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The theft of Income Tax

Relieving ourselves of this burden would create incentive to achieve ideas instead of the incentive to steal which is what debt does and when others are allowed to put you in debt for their stealing will the stealing only become bigger. It is not really the money they are stealing, it is what the money represents that is stolen.


It is our effort towards achievements to make life better for us that is robbed from all communities. Thus the starving of communities and the creations it can bring. Life creates achievements and makes them possible through the choices we each make and when we make poor choices to be taxed shall we find ourselves stolen from.


The thieves in 1913 the Federal Reserve and their creation of debt at your expense by robbing you of all your effort while they sit by and watch.


It is not money that creates wealth (thats the robbing) it is great creations, learned choices and activities and the wealth of great achievements that cause communities to Thrive, grow and expand themselves. The exchange we use is what we decide to represent our efforts as or with. Those imposing their poor ideas of 5000 year old symbolism have never produced a thing but theft, while you have produced every other idea you can experience. They claim authority and we claim to be free but neither is true is it?


We only become free when we free ourselves from their 5000 year old ideas of a Rule way of Life, where money is power and wealth is stolen or extracted from all those who produce the rest of experiences. This is done through Law, Taxes, Finance, Debt, secrecy and an over abundance of complicated symbolism to distract you from you.


LIFE creates ideas and makes decisions, both good and bad. These folks are using bad ideas from 5000 years ago by your own agreement and decisions through a manipulation of symbols.


To create good ideas we must look at the ideas that support US as LIFE and choose the direction that best supports this idea. A Republic way of LIFE is WE the LIFE of these communities supporting ourselves by our ideas, our decisions, activities and our accomplishments that provide sustainment and growth. It is intended to be done through the energy of LIFE (ideas and choices), Public and Politics all one in the same in an organized manner of self support. The ideas that support this direction are simple; LIFE (above all) to achieve LIBERTY (our freedom from 5000 year old bad ideas) for the reasons to PURSUE our dreams, our achievements of full on sustainment and growth both which brings us HAPPINESS by our own examples of success by a JUST people (ownership of our own actions, responsibility), forthcoming (the revealing of all things done) in A Community setting. This by definition is the true well researched definition of A Republic and not the perverted versions from many who have attempted to obscure it.


In simple choice there are only two of these directions, one in support of life and the other in the control of life.

The Republic way of life is all activities to support itself as a community. The Rule way of life is to authorize itself as the Ruler over Life, to control it to its self destruction by its own ignorance of itself as life by viewing itself as God over all life or the authority. Yet when we ask ourselves who actually decides for us we know full well it is I. The I in connection with LIFE becomes WE as in WE in this LIFE experiencing.


If WE continue to use the 5000 year old ideas to reach our own ideas will we only reach their ideas. The idea that we need money to Achieve happiness is a false idea. The idea we need wealth of money to be happy is a false idea. The idea we needs laws to direct us is false ideas. The idea we need secrecy to secure us is a false idea. The idea we need others to Govern US versus US Governing ourselves is a false idea. The idea that only some are experts in economic theory is a false idea and by going into agreement with any of these ideas and deciding upon these will always bring us to the Rule way of life as the direction of their intention and their objective. Someone else’s idea, someone else’s dream of what life should be.


Wisdom is achieved over time through experiences and has nothing to do with symbols at all. It is the things we experience that become the knowns by the results we are able to view, review and base our choices on. This is why as we get older many start making far better choices than when they got out of school. But many have decided to avoid learning from experiences and decide upon a view and encourage all others to take this view. This is usually done with some intent to manipulate or control the idea and is hardly healthy.


Please really take a look around you and really notice all the really good things achieved in your life time. Was it money that achieved this or was it idea creation, decision making and effort into a direction? And who were these folks putting in these ideas, who put in all this effort and made the experience for real? Some times the best answers sit within each and every experience we ever have if we are willing to review the experience itself and not all the symbols distributed that disrupt or pervert our vision.


Freedom from the Income Tax is LIBERTY defined in a Republic way of life. It is the decision to free ourselves from the thieves of 5000 year old ideas. It is the beginning of a new independence from A Rule way of life only created by a few for themselves. It is the incentive for achievements and ideas that support and grow who we are in our communities. It is the life we all long for only because we are without it and it is freedom from our own ignorance of their Rule way of life and 5000 years of very bad ideas that have consistently in that 5000 years produced nothing more than its own self destruction each and every time.


LIFE, the decision makers of the WORLD, I dare YOU to decide to live without their old ideas and to create new ones that support you directly in your own community for your Republic simply awaits your own decision.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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