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Training or Trained

Am I training myself in this life or is some other training me? To what destiny am I being trained, my idea or some others idea? What is the idea and why the training at all?


What am I training for is a good question to ask and why am I being trained or training?

The answer I have located for me is I am training myself to be better at creating good ideas and better yet to make far better choices. The reason for the training is the consistent repetition or habit I form.


In my last post “I am a spirit of me” I discuss the difference of good ideas and bad ideas and the discovery of the two in me. But now there is the training of me which I have found I can train, change my mind and retrain myself. This means that training is not an absolute where no change may take place.


Now my prior training in life was others training me to be their ideas of me and not my ideas of me, after all who are generating these ideas anyway? If someone takes on the task of training another has no idea where the other wants to arrive, which idea will the trainer train towards? Then there are the ideas of it and are the ideas you are being trained for good or bad ideas?


It really does come down to the focus of the training, the destination to be reached and what training it will take. But the initial idea should be me training me to be me and to be me consistently by the ideas in me and the experiences of these ideas that build and grow me as the spirit in me.


So let’s say I want to train my self as life, first I have to have an idea of life and through discovery I find that life generates ideas, decides on such ideas, acts and persist on these ideas to bring them into existence to experience and grow from. So if I train myself to respect myself, to do the act of being honest to myself and to train myself to act as myself, by training I should be far better at myself and my actions shouldn’t I? This would be based on the ideas, being good or bad would it not?


So really I am training my self as someone who creates ideas and decides to create good ideas to test and experience and determine from by my own persistence of acting this way. Holy crap man, this is vicious isn’t it, or is it?


It is not if I am focused on becoming good at creating good ideas as well making great decisions about the ideas and the verification at the end of all this commotion is the result of my actions that came from my ideas and my choices to deliver such ideas. What is the verification? It is the validation, the acknowledgement something ever even took place. It validates something did and someone besides you can see the results of it as well can experience such and idea. So training my self to evaluate and validate my ideas is good training to show my results period, to show anything was ever done, or that anything was even thought of in the first place and to do by repetition over and over and over and over in a consistent cycle becomes well trained at delivering good inspected validated ideas.


Does this show I am well trained? Only to those willing to look and inspect further, for those never willing to get past the first few sentences it is nothing but an idea never evaluated or ever discovered period.


Now who can train me better than me? Well trained? Yes, but only if they are listening to the idea you are attempting to train for, or if it is very specialized and they are especially experienced in delivering the specialized idea.


But how about if the person training is a clueless well trained idiot from poor idea trainers, who at berth was clueless, grew up entirely clueless, taking on other ideas and never testing them and then delivering you these ideas to train you to be JUST like them clueless idiots. Well let’s answer this question, when you were in school and one of the first ideas you remember is “be a good boy or girl” curiosity would be to ask why and what does this mean? And the clueless goes because I am an adult and I say it so and you are supposed to listen to me. Mean while you sit scratching your head and being vulnerable and not well informed you accept such an answer and begin to train this way. The trainer says the next thing is to line up over there in front of the bathroom and you all go in and go and wash your hands when you are done. Being curious you ask why? The trainer goes because this is what big people do and it is proper. What is proper? That is what people who consider themselves proper pass along expecting all others to be just like them as proper. Again being very gullible and never testing this idea I am now being molded or trained to be what is called proper or acceptable in a society of well trained non self thinking, no idea generating monkeys as defined by one of my other trainers who never ever questioned one idea ever.


WOW, bring back some memories does it? Makes you wonder if I was ever a well trained clueless idiot doesn’t it? The answer most definitely YES, I was a well trained clueless idiot and upon my discovery of this cluelessness and the admittance I was clueless was I afforded the ability to move on to my own ideas. It was also a new day to discover training myself would probably be far more productive because clueless do not train well or they train more clueless idiots.


Now in one of my prior post I came up with the idea of A Republic training camp, now the question to answer is what the heck are these? Camps where we teach each other to actually build and live as a republic because by going though it we begin to understand one and see what and where we fit into one. It also teaches the experience of going through public as being one amongst many in one. It is also the act of training ourselves how to be good at one. So in essence we would each be training each other by findings from such an experience and testing of the ideas themselves. So you could call this a camp to train yourself to live in a community that is governed by the people for the people as they are as life to each other to share the values with each other that they learn through such a training and chain of events.


And you thought this would be easy, well I suggest to you that you train yourself to understand there is nothing that is easy and then identify the effort to do the acts to train yourself because consistency does not come from the lack of training it comes from the abundance of training you are willing to put the effort into to be yourself, to stand up for yourself to know what it is you actually stand for as yourself and none of this falls out of the sky and hits you in the face but sure as I sit here every piece can be located, identified and delivered to you consistently by your own training.


Damn thats a lot of ideas to get across to you to take time and train yourself and retrain yourself from all the old bad poor training others pretended to train you with based upon very bad ideas from long, long ago. The idea here was to make it sink in really DEEP so that you may become curious enough to finally discover yourself versus all the false training from some other clueless idiot training that never amounted to what you were supposed to live in the very first place which is in A Republic, free from corrupt governments and corporations stealing from you in an attempt to build a dictatorship around you and limit the ideas you can come up with an explore. That you as life are the MOST AWESOME in life because you can create ideas where other life around you such as plants and animals and the planet and the universe all live but do not do what you do and generate ideas upon your own will to do so. Recognizing this and doing something about this so that you are able to do it is what? Your responsibility to you and all the life around you in respect and the growth of life, not the limit of it, or control of it or the miss use of it and definitely not the clueless idiotic training of it.


So I hope I really hit a home run with you to LOOK at you and stop looking at me as weird, you were probably trained by another weren’t you? And how clueless were they?



William Schooler

A Producing American

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