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Or is it possible you have decided to conform to some others ideas? To be dependent upon these ideas because they were given you and you personally assumed these as being correct or the right ideas? How will you ever know for sure and what is your vision of this life, this planet and civilization?


Civilization to live as a civil community supposedly educated from barbarism or savagery. Is civil war free of savagery? It is civil is it not? The mincing of words becomes a big part of this because we have become accustom to the words shedding some clarity but when investigated this becomes far from truth and we can see the obscurity intentionally placed to miss direct or the savagery imposed upon us.


What is your Independence or what are you independent of?

If you are an individual when born are you dependent or independent? You are dependent upon your parents to help guide you, but what if their example is not a good guide and then you become independent of them to be individual upon your own which is to DECIDE for yourself is it not? To decide for myself has a kind of individual effect doesn’t it?

Now look at everything in your life this far and how many things did you decide on that took place? Now look around the room at every item in it and tell me which one was brought here without the decision. Everything was decided upon, are you sure? Better check yourself twice and be positive now, everything in the room is here because it was decided upon correct? That is so much individual choice isn’t it? All this independence running around sprinkling ideas around by decisions.


Barbarism is actually said to live outside some idea, like outside of Rome because they were considered civilized or organized and educated but were they? It is also said to live outside organized religions especially Christianity, because by all means they have defined what is civilized correct?

But what if you are individual and independent of such a group? Now you are defined as Barbaric?


Maybe we should really review civilized, it would be far more appropriate and really what this relates to is civil or civilian or citizen which is a person or public or life in a community setting. All this is worth questioning because you can go look at all the different meanings and where these words came from which is highly interesting. So was there barbaric communities? and what separated these from the civil societies and who, thats right WHO is the authority?


Well if I am individual able to create my own ideas, independent of all others and I can decide don’t I have full authority over my own ideas? Yes I do. Now here is a question for you; What does LIFE do? By activity here are the things I have found so far.

Generate ideas.

Makes decisions.

Procreates and expands life.



Interesting, so who sets the precedence of how or in what order or in what flavor these things we do will take place in? Well if I have my own choice and all things only come about by choice and I am the deciding factor I become my own authority correct? Independent of all other life who also have this same capacity? HUH? Is this still civilized?


Its all so convoluted, how can I possibly throw all these questions into the pot and stir up ideas against the authorities who keep telling us we must conform or be put to death? Am I advocating barbarism? Or am I advocating standing up as an individual independent of other authority not authorized at all because life is given the same gifts at the point of life.


Individual and independent as well person, life, public, politic, citizen can all be the very same thing if we really search this out. But if you listen to some of these authorities out here, if you look up some of these definitions can you see obscurity to this very idea. Or in other words it is not clear in any form and who the heck knows what they are supposed to think or do? Thats why I rise upon defense of myself as LIFE, a idea generator, a decision maker and by my determinism to expand what I have discovered about me. That I am independent of all others, that I am very individual from all others that I have and hold no other authority than my own and when I look at all the other life on this planet no other holds any more, NOT ONE!


OH CRAP, that is SO INDEPENDENT isn’t it?


This is a realization in my own life that was really hard to argue with since there is an abundance of evidence to totally in support of what I am describing and it sets a very high precedence on LIFE itself and says out loud we are individual independent of all other life whether in our vicinity or outside our vicinity, yet we continually see others attempting to authorize what some can and cannot do. So how are these folks doing it, what makes them this authority, what enforces their ways and their ideas upon you?


Here is the truth, so hold on to yourself because I assure you it will hurt. It is your ability to DECIDE independently to agree or disagree and because the decision takes precedence over all other things and becomes what was decided. That is right, they put some idea out there and you decide you are taking on their idea and now you become the idea projected by your own choice. You now become a part of what ever that idea is no matter how good it is or how bad it is all because of your own individual ability to DECIDE which is individual and is independent of all others.


Here are a few ideas people have collectively decide on, in other words individuals decided on these same ideas and are living such a decision.

Civilized within a certain thinking and limited to this thinking. Authority, giving some other authority over you and them defining what civilized is. Dependent on authoritative Government. Money by the definition of the Federal Reserve system. The American Dream which is to say you will live some dream some other dreamed up for you is a supposed civilized nation. Education as presented by such authorities as Government knows best, again reliant or dependent on them knowing and you unable to find out for yourself. The Rule way of life by some who claim authority or act as authoritarians. War as the rightful act of domination and authority. To be dependent and not independent at all. The word SCREWED comes to mind at this point because now I recognize my choices may really suck but I was gullible and willing to take on the world by ideas shared with me without further investigation of the INTENT by those injecting these ideas into my visual or experiences. This is my own ignorance at this point isn’t it? My lack of understanding of my own Independence and individualism.


So the big question now that I have set you up for this fall that is about to take place upon your own discovery of your own neglect. What is America made up of? What was our intent upon reaching this land and for what purpose was this done so decidedly? What did the Declaration of Independence state? To declare ourselves independent of some wild ideas of civilized, to live outside these ridiculous walls of corruption called British RULE? Have we continued to live independent of that way of life called the RULE way of life? Wasn’t it individuals here that brought prosperity by their ideas they were allowed to create and bring into existence? Is this still allowed today? Why the hell not, you still have the ability to DECIDE, what the hell happened?

Did we all the sudden forget what we came here for or were we miss directed slightly and has history provided us with any tools that says if this group if left to its own accord will bring certain activities? What are these activities you are so aware of?


So ask yourself now are you fully independent or are you dependent? The honest answer you are both but your decisions are simply being made to support others ideas and these ideas have proven false so many times before and because we do not educate ourselves and are dependent on Government education programs are we miss directed every single day of our lives. All in an attempt to manipulate for the control of independent, to stop independent from being so, to stop idea generation by killing the imagination. This folks is a catastrophe of the very ideas of our Independence for which we came here for. And there are groups that have consistently brought this upon us in history repeatedly because we train to be dependent of there thinking and their supposed way of life which has not produced any real decent results in 3000 years. Here are the groups in question and the cause of what creates this over and over.

The financiers are primal to this cause and the next is religions which is conformity and has nothing to do with independence. I could name groups but I will let you investigate upon your own and both of these create the Government groups which consistently attempt authority. This is all well expressed in the Declaration of Independence and if you do not believe me which I hope you do not and will go investigate for yourself by confirmation. I really suggest the original draft to get the full picture of exactly who we were warned of but some with influence did what they always do, altered documented truths for ratification.


Declared Independence of a bunch of unruly idiots who are unable to control themselves while imposing authority on others or to control others for their own personal gain at the expanse of all those who are independent is insanity. The Declaration of Independence was actually written in a way to use as a tool for choice making, that if we used this as a guide for all choices including for the Constitution we would allow and support ourselves as Independents. That we would take into account the lessons learned along with our own lessons by our activities. That civilized in the real sense of the word means self worth, also known as self respect because we are very satisfied by our activities as individuals in a community type of setting. This was defined in the Constitution as A Republic way of Life in Liberty free from those imposing false AUTHORITY. Which history has certainly shared with us many lessons of this. Since we forgot to review all of these ideas I share with you today brings us to the world we are living in. This idea is called civilized society with war, centralized banking, debt, globalization, false authority, out of control Governments (state and federal), corrupt media and the total Rule way of life where the independent may be persecuted for being so.

This life we are seeing is chosen because in no way is it being opposed because we refuse to use our declared independence as our guide. The corner stone, the foundation of all independence. This is our only shame and our very poor decision to realize, to get over and start on today. The reason is this simple; because not one thing on this earth caused by life is not done so without the decision, so if we decide we shall be independent of all this false authority we shall be and not until then. WE as LIFE have the ability to decide for ourselves which ever way of LIfe we choose and we support this way by the ideas and decisions and efforts that bring this into existence. Our enemies have simply been utilizing these while obscuring your own view of these. Because when you realize you are the cause of all things that take place and you decide based on what you know is true do you all the sudden decide to support yourself as you are, LIFE and to decide for you in support of you which is in all honesty I assure you.


Please do not take my word for any of this, go out ask and yourself these questions and go find the answers. Our own education is our own discoveries about ourselves. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin all discovered these truths and documented them for us to utilize in individual choice making in preserving Independence for ourselves with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all as Public in Republics able to speak out and investigate all activities to be shown they are in support of such a concept. WE are LIFE and WE DECIDE independently and I can live with that, can you?



William Schooler

A Producing American, by choice.

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