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The Universe of Universes

The answer to this sits in your own skin, your mirror and this reflection. The question to answer to self is what is it I am looking for? And the answer to this question is not that hard to see when you finally visualize all you have to offer.


Imagine if you will you, what did you imagine? How were you able to image this creation at all? What force and what capacity are you?

Here is some food for thought an enormity you may have missed along the way or path of misinformation so many so proudly love to pass around without any inspection at all, so let us begin a journey into the Universe of Universes YOU by this nature of events.


The discovery; imagine life being a circle of events within a circle of living within a circle of motion within another circle of motion within another circle of motion within another circle, spinning yet? Yet you are spinning at an approximate speed of 665000 miles per hour give or take several 1000s of miles per hour in space in revolution upon revolution upon revolution. How did we miss this and why now? We missed this because it was purposely kept from us for this reason and this reason alone, that by arming ourselves with the knowledge of ourselves would we become too big of a force to be reckoned with. That those who desire control or to rule would have no influences in opposition to this motion in this direction. So the way to influence another direction into a already influenced direction is to obscure, dilute, deceive the desired energy or forces that are generated. Until now many of us have not been able to recognize this but because of the world of communications for which we live we can now locate (if we are looking) these answers to ourselves and these answers empower the force we carry inside us through the activity of deciding.


YOU, yes you are a deciding factor of everything that happens around you and this is simple because everything you cause will go full circle back to the origination point because universes travel in a circular motions. Look up the word Universe, what does it say in each definition? Do you fall into any of these definitions? YES, you do and for this reason  because you are energy in a circular motion you are your own Universe, this being a statement of truth then suggest that you as a Universe are encircled again by another universe and that universe traverses another universe in a circular motion inside a galaxy in motion is a circular motion. Now notice the connection here with you a universe in relations to other universes within a galaxy. Now if there are galaxies I have not discovered it to this degree but is it this important if we recognize our existence in relationship to all other existence?


So now what the heck do WE do with all this that we have observed so far? You are looking to verify these facts correct? Let us not assume for this is what deception is driven by which is the knowledge most will not inspect for themselves thus will use their capacities very poorly.


What we do is recognize ourselves for what WE are, Life you are an energy and this energy is directed by the choices you decide. Just take any idea you have had, now to bring this idea into any existence you first had to decide to generate or put this idea into existence didn’t you? That before this choice it only existed as a concept inside you until YOU unleashed it by deciding, the release of this energy is the moment in time where activity becomes a part of the idea itself. Now that this is out there in full view as the experience itself to a universe (you) spinning in motion will circle into other universes and return to you in fill motion to the degree for witch decision has enforced or energized it. Are you with me here? I am sharing something with you I realized about me which all the sudden describes you in your own capacity or ability to create or generate energy, ideas in motion in a universe of universes in a universe in a galaxy that is entirely filled with this type of motion and is by this connection, this similar in display and truth of you because it can be verified by the motion itself in relationship with the motions themselves.


I have had this saying for awhile that came to me from the connection of dots and us as LIFE, Life is everywhere I am thus LIFE is everywhere you are in relationship and when WE put this into our DECISIONS our energy does it support, energize, stimulate this motion in the direction of you in total support of you as this life energy. Another words some people have been passing on some very bogus miss informing ideas and to question these becomes a paramount part of your own universe in relationship to all other universes because in these motions lay the connections to all life in relationship to itself. In truth your own reflection is entirely a duplication of the energy you expel or decide. That you and you alone are a force in some chosen direction and the biggest discovery yet to date is this one and is the relationship between all motions and all universes.


The only two directions of motion I was able to locate anywhere in all universes were; energy that is decided in the direction of you as a universe as an energy in entire support of you and the opposite direction which is the decision not to support you as this life energy or this universe of universes but rather to manipulate you into giving up your universe, your own created energy to support your own universe of capacity or ability. This can be signified or amplified in this manner; the decision to RULE over other universes by command goes entirely against your own capacity. Long ago it was discovered that A Republic way of life would oppose the rule way of life but in all cases has the idea and decisions behind Rule come into view. Here is what was missed and shall be recognized from this time forward with total disregard for all the falseness and all deception created by universes to go against themselves by choice. That WE the People are WE the LIFE of this universe and that each of us our own universe, that our direction by nature is to support ourselves in this motion with CERTAINTY to fully know WHY and causing this motion by universal CHOICE to see it through because by doing so do we become in harmony with all other universes in all other universes in all other galaxies because all motion now becomes in a unison motion or wave length. We stop doing the motions of going against ourselves, we stop deciding actions that do not support us as a universe and energy of life force in the direction of LIFE, in the direction of GROWTH, in the direction of expanding ourselves and in nature as in universes as in galaxies because this is what LIFE does or it STOPS doing at all. Again, are you with me because I am directly speaking of your own universe and my own choice to support your own motion in this mutual direction by my own connection of this energy WE call LIFE.

That by choosing to support ourselves fully knowing this about ourselves will sustain the longevity of life itself which is entirely universal on levels you are now only beginning to understand. I will assure you by doing so you will find abundances of energy you did not even know you had that you will expand you so much farther than you are even able to comprehend because you have been so hidden from view.


Today from such findings I find myself in AWE! at speeds I did not think were even a part of us, yet here I am traveling in motion at an accelerated motion in unison or harmony with all these other motions. The best word I can use to describe it is exceptional like nothing I have ever seen nor experienced before. People actually look at me today with huge eyes and you can see the wonder as I pass them by knowing full well what I am creating in them all. And what is it I am creating? Answers that empower us to do what we do best in all of nature, in all this universe, in all other universes in all the galaxies in preparation for the up and coming events that some on earth are aware of but you have been miss informed and deception has been instilled in you all for the sake of RULE and dominance.


They have insider information they did not pass on to you so that you would become nonexistent as a universe and capacity and they may run a muck until such time they parish because they are this ignorant to THINK they do and NO WE DON’T. Energy in a circular motion is continuous as long as energy is continually created period.


On our own earth within this universe cataclysmic events have taken place consistently because of the rotation of the universe within the galaxy the milky way. This is entirely because of where it started and its completion of this rotation. When the earth in relation to the universe in relation to the Galaxy (Milky Way) does one rotation to the beginning (the beginning of this universe, this energy) it is what is called the rebirth and the forces of nature by the energy created in this manner are all forces we must reckon with, these are simply a part of life and not the extinction of it like so many would like you to think. It is an experience and anyone who has learned anything knows that experiences compiled is knowledge for which we become more able to decide with. If you look at you today in comparison to yesterday you know something is coming and your own universe is changing in reference to these cataclysmic events and you do not need to be in fear of you and these events because they are a part of every thing you are in every way possible. In truth your own choice, your own willingness to experience this event will be your best education ever, will give you the greatest decision making skills you have ever acquired and will help us with ourselves to drive out , to decide unquestionably to rid ourselves of these uneducated universes of bad decisions by some who have flat out refused to look entirely at themselves and discover they are no more than you and you are as equal as them in every choice you make. This reality would leave them entirely powerless against you and you for the first time would not be bound by their limits and entirely open to your own possibilities within the limitless possibilities of your imagination within your own universe.


Today you are filled with the truths of you for you in a future yet to even be imagined, that by your own willingness to explore these ideas and experience the results of such an activity will you find yourself and you as you capable of far beyond any measure. You are infinite, you are energy and you are in motion and you will not stop until we all stop and not one universe or galaxy will exists. This not being any realistic concept explains the very truth to us. These truths give us skills in which we may use in future decisions, they build the force that is in us as a universe in motion all around you every second of ever single day infinity.



William Schooler

A Producing American, where choices are made and actions are taken. Welcome to my universe of expression.

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