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Here I am the LIFE of me.

My reflection is looking back at me through my activities shining this light of me in my world which is revolving in this same motion of me in revolution of the sun that shines straight across to me in each new day while revolving in motion with billions of universes all around me in revolution of my galaxy which is this very part of me for which I revolve so endlessly in a revolution in revolution in a revolution of motion by the creation of energy which I am which is my connection to the rest of me which is life in all parts of me as I am.


My choice to be is the very part of me which insist I be in revolution to be apart of a system along side me in a motion of creation which is in support of me because I am in revolution with peace and harmony with all other life in support of me by choices to be which is a part of me for which I am.


For the actions of me attest to the decisions of me by the results of me in a direction of my choosing to be in relation to see what is entirely sitting outside of me in reference to who I am.


Since I have decided to be is the energy which I have released from me this image of me by my actions to these decisions of me for which I created in the imagination of me in rotation In relationship with all other revolutions outside of me in a motion and direction in total support of me for I am to be or certainly there would be no choice to be.


The direction of me is in rotation to all others outside of me to create this peace and harmony in love of myself in order to  be, the delivery to me is the decisions by me to deliver to me the surrounding of me to recognize this for which I am. I am the life that encompasses all life so that life may live in this love and peace and harmony with all life infinity thus here I am.



William Schooler

A Producing American

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