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The truth of your own denial.

It is called annihilation by inundation put on by a few to the many. Keep everyone focused on all the crap while they diligently destroy our country. They being the focused on the expansion of their terms. The focus they use is narrow and the force of their decision is narrow while on the other side we sit embedded with causes that have nothing to do with our cause and everything to do with theirs.


In our review of the internal world lays a simple question to ask and answer, why are we here and why is America? Simply to live life independent of others rather than dependent on others, to be free from the intrusion of Governments and those they encompass. To achieve greatness by the ideas we can project and make come true by evidence of their results and support of us. Ya we never ask and we never fully answer how this all came about. We never review our founding, our independence to simply answer our question. We simply do not focus on what brought us here and are intent on focusing where only a few point our attention. We lack our foundation of ourselves, our truths and our values. We go to our churches and where are so many looking, we go to our city meetings and where are so many looking, we talk to life in our communities and where is everyone looking? We are looking at the results and the chaos put before us versus focusing our attention on the beginning, that actions that made it all possible to be independent in the first place and that was the CHOICE to be Independent of Government intrusiveness into our independent lives.


The force of choice far outweighs dispersed choice where no focus exists. Focus our choice to our very beginning and watch the storm begin for nothing has come about without such a choice, not one thing. Thus we avoid the question and we avoid the answer and our focus dispersed by our own unreasonableness.


Crime only pays when you do not decide against it and we are in the midst of a crime spree like none other before us and the only thing THEY fear about us is our ability to focus and decide against them but we are clueless to our own force for any and all achievements. Our sickness solely belongs to us.


Our Foundation our Declaration of Independence, our purpose is independent life and its sustainment, securing this our constitution by Liberty and our achievement becomes our ability to pursue our dreams and deliver ourselves happiness. Our lack of focus upon such truths simply our biggest weakness to decide upon such an activity.


Reason comes from the reasons we decide on any achievement, but when we do not decide we do not achieve and this is the simple truth we refuse to answer ourself.


Look at our criminal enemies and what is it they are doing that we are not? Uniting in their decision against us, again what are we not doing? We do not unite on what created this achievement in the very first place, our loss and their gain.


In the end will be game over because history repeats itself by continually using the same practices of self destruction and in all of history all civilizations failed by being dependent of Government and Rule and ours will be no different unless we focus and decide differently. No civilization to date has achieved A Republic, independent of intrusive Government and continually sustain this by liberty. Government in all cases intruded and made life independent of Government and Government soon after destroyed itself in all cases. This is because life is individual, independent, idea generating decisiveness able to do what ever it decides to do until we allow someone else to decide it for us. Instead of relying on our own lessons we learn to rely on some with no lessons what so ever by their scholarly decision making symbolism over experiences by results. This is not only their ignorance but becomes ours as well. This is a choice if we do not decide against we decide to allow and all things take place by choice or nothing would simply be.


Isn’t it funny how I recognize our own denial, yet I share this will people and they will argue it until they are blue in the face and never once ask the question if it could be true or not. This is simply a result of poor decisions made because of all the scholarly symbolization over experiences. To read a book and never verify a thing, to assume and never validate and form this habit and the results always speak louder than words don’t they?


All good decision making is done by being informed about ourselves and why we are here. It is to survive and live and grow and the support of all life as we are and not as a few think we should be. Words are simply the representations of our actions not the gospels of our directions because decision is our direction and if we decide symbolism we decide against experiencing the very ideas that support life by the results we are able to review. Our determinism comes from our experiences and those lessons which by this activity alone is growth to ourselves and is validated by such results. Symbols simply describe it as a result and when documented are only as good as they are verified as results and not thinking without the result of our own activities.


Ignorance could be simply conceived as reading without this verification, to assume the facts un-lived by personal experience leaving self in question of self by no activity of self as independent in activity. No life lives without creating ideas, no life lives without deciding and no life lives without experiencing because living is doing something other than reading what everyone else is experiencing. The verification itself the experience or life is in question of itself by no activity. Thinking I know something is hardly the activity of actually learning about something, but look how many people think they know something and have never tried it. This is simply the habit of assumptions and has no determining factors to decide with.


This is personal experience explored first hand and passed on not to be assumed but to be tested. Authenticity is those things we can verify as valid in our own cause to us as life as living in achievement by activity.



William Schooler

A Producing American (by activity)

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