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The Truth of MATTER!

Interestingly enough matter is all around us and in many different forms. Do we ever ask how, or what causes or keeps these forms? Recently I have read many articles about energy and organized energy and what effects this creates and today I looked at some research on DNA structures and the organization of molecules, a picture of a crop circle located today July 22 that is a symbol for DNA. One of the things that caught my eye is the organization of all of these, their uniformity and how they all worked. I also started realizing matter is held together with organized energy. That it holds its form by the energy that creates or distorts it. In fact it has been bugging me this entire day and I have not been able to stop thinking about it.


I watched a movie not long ago called Thrive and not long after that I was reading some research about what happens when you organize energy in a uniform manner it begins to create more energy on its own. Tesla was a big part of this investigation because he invented a way to have free energy but the Corporations selling Copper would have nothing to do with him because they would no longer be profitable.


In my very own study of production principals when I focused my energy on the organizing of ideas to increase productivity did I see a surge in my own energy. Years before this attempt I discovered I was far more than a mere bunch of matter that I was energy, that with this energy I could organize it, focus it and deliver it in different forms to others.


Since I cannot stop focusing on this subject I decided I would put the energy into these words to describe the experience as well what I am get from such an activity.


I have discovered a force on earth we have always had but had no clue to its over all implications or capacities. This was that you and I are able to generate ideas and the force of these ideas or energy that organizes these is the decision to do so and at that point is when the energy becomes released into this decided direction or destination outward from you as matter or the physical body into other matter to form it or into some activity that accomplishes some task. The real discovery was that nothing takes place without this force and this meant nothing what so ever. When I asked my self what on earth has been done without choice or energy I could find nothing that has come to be to be without choice or energy. When I recognized it was each individual that created decisions kind of scared me at first because this would recommend we are very capable we just do not know it yet. When I looked at this in good directions or bad directions made no one difference that both directions were directed into being by choice.


I cannot tell you how many questions to self this has lead to as well answers that had to be discovered because they are that numerous. But here is another answer that came from all these questions. If decision is the force behind the matter or alteration of as well the organizing of such what happens when you get more than one deciding in this same direction? As well as organized as well as determined to reach this achievement or destination? What I found is that our chances increase with each additional choice. This was so hard hitting that when I discovered some of the ideas being done right here in my home land I really had to ask myself who was it deciding it should take place. WOW! I cannot tell you what this revealed because people will think you are a crackpot, I know I have told and tested it first hand. The first thing that happens is someone starts calling you a collectivist and that everyone is supposed to be individual, the truth is I don’t disagree but then they go as far to say that this is BAD.


Here is one thing I have been struggling with and I have been asking myself these questions and I have been locating these answers through testing. How can a collection of good ideas and great decisions be a bad thing? So why are so many so intent on calling it a bad thing? Maybe they do not understand the force of choice or do they? Because here is what they are seeing; Governments, banking cartels, criminals and blatant disrespect as well welfare. And this is all very true this is what we see daily by example and therefore they look at the collection of people insisting on such a concept (idea) generated in the minds of men by their decisions and this is very true. But what never gets evaluated is what it is these individuals are deciding with the ingredients of their own decisions. Is it ignorance (lack of information) Lies or is it incorrect information they are holding onto? First what is the ingredients of a decision? It is all the ideas collected to decide some other idea and that is what it is. So if you have a bunch of bad ideas or incorrect ideas or how about flat out lies to include into choices what kinds of choices do you think shall be made?


This truth can be said for informed choices and all the information given, what makes it valid and well serving ingredients? I am not going to lie to you, the only way to know the full truth without question, to have certainty about your ingredients is to TEST the ingredients you have and the evaluation and questioning did these produce the desired results OR were the results different from the desire?

In the beginning of this site

I included MY FOUNDATION DEFINED and this is the total of my ingredients into each and every idea because I narrowed it down to the most relevant ideas that created the most consistent results because consistent results don’t lie and take out all questions when done a number of times over. The results of my testing have been very consistent and I have become far more organized and I have also found myself with an abundance of energy on a daily basis. Now do I fight with myself about these or duplicate these? How about if I share them with you for you to determine for yourself? You may decide you don’t have time, but what if this will considerably change your life and the life around you, how do you want to answer this question? Isn’t energy the effort I put forth, isn’t this coming from a direct decision to do so? You bet it is.


Today we are filled with many bad ideas as well many good ideas as well good and bad decisions but as a whole in your own mind and in your own reality which direction are we headed? Maybe you are so uncertain of this answer you cannot answer or maybe you are in denial about what is around you by all the brave choices you made before, what do you think? You were just testing these right? Have yet to reach the point of certainty, (to be without question) and are feeling a bit clueless? Maybe you are so certain you do not look at anything else, do you?


Shouldn’t we all test all the ideas directly related to us. When I describe something directly linked to you and you don’t get it, isn’t that a question to self right then and there? Why isn’t it? What choice was made, what energy was used and what ideas were changed through testing?


The MATTER of facts, these are findings that if you inspect will find like minded answers if you are honest with you. You may decide you don’t want them and walk away or you may become curious and discover you as you are as an individual, sovereign in your choices and capable of making and causing impacts.


The truth, if you and I and many others decide on an idea the chances of that taking place increase, when we decide this direction and organize the energy do we increase our chances 10 fold and when all are completely informed and entirely determined (fully decided) there is nothing that can stop you from achieving and this force grows with every deciding because in truth is it that much more of you the energy you produce every single day and you will find the more good energy you create for you because it will be organized the more energy you will personally produce and the more of a force you will become to be reckoned with. The force I am speaking of is constructive force and not the destructive force some have come to believe is their destiny.


My discover is that WE are Life energy thriving in a universe of energy in a galaxy of organized energy using it to transform matter and activities into directions and when we do it in an organized manner that allows us to grow do we thrive and create more energy for ourselves because when energy is directed in a uniform manner like crop circles do we create more energy and the more we do the the more energy we create and we find ourselves with abundance’s we must then use for more ideas and greater decisions and there are no limits to the extent this can grow. That the universes have no limits and are infinite.


What I mean is the more we organize our ideas and our decision making the better we learn to thrive and we grow as energy. This can be viewed through a community or an organization because the more organized we become the more energy or production we produce. This being energy we produce and matter we change that other life can find agreement and growth with.


So you can see this is no easy task and it is only the beginning task because we have some on our earth directing energy into destructive enterprises that destroy life and do not create energy at all. It can be listed as the corruption of energy to destroy Life, the world and the universe within universes.

It goes against our own laws of physics and matter. Since the universe and us are all energy bound we must support and grow our energy versus destroy and decline it because that is the lie some have decided. They believe they are empowered by your energy and this is a miss use of such energy.


Today I have suggestions I want to point you to so that you too can become very informed of your surroundings, can make informed choices and can organize with others to change the course we are headed in. This choice should we continue in the present condition is our children’s enslaved and there children and their children until eventually that energy totally destroys itself as it will. Energy only expands when formal and in directions that expand it period otherwise is will subtract and eventually die out.  Look at your universe and look at your life, your cells and your DNA are a formula surrounded by your energy continuing by your own creations. These are groups that have proven activities in the direction of more energy and the growth of us to Thrive in our environment. Please take some time to learn how to make good choices and start doing this and watch as your energy level climbs to new heights yet to be discovered.


The Amendment;


The petition;


Thrive the movie;


Thrive the website;


And if you wish to go the extra mile and expand beyond anything you have imagined this far welcome to Max Igan and his site The Crowhouse;


One of his interviews;!


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Devine Mothers, the balance of all things in nature which WE are all a part of;




I do hope all this information will help bring you to a place you have not tested but are willing to for there is no idea out there worth a darn until it is tested and if it works is then expanded on. Life is everywhere you are as it should be for we are the life force, We are the people, in truth We are the deciding of all things. Let us live with the ideas we create to live with and let your imaginations run wild like the wind, like the energy you are because you are wonderful when you fully discover you and all you are capable of.




William Schooler

A Producing American, by the organizing of energy within me.


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