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My reality is truly my experience and how I see the world from such experiences, the more I am willing to have the more knowledge that is gained. It is actually the act of trial and tests and in the end is the tools to decide from or to evaluate with. What is real to me may not be real to you because no REAL experience has been taken, thus the same comparisons may not be made.


My worst decisions were and are my best lessons and when compared to great choices gives the real value of my real choices from real experiences equaling my realities. It could actually be said in this context; what is real to me, by experience.


Many of you may share in some of my realities but because you don’t look at you to discover you these realities do not resinate or vibrate your experience level. Here are some examples, you look them over and then you see how they fit to your own reality (experiences).


Life, I recognized from breathing, doing, deciding and motion I am life. I also recognize all life around me because of this reality in every day life.


Liberty; I am free from the dominance around me by my choice to be free. The experience that no other life form has any better ability to decide for me. That I am my deciding factor over and above all others by what ever it is I choose. What I see around me is life in the same capacity as I.


My pursuit for happiness is my achievements that help others have better lives, the better life becomes the better life becomes. It is a balance of activities with all others in my vicinity to do something that allows growth, supports the expansion of and brings about strength in life itself.


These are experiences, these are my realities as I have looked at these through my experiences and choices to include these. It is fascinating, it is explorative, it is growth all bundled up into my reality.


I realized not long ago a statement I made; We teach ourselves. The reality is we do as in WE teach each others through our realities. We grow together and we help each other live better lives through ideas and products we produce to assist in this experience. I also realized we find all the answers, we find all the truths looking through ourselves and not through others because it is my reality I have to compare with. The comparison is the evaluation process to discover what works the best for the best which is me, which is life which is you in my reality.


Life is everywhere we are as it should be for eternity because infinity has no length or limit, it is timeless and open to experience, to realities and to unlimited growth potential.


My realities in truth are my experiences to compare with, to know what the right or correct decision is. My bad choices in comparison to my good choices have only given me strength in my own choice. It has helped me realize the strength of my choices and realize how important each and all are. Not to be taken for granted or lightly, to know full well my own strength as well my weakness. To know me better and to share me better as an example of my experiences, my lessons and my realities.


The world in my oyster and the universe is my sea and my discoveries now become my realities. I am Life as you are and WE decide which causes reality to happen at all.




William Schooler

A Producing American

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