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The Origination of A Republic idea

A Republic, an idea to serve yourself with total respect of you.



1604, “state in which supreme power rests in the people,” from Fr. république, from L. respublica (abl. republica), lit. res publica “public interest, the state,” from res “affair, matter, thing” + publica, fem. of publicus “public” (see public). Republican (adj.)




1436, “pertaining to the people,” from O.Fr. public (1311), from L. publicus, altered (by influence of L. pubes “adult population, adult”) from Old L. poplicus “pertaining to the people,” from populus “people.” Meaning “open to all in the community” is from 1542. The noun meaning “the community” is attested


Please Read these well and study them, then do your own investigation into this idea because it is a fabulous chain of events. This idea started out as a philosophy of life or way of life and the idea at the time was The Republic. In its berth there were trial and errors because like all ideas around the globe one generates the ideas and they test as well others test this idea usually to the fullest and the growth of the accumulated experiences by living such an idea collects and builds character or refines the idea to a working idea. But why have this idea and what idea does this philosophy support or why have it at all? The short version was to have a civilized society that would care for itself and sustain life within the civilization. In short it is a Philosophy or way of life to support life by life doing and understanding the support of itself as life. A way or set of actions to support the one thing society loves, to be able to live as we are in a free state of idea generation and the sharing of these.


Why did we need this philosophy? Because of the other philosophies before it were brutal to both life as well societies and the recognition those practices did not support life at all in any long range attempt to sustain and to grow. Some of those were Oligarchies, tyranny and Rule. So here we have this idea that started long ago in the Days of Plato and Socrates and the idea of justice or of just men.


Now everyone is asking well what does this have to do with me and my first question to you is aren’t you life? Isn’t this a way of life to support you as this life? Yes it has everything to do with you because even you today are supposed to be living as a Republic which you are not even clear on because of the alterations of the idea over time and most of these done intentionally not to allow or support the idea but to denny and destroy the idea. Which Tyrant in their right mind is running around promoting a way of life to support itself? Well since there are no tyrants with any respect to themselves as life itself surely do not support the likes of you and this is the lessons of history.


Notice I said lessons and not lessons learned and this is because the lessons have been learned before but have also been forgotten or not USED. But through history there have been some that did the research and understood this very well because of experiences they received and accumulated in a life time supported all the ideas that were being shared. Most good men or people or life, public, politic in communities in Republics would all like a good just life to be allowed to generate ideas and test them in support of them as life as well the life within the community and this in no way is a mystery but some work to convince us of this every single day.


One such man who delved deep into this subject was Thomas Jefferson, a scholar and a philosopher who was in no way a master mind (although many will rave) he used what he was capable of and this was investigation into himself and that which was around him and from my own personal investigation into this very idea has revealed much fruit. He was simply a discoverer of what Life truly has to offer and we should recognize we carry such an ability.


Before I delve too deep you should know I am too a Philosopher spreading ideas in the ways of life. Mine is all based on production ideologies or the generation of ideas into realities we can experience for ourselves by our own testing of them. I have been called arrogant, or having hard edges, or too much enthusiasm and people are scared by this or baffled because it is such a enormous force to deal with. In truth I am guilty, not of being these ideas but I have grown as life because of my study as me as life. This act, this manifestation has created in me an enormous amount of energy I may not deny and it is becoming very noticed and people don’t like it. But here is the honest truth, when we make discoveries these are truths and a lot of truths discovered go against all the ideas we have been taught or trained to do and then becomes the self struggle or self fight. Once achieving the other end of this struggle comes an abundance of energy that is invigorating to say the least. I have seen it in me and others around me who have grown in this life. If this is a bad thing then call me a bad man. Someone running around planet earth generating ideas that support us as life has to be a bad thing right? An acceptable thing right? I must be bad if I am going against what we are used to or accustom to, the act of defying normalcy is me, not to be abnormal but in defiance of something wrong or an incorrect idea of what is normal. Tyranny and Oligarchies are not normal ways of life for me because these ideas directly oppose me by investigation, so the truths I share are bold, genuine as I found them and very hard to take in at one setting. I am not a bad man, I am a Producing American generating ideas to support the life in mankind. This may seem arrogant or hard or shrewd but it is really in all honesty which is hard to accept so I am viewed in this light they make up because of it.


Ok, back to the real subject at hand and Thomas Jefferson and the idea he shared and how we as life have lost our way to the very foundation that supports us as life forms. Life forms meaning and energy capable of creating ideas and deciding upon these and life supporting life is the act of sustaining this form by self supporting activities or producing these supporting ideas, (the depths we shall go).


The berth of this nation is to be an idea and this idea is to be A Republic and by this definition I mean, to be LIFE, people, public, politic in a community or a Republic doing the actions to sustain our republic and all of its public, life, politics within it. So this idea or this philosophy is a way we act together to form this idea to achieve both the idea as well the consistent practice of sustaining such an idea. This is not something that falls out of a sky, it is something you personally have to decide to do or you will not be a part of this idea. Because in order to be a part of something you personally have to put effort into this direction and the direction is the sustainment and growth of life and the opposite to this is the destruction of life by manipulation, bad control and pathetic authority spraying itself all over you.


This idea of A Republic by its original sense or original philosophy means; A state where the people are in total support of themselves by their actions to be honest with themselves by doing acts that support them as life because the honesty is they love living and they know this works far greater in communities than without communities. It is the ability for a people in a community to govern themselves as a just people or life truly caring for the life around them by their own personal acts to others. When we work to generate ideas that sustain us and our community are we truly being honest with ourselves, this is a simple truth that will go against the grain of everything you have been taught.

Because it does not mean wealth, it does not mean authority and it does not mean to dominate. It simply means the act of supporting each other in our attempts at ideas that support us as life and allow us to grow as life. So you could call A Republic where life is in a public forum sharing its ideas with one another to verify the growth, the support and the activities in support of both the idea and life. Now you are starting to see the depths we will go, to the depths of ourselves. The mirror with you reflecting in it, by all your ideas, all your decisions, all you actions, the accumulation of your experiences are truly all an accumulation of you and have all of these supported this philosophy by your own acts?


I recently wrote a paper call “the instrument of Reaching an idea or concept” I actually titled it this way because it is a list of the very basic essential ideas to achieving this idea of A Republic and one gentleman described it as a syllabus. I thought about this and he is correct but here is what he is not aware of, you cannot define what a Philosophy will grow into if there are no defined limits to its growth. This would make it a utopian society that does not make mistakes and is only limited to the terms listed, with no lessons and a defined set of instructions and thats final. I found this to be very controlled and not far from where we are today which I totally disagree with. What I actually discovered here is if people came to a public arena with these basic ideas were well intrenched in their ideas and in their choices the Republic would grow to its own limits or its no limits at all with each Republic. I also realized that each community is really it’s very own republic and not the altered definition of A Republic. It is a bunch of public in communities standing up for themselves to be heard in their community to exchange ideas that allows life and not the control of life but as we have seen throughout history someone will always come along and say OH no, so and so cannot do this because, because, because with out providing their own personal thorough investigation. This becomes authoritarian and not the philosophy or way of life in a Republic and it is done constantly in our communities today. Go to any city meeting and they are at the time they prescribe not the time that best fits those in the community, then it is regulated to 5 minutes to describe your idea and it must be on the subject they want. It is not an act of a Republic at all and is an abused privilege. These idiots have no more authority than you and worse yet you pay the idiots to treat you less than you are. This is totally unacceptable and it is the public in the Republic that have to act upon itself to stand up against such a corruption. This means then there has to be a practice location to live the idea you are attempting to be. It means you cannot lay it out exact because all have different ideas and all need time to SHOW how their ideas by actions support the Republic and the life in it. It also means there is no easy street, no simple ok I accept, there is only the simple act of getting up on the floor before your fellow life and presenting yourself. But I am scared! Good, practice and become less scared or be walked on by frivolous idiots for the rest of your life by people that cannot control their own actions attempting to control yours. That honesty is a shocker isn’t it and you might have to step off the normal blanket and get some life on you by the simple practice.


The supporting ideas once again are the Declaration of Independence the very foundation in support of such an idea of A Republic and the Constitution in support of Liberty which supports the foundation and this idea of A Republic or this philosophy or this way of life. There are good ideas on this planet that are very useful to the support of you.


Last night I was at a Political Rally and something was said and I yelled out “imagine that LIFE in support of Itself !”, you should have seen all the different looks I got and I stood there proudly knowing full well what I just said was the entire truth of the matter. One gal was just gleaming at me after that, like who is this mystery person who would reveal something this genuine or honest. Others looking at me as to say how could you possibly say something this distasteful and others scratching their heads, what was that he just yelled. But the truth is I was testing my ideas in a larger audience to see what kind of reaction would take place. My findings were many are not sure at all, are in question about everything around them right now. I even had a discussion with a bible thumper at work and I call him this because of what he told me when we started, he stated; I get all my ideas from Jesus, I don’t generate any of my own. I had to hold back the laughter and I respectfully asked, so you are telling me you have never generated any of your own ideas and he said: Yes I have and that was all the bad ones. I was almost floored because this guy could not fathom himself capable of any self created good ideas and I was amazed so I decided to take this guy under my wing and take him on a mission of personal experiences of his own when he said; I never looked at that as an idea or have I ever thought about that but it actually makes good sense. Not only that but I could see how this philosophy I was passing on directly fit into his own religious life and he did not even recognize it and for the first time there it was staring at him. You could see the motor running on overtime. When I explained the idea of freedom of Religion even that connected to him. This is important folks, to be able to reach all kinds of people with the truth and get them excited about working on their own communities to be Republics where we do the acts of our own participation and lets face it, if we do not step up some others will impose their ideas upon you and this is where we are today.


Education is not always in a book, it is best done by practice and review. So sometimes we have to go out and experience knew ideas not written, OMG. I know that is such an insecure feeling but after you go through it a few times the scary parts wears off  and you find yourself curious and willing to test more. This done over and over can becomes a regular practice so when do those in the community practice this over and over and who decides when? Those who understand the ideas some what and want to learn more by be willing to show up at a meeting  with who ever will show up. There is no good night nor any good day so lets just pick one at random, come on you can do it.


I say Thursday nights 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and you spend as much time as you want doing it. Bring food, share with others, practice getting good at listening to each other. Not speaking to each other, practice listening which is a practice in itself and a hard one at that. This is one of the best habits you could ever teach yourself and I am well practiced so I understand. I also realize in my life time I was not a good listener at all which was not in support of any Republic idea at all.


Any of you are welcome to ask me questions, the fact that I get very few tells me people are scared because you are so well trained by others poor ideas of you versus your own clear ideas of you and I am the magnifying glass putting the spot light on you by you. Thats why I am such a scary person, promoting you as life, how natural, I mean how not natural is that?


The idea I am attempting to reach is a practice of the original idea of A Republic, which is Public in a Community of public, or life in the same community of other life or you as a politic for your community and your life. Read through all the definitions of Republic, then work to discover when some of these changed, attempt to find who changed or added to some of these and recognize you do this as well as many others. What it really comes down to is the original intended purpose of why the idea came about at all and how this relates to your life experiences or you living this idea versus the symbolized idea as gospel. Symbolized is simply concepts transported by paper or in word form as some gospel or unchangeable form, but look from the beginning and we see all kinds of changes have taken place. So where do we get to the point where it was really meant to be. A Republic is very much one of these ideas very significant to you and so is the idea of life, Liberty and your pursuits of happiness and so is our Constitution for the idea of Liberty. What do they all really mean when acted on and what effects or results can be put in full view so even you answer your own questions?


All the sudden my training is very scary because you have to step off the normal box that has been shoved completely down your throat don’t you? This is a truth that has no simple way, or polite way to reveal, it is the truth which is sometimes hard to swallow but if pursued starts to grow on you because the experiences themselves are so revealing.

I have a few people I have been working with, maybe if we can get a good video guy to help us I can make this far more revealing to the point where you even question you, which in truth is the point of curiosity isn’t it?


I will leave you with these thoughts for now, but just remember I am throwing these ideas at you to create curiosity about you by you.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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