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Independence DAY!

What does this truly represent to you specifically?

On August 2nd 1776 The Declaration of Independence was ratified on this day 236 years ago. Its entire purpose to be independent of or free from The British Royal Ruling class by decision. To be self determining, independent in individuality, to be sovereign, to be equal to all others in capacity.


In this 236 years have we continued this quest, this idea or have we been deliberately sent back to the stone age to be Ruled once more by our masters “the British Royal Lords of all life” ? The answer by observable results speaks loudly that indeed we are and this signature set in stone is Global enterprise. If it is globally attached it is a part of this global cabal (the Royal British Rulers).


236 years later it becomes once again a choice to make for ourselves to regain or reclaim this unanimous decision. Today we are faced with Global Corporations which each one is attached in some capacity to this global enterprise or system of Rule. This will sway and control the direction of your state or nation through the election process and those who are put into office. This becomes your responsibility to recognize how these are attached and to decide, (make choices) outside this realm of impact. It is impossible for a governing body to grow to this size without this kind of assistance and the dots have been clearly connected between central banking, world financiers and the corporate structure without question. In fact the whole structure of corporate is comprised by them, their ideas, what they choose to support in their direction of manipulations, control and once again global Rule. Results are evidence and the debt is truly the one result that connects all these dots and enslaves every nation under the control of Royal Criminality.


Your choice should you decide in your own mind is to decide to become independent of this group, to reclaim your own sovereignty, to have and to hold your own inalienable rights, Life, Liberty and the Pursuits of Happiness which are all principals or deciding factors in support of you as LIFE and without applying these principals we forfeit these rights by our own choice.


The question to self is; who are the deciding? You are is the answer you should be receiving from self and should this not be the case the question to self would be; Why you think you are not? and to answer this question from you to you. Your independence is completely your own choice and the choice of no other or you give up your own inalienable rights by your own choice and is as simple as this.


So I present to you on this day July 4th 2012 your own opportunity to reclaim yourself, to once again become Independent of The Royal British Rulers of earth (the Rothchilds and clan), all connections thereof and any and all associated with them in any such form or capacity. You now have the ability to reclaim you as intended by the Declaration of Independence to be free from barbarism with the ability to create your own ideas and make your own decisions without their limitations set upon you by the multiple made up false laws and allow you the respect you deserve as an individual. Today I present to you the Reclamation project of your life, of your choice and of your actions to make it so. Let us deliver to ourselves that which we entirely deserve the freedom to decide upon our own accord without such limits.


Truly as you will read we owe it to ourselves to evaluate what is taking place and to decide we will choose our direction as well our destination for We the People are in reality We the Deciding of our selves, our communities and of this nation. Your responsibility is to participate in your own future or live in its remnants should we watch it unfold.


INDEPENDENCE! Is everything you are should you DECIDE!



William Schooler

A Producing American       

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