, hard to say. I don’t doubt me I only allow me and let it go.


Because of this I get very concentrated on the ideas themselves, or focused and all of the sudden nothing but these ideas exist. They are plain for me to see and investigate and deliver them as words on a screen. They spill out like there is a faucet turned on and it will not stop until I have expressed the entire idea at this point in time. I do not wish to overwhelm people and purposely attempt to keep it as common and simple as possible so even my grand kids can read it. This is something I have to work at, and I view it like I am in a conversation with them so now will they get it? And the truth of this answer is yes and no. The reason is the wealth of information, the depth of the information and the real life impacts of the information when you do start to get it. I recently had a family member that expressed to me it really made no impact on her and for me personally it was the most impacting piece I have ever written so I decided I would share some simple steps with the readers to help them adjust to this abundance of information as well its depth. What I mean by depth is the very essence it touches your soul because of the experiences you get when you make it a part of you. Keep in mind these are only my ideas until you take them, apply them in your life and find your own results do they now become ideas of you do they not?


To do this I suggest baby steps because to rise up to where I have grown is impossibility without the growth part. All growth takes time, it does not come in one setting because there is far too much for one and the other is to have some of these experiences measured around you as you test these ideas. That is why I put them out here for you to test, not to simply read and walk away or it becomes a pointless task. It would be impossible to ingest period because it was written by experience to be experienced in order to grow ourselves by the recognition of ourselves.


Well you could ask well what makes this guy an expert on finding himself? And you will never know if you do not attempt any of these ideas. I am a professional at discovering me because I have been practicing now 12 or 15 years I don’t care which and actually it extends a life time because most of my experiences help me to locate what is true and what is false. So really it is the focus of this effort in the last 12 to 15 years. I could figure this out to the exact second but for what point exactly?


So here is what I suggest to any and all of you who dare to be willing to attempt any of my ideas; be very careful first of all we don’t want injuries, (laughing) sure thing sonny. Really, take baby steps, take pieces at a time and attempt to look at them from your experiences (not from your ideas in your head) from the actual experiences you have had in life growing to where you are now. This will assist you greatly, truthfully I did not really think about it and had no idea people would read one whole article and attempt to get it like a story in a book. These are life experiences and realizations to be practiced and learned. To retrain you to be you which is my previous post to assist you in understanding what that idea actually may be.


Please do not attempt to take this whole site on at one time because I assure you total over whelm and one of the things I attempt to communicate is that all these ideas are formed around “my foundation” because this is my total principal for the ideas I create as well on which I shall decide. You should also know that these last ones which are always the top ones are where I have grown to in this entire experience so do My Foundation and the start of the first article (at bottom of last page) is a good way to watch the growth of me as well as you. This is in the middle here because really I had no idea and I really did not put two and two together, but as I like to say live and learn or live and grow.


I hope this will help some of you become better at my ideas so that you too can be out here generating many of your own based on great experiences and share some of these with the rest of us. I keep looking for others to offer contributions and I figured you were all busy trying to catch up. But probably most of you are overwhelmed by the abundances and for this I do apologize and this was not my intent at all. This whole idea is to be an experience for me, for you and for anyone willing to experience something they have not. This being done as I go could only be done by others as they go and grow. One action leads to another and eventually some of you will grasp and apply these productive principals to better deliver far greater ideas to each other. And what else are fantastic experiences for? To live all the ideas the best way possible and grow beyond all measure by our entire lack of limits as life as our selves.


So please be kind to yourself and take it a step at a time and give it a good shot by joining these ideas with your experiences and see what you can live out.


Delivery is a concept that should be well known but is not or we would have delivered ourselves all the great experiences we could ever reach to this point, but others have imposed poor ideas upon us to stop us from realizing who we really are. I defy this idea and take us on a journey not yet seen by man until now, but shall be by my ideas and my persistence to deliver great ideas that perform beyond our wildest dreams and I know this from personal experience and it is truly my pleasure and I hope you will let be yours.


My ideas now delivered to you and there will be more to come because I lost the shut off valve and the faucet just keeps running.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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One Response to “My Ideas and You”

  1. 1lacieloo says:

    Dad!! I agree but am proud to see you grow as well 🙂 You’re growing as you write even the experiences you’ve already experienced, you’re growing and observing and documenting all the while! Thanks for sharing and even though it might take a read-over a time or two, I find myself talking about at least Two of your ideas, every day. Some days a bit more but that’s the at least, so far.

    Love you!

    -Your daughter

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