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The instrument of reaching an idea or concept.

What is it we use as the instrument to reach some idea or objective not yet reached or maybe to re-reach some destination?


How about an instruction sheet of steps that prescribe activities we learn and repeat until we become good at them. To reach a degree where we no longer have to think about the idea, the actions it takes and the recognition of when we are there.


Are all ideas created equal? Absolutely yes and no, yes because they are all created the same way by some life out here on planet earth which all life in our form has such a capacity, no in that the results or the end effect is either good or it is bad and what dare say is this deciding factor? Does it support life and are the acts of generating ideas that support us as life? What if the acts support the destruction of you as life? So yes there are clear differences when ideas are actually carried out that either support you as life or do the exact opposite and I have found no ideas at all ever projected that are not defined in this clear of a manner and for this reason it becomes absolute that this subject be expressed in as much detail as I can muster from personal experience.


A question for you; what is training yourself? Isn’t this feeding yourself ideas to test and evaluate and then use the ones that support you, but support you as what? How about if we put the idea of LIFE, a concept that by this definition we will make simple; life is a body or entity that generates ideas and decides upon them. With the capacity to review and evaluate and then validate as genuine or in some bad way. Genuine meaning in all honesty to you as life in support of you as life. In some bad way as against you, in no way honest with you as life.


So what if we had a step by step set of ideas that support you entirely at creating such ideas and going through all these motions over and over again until what? Until you know longer have to think about them and they become what is known today as a Habit, some act you perform for you every day without thinking about it. Interesting in dead, and have you ever done this in your life, decided to act on something over and over again until you no longer have to think about the acts you do? Absolutely, so how many of these habits are well formed or good habits and how many are not? Why?


Is it possible there is training or the list of things given that created these poor or great habits. Then how do we tell if they are great or poor at all?

Clearly these questions have yet to be answered by you and how is it possible I would personally know this?


What if I told you I recognize myself as LIFE, no different than all other life? What if I tell you that my poor habits were entirely a creation of me and my surroundings but all by my decisions? Well they are, everyone of them because nothing I have personally ever done was experienced without some choice involved whether mine or some others makes no difference. I have the authority over me to decline or accept, yet people will yell out loud and say but this is not true because we have parents and leaders and and they all know more than I but do they? And what happens if I decline some false authority and where did this idea come from and why did I become the one to decide on such a wisdom, or stupidity? First we have to recognize that nothing, not one idea on this planet was ever brought into existence without the decision, Not One! You have to get this to realize and move on with your own life so really review you and all the things you have done and tell me which one has no choice to back it up, then when did you make it and for what reason did you decide?


Damn its a bastard recognizing yourself as life, there are so many bold realities you will face you will argue with you all day long attempting to deny them, but facts are facts and you decided in some form on every experience you ever received, good, poor or indifferent. But some will say but I was forced and I will not say their is no one out enforcing but I will say the choice to defy over steps all decisions to accept something regardless if you wish to experience it or not. Total defiance is to the death of you isn’t it? If you were strong enough to die for the truth to yourself would you be in total defiance. I am willing to give my life to stand for what I am as life in support of me as life; someone able to create ideas, decide on ideas and evaluate and validate these ideas. In fact some have received bad ideas by bad choice and have only learned to become stronger and far more defiant haven’t you? So what is a bad experience then, bad because you did not want it and it was enforced upon you or a great lesson of strength because you are sure why it is so wrong to experience at all? Is that bad, or is there something good about the bad?


What is growing if not the accumulation of experiences along with decisions? In fact I find this to be the total of growth to levels I have never seen to date and have no way to argue with because I am becoming some what of a force to be reckoned with. In other words I am beginning to make arguments that even the brightest minds are having difficulty arguing. This is far from being special and everything to do with being willing to experience the good and the bad both in order to fully learn and fully grow. Now all the sudden all experiences accumulated makes a lot of sense and I no longer have all the resistance but a much bigger presence of defiance because my lessons are well earned as well learned.


I have also had the great pleasure of changing my own habits by guess what? Training myself with good habits over bad habits by taking my lessons so well learned and implementing far better ideas as well far better and more informed choices by my growth of accumulated experiences, by my wisdom of this accumulation and by building my training to me by fully understanding me as LIFE. To finally recognize myself after so many years as somebody to now be a part of all life by ideas, by choice and by actions in support of such a concept. This is my strength, my understanding and my sure determination mixed with great persistence equals over all achievement. People who actually take the time to get my writings will prosper with themselves because they will have a clear visual of them as Life. This is a basic of you that is so important in order to move forward as you and I hope I get to be the one that drives it all the way home to you, the idea maker, the decision maker, the evaluator and validator of all your own acts by all your own ideas and by all the decisions you make. You can call this rambling if you wish but I am telling you now this is findings and far from any ramblings.


I started this website as an outlet of my own growth and my own findings in hopes others would recognize these ideas and concepts. That others would take the time to look for themselves and become stronger at the life they are. I have seen my growth and my strength expand and I do not see myself above others at all. In fact I view myself as the life you are with the total capacities of you. This is equal to in capacity or capability. I can discover and I can train myself as well as any other to be great with the ideas I produce or to be pathetic at it by the results I cast from such acts, concepts and choices.


The idea of a Producing American is life in America producing ideas that support life in all choice making. Re-read this if you must, but it is my reasoning, my intent, my idea, my experiences, my lessons, my training and all that I am as you Life as well as me life in connection as life. One not above the other but as capable as the other because this is truly life in a nutshell and any other professing some dominating idea is full of crap period.


So we damn well better learn to discover ourselves and then learn to deliver good ideas to ourselves that support us because those that are not doing these acts are lying both to them as well as to you and you my friend really need to recognize this fact. It is fully verifiable if you look and if you don’t look you don’t investigate you and your own ideas, your own choices and definitely not your own acts so what would make you different than them? Nothing, yes honesty is something you have to learn to swallow. Its not what some call the easy road it is the rude awakening road which is rude in so many ways but worth every single effort to arrive here where I am. I have twice as much energy as most folks around me, challenge more people around me than anyone I know and am non stop total focus, total determination and there is no stopping me. Some may try in this life time but at this point they will not be able to stop my ideas from growing because not only are they mine but others own them as well. Some before me produced many of these and I used them myself making these concepts my own concepts by training, habits and consistencies.


So how do we train or what do we use as the instrument to deliver to ourselves good habits that deliver ideas that support us? First let me make very clear here because so many get this so wrong it is not even funny any more. Ideas are concepts made up in the mind of Life, we describe them by words and symbols (but this is not what makes them real or able to experience) it simply allows the passing of the idea if it is unaltered by others idea of it or the original idea by the one generating it. This clearly states then the words and symbols are not the idea so please work real hard to understand this so that we may really get good concepts and know how to pilfer through the alterations to original ideas with original intent. I swear so many people take words as gospel like those who used them first really understood them and then in no way added to them, when in fact in almost all cases someone adds something of their own to only benefit them. This is a bad habit folks, just because some do it does not make it good and it is just down right ridiculous to put up with.


An idea can only be projected by an act in some way of experience and if you are unable to experience it in some form it is bogus! I have called the bluff of many and many hate me for it because it exposed their own lie to them. So I am going to start with some very basic concepts from history in a list form with the idea and the description as I found it and not the way others have found it, so I wanted to make this distinction very clear so when you see some familiar idea that the depth or look that I personally took was mine and not theirs. Its not an interpretation of their idea, it is a concept that by my finding in this form and in this study that verifies and validates its genuine intent. Whether that was the original intent or not will make not one bit of difference and the question to answer is, does it make sense in this finding to support you as life and this concept?


I am putting this in list form to uses as a training sheet to become familiar with as concepts to use in every day life as ideas and choices. These are very basic to you and in total support of you so please be willing to look for yourself, be willing to experience these first hand and you to can grow in this direction as strong as I or even stronger should you find even more to support us. I am putting this idea forward as a way to train ourselves to be the concepts we only now pretend we are.


Call this a running record of you in a more original form than you are used to, but Im a here to help you train you to be you and others have worked hard at training you to be them or just like them and them are not very good to themselves so I am here to serve you you as I found me as me. Scary stuff isn’t it, but you will soon understand the depth for which you are about to embark because like you we mean so much to each other we may as well start now or forever be walked all over by the ignorant ones.


The 1st ever training instrument of your own Republic.


1. Republic: A form of life or way of life where life as citizens (as in commonwealth) may live and do what life does without criminals denying this state of life. It is when a group of citizens puts in place a set of principals for which to operated or provide for or to use as sustainable practices in self support of all life in this community. It is by agreement to such terms, it is where it is discussed by all involved and clearly identified or clearly conceived as in picture form to experience. It is not the perfect life nor is it a Utopia because these are too well defined for idea creation and only limit the ideas being generated. A Republic allows ideas to be shared in the community of the citizens. With this said it is not all one nation under God but rather it is each community in a state of communities, in a nation of States of Communities known as a Commonwealth where a small Government is allowed to keep the peace and to hold in place Liberty to allow life to do what it very much does by natural instinct, create ideas, decide upon these and test these out loud or as experiences to be viewed as well discovered. A Republic is the will of the people (LIFE) in all determining factors by actions that fully supports this concept, ideas defined before you.


In simple text it is Public, people, Life, all one in the same in a public or community setting agreeing to co-exists in support of each other as life and the ideas they are capable of. There can literally be thousands and thousand of them because there is no limit to how far or how many can be cerated and can grow. No one has authority over a Republic but the public themselves in support of themselves and their acts towards each other will show great results or can show great failure depending entirely on the ideas spurring from the communities themselves. These would be best documented  and comparisons of ideas evaluated for the growth and future of future Republics. So get to know this idea, this concept very well, investigate where I came up with this idea because it has been around a very long time and it has also had many alterations of the idea, some bad and some very good and I was able to define mine by the support for us it offered in unlimited terms which all life has no limits by berth and are simply decided limits.


Use this idea in every idea you create, in every decision you make and become the idea or concept itself by your continual practice of doing it over and over and over until you no long have to think about including it. If you make a conscience effort to do this eventually you will find you doing it every single day on auto pilot.


Ok the next one is entirely a concept I have used several times in this idea but it is in full support of this idea as well in support of you.


2. LIFE: In this description because it has been altered many many times by many, I am putting in my own observations and experiences. Life is an energy able to create ideas, decide upon them and act upon them. Included with these are the capacity or capability to determine by these evaluations and discoveries with these. Life in our form is the act of doing or using energy to transform ideas in the mind outside the body to deliver to ourselves and to all others. It is an act that verifies the idea as well the ideas used in the determined direction. The direction being a republic pronounces the ideas in the direction of life support or community support or the Republic support but all these acts are in support of each of us in this life, in these communities and in these Republics. Any life creating other than these types of acts are self absorbed and could care less about them as life as well as you as life. You could call this total disrespect for yourself by your own acts.


Isn’t this fascinating how a bunch of dots are all starting to align and it gets better. So the ideas we make up and the choices we decide to do or follow through with should add up to the idea of A Republic by supporting activities which is activities in support of us isn’t it? You might be able to see why some hate me and that is ok, I can have their hate. But lets face it, this is still only another idea but there are still others for this list to use by putting into all your ideas every day and deciding with these all included in order to achieve and pursue the direction of this Republic idea.


3.LIBERTY: now here is a concept where most of the world has it entirely wrong, they all think it means freedom, but what do I need freedom from if I am born with inalienable rights exactly? Isn’t that the state of free? So Liberty really means to be free from Despotic or corrupt Governments and why would we need this? History and its very long chain of events has provided us with a enough proof that if you form some Government they will inevitably work to thwart it or corrupt it in to false rules or abusive authority. This should be very real to you today if you are paying any attention at all.  The instrument intended for the concept of Liberty is the Constitution with specific instructions on the limits of those in our Government by which we formed. It is to be held with in limits and has rules that do not allow this government to massively start authorizing upon the people. This Document is very intended to Limit Government so that it may not have authority of the Public, people, Life in all these Republics because Republics have their own authority by their very own ideas and local form of Governments. The act of us to hold these folks to these rules is an act in support of us as life as well as an act in support of the idea of such A Republic and it is this simple folks. Where we mass a long history of abuses again comes down to no basic understanding of the ideas themselves such as A Republic as well as the idea of Liberty as well the idea life is not the main component for all such ideas. Here we are with words and symbols on a page where some interpret some idea of it and alter for their own use saying that these words are Gospel and only we can pronounce them. Those saying are the lawyers and Judges of a concept of law which is a concept of authority, LOL. Holy crap batman you have got to be shitting me. In fact I am not at all, here we have a bunch of harvard grads that cannot figure out simple freaking concepts that apply directly to them. I am sure it has to do with many passed on poor ideas for which so many of these dummies decide from which have no authority what so ever but they have convinced themselves they do as well as most of you. That folks is the crying shame and is where you really need to get what it is I am expressing here. I am no genius and I was able to figure this out through a whole lot of research that has taken me literal years to achieve.


The term Oh my God does not even resinate in comparison to locating this. Not only that but others have also located this and they too are writing about it focused on their own ideas of it and suggested solutions. Many are working on the constitution the Concept of Liberty and I am specific to the concept to Life in relations to the ideas that support it. This my friends is a great thing for all of us so that one of us does not have to focus on each and every detail of all these ideas, believe me it is vast to say the least. But lets face it, Liberty supports life by allowing it, Liberty supports a Republic by allowing life to operate freely in these Republics.


The next idea is another you will recognize as an inalienable rights as well because it is the truth in support of you as I will fully explain.


4.The Pursuit of Happiness: now this concept is also very altered through time and simply put means; the act of doing or pursuing your ideas (your dreams) in support of you as life, in support of your Republic as life and in support of your Liberty as life. And there is much to pursue to achieve these concepts and all those that support these concepts and what is happiness exactly? It is a pleasant or unforgettable experience which fully allows you to be yourself as you are in full respect of your own ideas, own decisions and own actions. It is in revealing these experiences excited to show such results and say look what I thought of today that is going to support great experiences for life and allow us to grow. It is going to support me as life as well all others as life and help us sustain our Republic in this community to keep it strong and alive. It is the experiences we get first hand that invigorates us to keep generating ideas at all because when this stops so do we.


You get that all these inalienable rights are some very basic concepts in support of ourselves. These are not only inalienable these are also the basic concepts for good choice making in support of you so now you have to learn how to learn each and every one of these on daily ideas, daily decisions and daily experiences. And this is why I am going to lay out the next two in their very important order so that you too can have this same visual picture in your mind. But better yet I am doing this because I am encouraging all groups working on these concepts to join me in training on them first hand as Republic training camps along with others in some communities to get trained and start training their communities because this is a road map to achieve each one of these ideas on a very simple basis of understanding. I think once most get around me they will find me very compelling in presenting these ideas and once they test these they will be asking where the hell have I been? I have been discovering and training and that is what I have been doing for a number of years while holding down jobs and producing my way here. I also experimented at my worksites with some of these concepts of training and performing and ask anyone who works directly with me what they have to say about me. Most will tell you they are glad they met me and are glad I shared with them these concepts. In fact the ones who have taken the ball and run have personally thanked me for my assistance to their own personal lives and I cant tell you how good that feels to have people thank you because you cared enough about them to deliver some ideas that help them achieve.


This next one is the very foundation to all these concepts because without this document I don’t know if I would have arrived where I did.


5.The Declaration of Independence: positively the most advanced accumulation of great ideas I could have ever discovered. It is where my own foundation exists and I highly recommend you make it yours for all ideas, all choices and every actions you do. This document is comprised of total truths as they were observed and experienced. These came from many different sources but one man was able to assemble them into one of the best products I can awesomely say I discovered. If you look at my foundation and read everything I wrote and all of it is directly related to this document. This is the very foundation of Life as written, it is the foundation of Liberty and the why’s, it is also the very foundation of what we are able to do in A Republic should we use this document and live it as intended with all its warnings. In fact the original version is so genuine in nature I was crying when I discovered what had been removed and altered this great running record of ideas documented for all to be able to use in going forward as the idea of life itself which so few have actually realized. This is and should continue to be the very Bedrock of you as Life, with truths, and warnings and all kinds of documented facts of life. You should include this into every single idea, choice and action moving forward in total support of you.


It is complimented by the next idea which is here only to sustain one of the ideas listed in this document, if it had not been for the Declaration of Independence there would be no reason to have a constitution at all and it is this simple.


6. The Constitution of the United States: This as I spoke before is the instrument to implement the idea of Liberty itself as listed in the Declaration of Independence. It is an instruments or tool to restrict and hold at bay corrupt abusive Governments in all forms makes no difference. That as long as we implement these rules to thwart off the oppressive in Government shall we have freedom from the abusive tales told within the Declaration of Independence. So few get the total significance of why these two documents are so related. That it would be an impossibility to create the idea of A Republic without these tools and these ideas in their proper place for their served purposes to support each other. These are ideas folks that support each other if you look they entirely do and remove one and what will you have, not one of these concepts. Like any idea well delivered one must know full well the whole of its parts.


The idea or the Picture is A Republic, (a way of life) supported by a document of ideas all in support of the idea of life backed with a document to help implement liberty and hold at bay those so insistent on the abuses of power and corruption.


So here are all the ideas in the total Picture of A Republic in any form;


A Republic,



The Pursuit of Happiness,

The Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution of the United Sates,


Are all ideas in support of you the Republic the whole picture and the other ideas the total support of such a picture if used and acted upon by knowing and understanding these ideas. By acting as these ideas daily in all of our lives. Not as perfection but as a system of growth by lessons to produce into experience, these ideas in support of us in limitless terms to grow to unknown heights and capacities because there are no limits to us there are only limits by those not familiar with themselves attempting their limits on the rest of us. These are also the best ideas to support an allow yourself without restrictions or limits to which you may rise and with that said let me list for you the opposite ideology that has yet to perform anything that truly supports you.






Wealth and power,



And what I know about these ideas that have been present for the last 5500 years have yet to present a sustainable society or way of life in any form without total destruction, abuse of authority, total corruption and the lack of growth and education of us as life. It actually does not teach this at all and is adamant all must comply to their way of thinking. It is false, it is made up and has nothing to back it up as sustainable.


In all cases of Government corruption it will be found the Financiers were involved with funny ideas about math that supersedes logic. That all law Practices are all a part of this ideology and started at the very same time as words and symbols could transport ideas over time. In many cases the language was purposely manipulated in order to confuse and deny life their own authority unto themselves. This has lead to all wars, this has lead to all bad ideas to enslavement, prostitution and total abuses of life on every level. It is the full display of full on ignorance of life by every an all actions that back up such concepts and is the very reason we must have a Constitution, that we must have Liberty to be free from such barbaric principals. It is the very reason the education of ourselves has been so restricted because the last thing these idiots want is someone like me in full defiance of any of their ideas permeating such ideas that fully support us. It is now out on the internet to be seen by whom ever wishes to and is far too late for them to stop.



So these are the basic steps or the baby steps to train ourselves to live as a Republic. This is the very basis to grow from this idea is of my own creation for the sole purpose to defy the idiots in our presence and it is to unite all of us who are intently communicating with ideas and concepts to better challenge the stupid.


There are several Groups I highly suggest in support of my ideas and the idea to do something because their’s are focused different than mine and used in unison will only allow us to grow much stronger in Numbers and right now someone has projected 3 million people to deliver these ideas without sway or perversion. I know what these ideas are and I know how to deliver ideas as well as many and better that some. The Republic we will have is the one we build ourselves or we will be without one as history has surely provided us, so let us not waste time and deliver the best idea of ourselves to ourselves until we have mastered these ideas so well no one will ever have to think about anymore. It will simply be a way of life or a life of great well trained habits and far better ideas we keep delivering to ourselves.


To Restore the Republic means an act, to make this picture clear is to practice the ideas so the visual is easily seen by all those deciding to live as one. I know I have decided, how about you?



Here are the groups and ideas I highly recommend not only read this document. But work to make some time for a presentation in the same room with each other. A force to be reckoned with is one that becomes one by ideas of great honesty in direction and clarity. You each do your parts very well for the most part and for those of you who don’t I have been notifying you and you will have to confront me some time and today is far better than tomorrow. The truth is I have the highest respect for you all no matter your miss direction which this training will assist you at being greater with no limits at all.


Don’t be mad at my idea, embrace it because you will need me as much as I need you to do your parts. This will be sent to all of you with the idea you will care enough to act.


These groups are and all groups may add to these because none should be deprived such an experience.


All of you have helped in some way by either providing me ideas which I chased down or you confirmed ideas by the ideas you have shared. Some of you have had personal exchanges with me but from everything I have gathered all of you agree with A Republic. The idea is to get enough resources together from each group (what ever you can provide) for input into such a meeting as a first hand practice to see what and how a Republic should operate in real time. Then how to make it a course we can teach others to teach with. I have some ideas and have done small testing but I need more of you who are encouraged by such an idea because I think we can present something far superior than ever produced.

I very much agree with Sidney and the Reclamation Project X as a great tool for the correction of Liberty but it is only one concept of the whole idea of the Republic and Republics are created by all involved and not by one involved. One thing I am certain of is you are all on my side and we should discover what we are capable of in the idea of a Republic. The future is ours if we inform and train and deliver our ideas clearly.



William Schooler

A Producing American








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