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How to Excite Your Own LIFE Energy

How to Excite Your Own LIFE Energy

By William Schooler, A Producing American.



Well are you excited yet? Isn’t this what the kids scream when traveling, are we there yet? I really feel fortunate to be able to share my experiences with you and hopefully spark and ember in you that will light up and glow from this point forward.


First you should know up front that I am no professional writer, that these ideas came to me and I went out testing these ideas and so much was received the only thing I could do was write it down. I am actually looking for somebody who does video to help me create a mirror with a recording device in the middle. I want to do this as a test because I believe it is very hard to completely lie to yourself by talking to yourself and then share this discussion with others and watch the expressions on their faces as it is communicated. The funny part of the project would be I am not a public speaker either, so this would make it even more interesting to see the outcomes.



Now let me say this, at the top of this my website is a link called My Foundation defined and is my second paper because my book Giver’s and Takers Documented was my first writing ever in my entire life. I simply discovered that if evaluation and validation principals were used on every activity no secrecy could exist period. I might as well of opened a 9” nozzle from a boom truck sending concrete because that cement started pouring out that hose and would not stop and kept running and running and running and I kept asking are we there yet? and it kept coming and coming and I yelled out again are we there yet? and there was no stopping in site. I kept looking for the truck that was pumping this mud and I could not see it, all I saw was the mud sloshing out of this hose at a steady volume for DAYS!!! This was concerning me and it was swirling all around me no matter where I went and it was experiences, thoughts I was familiar with and ideas yet to be explored and it was going and going and going and finally I decided I have to write this stuff down no matter what comes to mind.

When I was done writing it had finally subsided and I had to look around me several times and I kept asking what the hell was this? I had written a book with the worst writing and terrible spelling, yet it totally made sense to me. All because I said out loud to myself if you use Evaluation and Validation for every activity no secrecy could exists.


I have to be honest here, my life since that point and time has been unbelievable. My energy level has been out the freaking roof and I kept asking myself if I was going mad or if I had found something so significant it would change our world. I am very certain I found something that will change our world. It will be slow, it will be arduous but because it exists, because it is out in the universe to be found, someone will find it, do a much greater job at communicating it and will become a part of life which is one of the discoveries that came after this while reading the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. In fact I was so taken back by this reading I had to sit back in my chair and really swallow this and take it all in.


By now you might be able to tell that this journey was completely unplanned, extreme in so many ways most would have stopped in fear of their own actions but not me. I decided I was willing to go where ever this would lead me and my my did it. When I speak of the amount of energy I had when all this took place, that was an understatement. Now when I talk to people you see their eyes get really big because of the blast of my energy. I am not kidding you, it is unbelievable that we can even harness this much energy in a moment. For the record this is simply the tip to this point I am about to share with you because if you have not read my site you would have no clue what the heck took place in my life and what has been coming to me from all these dots. I call them dots because the one thing I have noticed is how connected each one is and there is no denying this fact. The connection itself so revealing to me I am writing this paper, I wrote one yesterday on the Universe of Universes because they are in here and they need to be released. God may only know why because I sure don’t at this point. I do not think I have touched the ice burg yet on answers but they keep coming and I am certain more are coming.




HOLD on to yourself, you excited yet? We are not talking sexual energy here folks so calm yourself. What I am referring to is YOU as an energy form of life whether it be spirit, soul, mind, the you in you where you imagine and you come up with or create ideas. But this is the individual part, it is also the creation of the energy that is about to surge upon command. It is completely the manifestation part of YOU, its not the part you see in the mirror per se. It is the creation part of you as LIFE because as life or as a life form you generate energy by your own accord whether you want to or not, if you are creating you are generating. Really get the reality of this, look around you in the room you are in, look at everything in that room (lots of STUFF isn’t it?) now show you which item is NOT an idea, Im waiting, are we there yet? Have you found the item that is NOT an idea? Funny isn’t it, I couldn’t find it ether, SIKE! This would be food for thought wouldn’t? If every item in that room including the room is an idea how were these created? By life energy? By someone like you? Have you ever created any ideas like these? So then you know where it is coming from don’t you? Ya, identify that part of you right THERE! Now that part of you is what we are going to discuss because in essence this is you, not much to look at is it? Believe it or not you show this side of you by the projection of your ideas, but how do we projectile an idea inside you outside of you? What act must be involved or take place for this to be initiated? Well this energy you create must have and action or command to set it free and this act would be to DECIDE, ya I was building you up for this big event so you would be ready. Did it hit you like a ton of bricks? I didn’t think so but lets take this a step further. When you are creating ideas you are creating energy to expel from inside you to outside you to be experienced in some form either by you or some other. Its best if by you first to test it, to be familiar with it, to approve of the idea for which you EXPELLED out into the world. Expel is such a visual word isn’t it like vomiting, one minute it is inside you and the next minute it is out side of you, well decisions are no different at all other than the way they look and smell will be much more genuine to deal with as long as it is a good choice.


So hopefully by now you have some kind of reality for you as this life energy able to generate and able to expel ideas into the universe. The most important element of this is the Energy itself because this will connect to other dots along this path, so you ready? Now what the heck are we going to do with all this energy we have mustered up? Which way are we expelling it? Well if it is coming from inside and going to outside you there is a direction attached correct? DIRECTION? Where the heck do I come up with these ideas anyway? LMAO (stands for “Laughing my ass off”) I do invent some but these come from observing my own activities, SAY WHAT! This has to be some kind of joke, how could I watch my own activities and get these ideas anyway? Well I am life you know, and I do have eyes you know and because I create ideas and expel these bad boys I can observe this activity. So I am saying you can watch you to find your own answers for you about you. WTH (stands for “what the heck”). Yes it was real scientific to watch this too and I almost scared myself on 3 different occasions watching too, NOT! I am not that scary, well not in this department, LMAO. Some think I am crazy, well let me rephrase that, lots of people think I am crazy but the question is, am I or am I a great well practiced observer of activities and actions regardless if they are mine or some others? I will admit I am well trained, well proven and well accomplished in the field of observation. But don’t be scared I got that way simply by practice even though I had training. It is done by listening really, by not doing anything else but listening and this is something you can practice with others without them ever knowing you are practicing on them no less. Life practicing with life is so life like isn’t it? So before we go off the deep end we need to CHOOSE the direction we want to go in and I recommend doing this prior to all these activities. But here again is choice only its not your idea you are expelling is it, OH crap another tid bit for you, yes you may decide upon someone else’s idea and expel more energy, what a generator you are… And actually it is your idea but it is one of those common ideas that exist in the universe, you don’t get to put it in and you don’t get to take it out you only get to use it or not use it upon your own choice. You didn’t think you were going to excite yourself with some picture and device did you? Remember what we look at and what energy part of YOU we were speaking of, its always good to stay focused on yourself and exactly where you are. So now here is the simple part since I did all the leg work and you can evaluate and validate to prove to you I did not lie, I am not very good at lying anyway so telling the truth has been exceptional for me. Best yet I have learned not to lie to me because its kind of stupid to outsmart yourself if you know what I mean. But what I found are two very distinct directions and I mean only two, you can challenge me if you wish but many have and at the end they could only agree because they were unable to create another it is this clear.

There is the direction of energy that supports you as energy, so imagine you as a circle (get it circle of life) but this circle is continuos so when we decide in the direction to support the circle does the energy continue to flow in this direction.

Guess what the other direction is, common on you can do it? No thats not it, LMAO again, at your expense, before you were even here, LOL. The other direction is to decide against your own energy, another words you are energy in support of you by nature this is from birth (actually before) but thats another subject, but for this conclusion from birth ( I will elaborate towards the end) but you are headed this direction in support of yourself so every added decision in support of yourself keeps this motion moving, well now, if we decide to go against this direction by my choice (which happens daily by most) then I start to dwindle my energy. HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!! You mean you are weakening your own energy by the choices you make, YES!!! that is exactly what I am telling you, that by recognizing this basic act to ourselves we actually create more energy to keep our energy in check or going in its proper or determined direction. There is far more to this to help support this concept I am sharing so be patient for goodness sakes we are NOT THERE YET. I told you I had an abundance of energy and I am going to teach you to learn for yourself how to excite your own energy by packing you with so much knowledge about yourself it will take you a week minimum and most of you far more than that to absorb this whole experience, and you will need it because when this energy starts you are going to want to know what the HELL to do with it. Believe me you will want to expel it because it keeps growing and growing and growing but as time goes by you learn to cope with such an abundance I assure you, just look at me and remember what I said about seeing this part of you, well here I am, SWEET huh? The idea side of me, the energy side of me is damn good looking don’t you think? All right stop thinking…

So let us review, so one direction is in the direction that fully supports us as LIFE energy and the other direction is the decision to decline our energy ( wait until I describe those who do it all the time, intentionally) Mind blowing. But in all of life if you really observe, if you search you  or better stated as search your soul you will find this same answer regardless of how many ideas you add, it comes down to these two directions only. Now that we went over the simple part here is where the road curves, now to do this you have to focus and include this direction into each choice, I mean every single one without question, without hesitation or any considerations. This means you have to consciously force yourself to add this element, this ingredient of truth, the prime law of the land to reach this plain. The reason I say decide yourself or force yourself is because you have old habits you no longer even think about, so you are going to have to overcome all these and incorporate this idea over and over and over again until you no longer have to think about what you are doing, you have to form a habit, you have to train yourself to do this act, you have to be persistent and conscientious and you have to deliver you the goods. And what better way to delver to you the goods you need for great choice making let alone the excitement of your own energy plant you little ball of energy… I am starting to sound like A Producing American, deliver the goods, LMAO. You should know I also along with this huge abundance of energy I laugh overwhelmingly all the time, I think it is a way of balancing abundances of energy, nice problem to have isn’t it?


Now that we know we have this energy, which direction to choose, so we can expel it when do we get to the exciting part? I will tell you what when you get this far and you will be excited I assure you what I give you now is a BIG bonus pack because it will raise this level of energy to heights that will literally scare you because you will have so much more than you have ever experienced in your life that placing it becomes like the focus, (question to self) where the hell am I going to point all this excess energy and I will tell you where it belongs and it belongs there because your growth will be so substantial you will be calling me and thanking me for such a gift and it is a gift. I only ask for donations but never expect them, but I do not do it for money, I do this for pleasure to see others excite themselves and grow man grow. The truth is so few have the balls to try it because with all this knowledge comes MORE responsibility to your own surroundings, this is a great thing or problem to have but most of you have such poor habits from all the piss poor training in your lives you become overwhelmed. I don’t say this to scare you and say it because its true and most people don’t like the truth but for me I cherish it like the energy I created. The truth is so bold sometimes I have to sit down and check myself, I kid you not.


So we are still on energy and where else does energy exist in this world besides from us as life? How about earth, does it generate any energy? Yes, what about the sun, does it generate any energy? Yes, ok then what about the whole universe we are in? Yes, holy crapoly, thats a lot of damn energy and YES it is. Now earth spins in a circle motion correct? Doesn’t earth spin around the sun? Yes, you with me so far? Did I mention Life energy flows in a circle (the circle of life) isn’t energy involved for this to spin to move in its desired direction? Yes I am setting you up here so hang in there. Well how about the universe doesn’t it spin, (what is a universe?) hurry look it up, now what about the galaxy what is that and does it spin? yes, Do Universes spin around the galaxy? Oh heck yes, you feeling any motion sickness? How fast do you think you are traveling in all these spin cycles anyway?  So you could be going about 665000 miles per hours holding still couldn’t you, if you were outside looking in? Wait are you inside looking out? just messing with you, LMAO again. here is the connecting dots all in one word and I want you to really inspect this because it is soooo cool.

ENERGY! Thats right there is the clincher, all of these are a part of life each in its own right, each with its own energy, each having consistent creations of energy to keep them in motion and guess what else? When we align with this motion do we harmonize, you numb? They harmonize which is very interesting, so now that you looked up universe what did you find? What? You are a universe? What the heck is going on here, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! or you could sit back down in your chair and enjoy this ride because certainly it is one. So we know we are in motion in a direction by energy in space floating along like nothing ever happened correct? But wait, didn’t planet earth have its own cataclysmic events in it time here?  Yes it did and yes it does.


But lets deal with earth first and you being a universe on this                                          rock in this universe creating energy with a bunch of life forces, energy, universes, people, public and here we are all with this ability all in constant motion even when we think we are not, ARE WE THERE YET? There is a lot of parts to all this energy and all this motion isn’t there? And what I am about to tell you is either going to make you mad, stumped or delirious because here you have been all these years thinking something entirely different and the truth is you have. You have had more stories, ideas, lies, manipulations and insanity than any other time on earth. You my friends are on the BRINK of discovery because by the laws of nature you are connected to all this energy and all these universes and when we go in the direction of sustaining all of this known as LIFE do we receive huge abundance’s of energy to expel all over the place to keep all these things in motion, to continue this circle of circles inside circles of circles all in constant motion. Its down right dizzying but yet you feel like you are standing still while moving at speeds that have been hidden from you for as long as you have been on this earth in body years this life time. WOW!


Now the reason I have gone to this degree to teach you the inner workings of you is to prepare you for the next cataclysmic event which will be in your life time unless you are leaving real soon and for this reason there is a calendar that exposes this fact to prepare us for such and experience and you can all scream and cry but no matter what I say the transformation is already taking place to allow us to get to the other side through major events on earth which have taken place here before you at this time. The Universe with all us universes is moving through space in motion around a galaxy and there is a point in which this started and that point is coming do. Leading up to this point will be many changes in weather and other major events to get ourselves through but the experience will be one you will never forget for the rest of your entire existence and I say that in a very limitless fashion.


This truth, these facts stated clearly if applied that you as energy, as life will excite and become far more energy than before and it is extremely important to know where you are going to expel all this energy in the direction of you, for you and all that is apart of you. In truth everything you do for you and all those like you delivers you far more energy and the more you do this the major abundance of energy clearly grows as we do as life does in motion constant.


For those that have chosen to disregard themselves will dry up because you cannot create this energy by expelling it against you, so bankers and Governments and one world orders are all waisting their energy for no reason at all. And so you are aware they have known about this event a very long time, at least 5500 years and not once revealed to you the truth all in the name of Rule and domination, to be in control of all other universes, to drain and miss inform to drain you of your energy. It is the most heinous acts one can actually do to self and most who are doing it are entirely clueless about themselves and is why they will never amount to more energy regardless of how hard they try.


The old saying goes the truth shall set you free and you are free to investigate everything I have shared with you because it is no longer a secret at all. There are still bogus stories out there but here is how you tell the truth from the false and it is this simple. What do the results of their actions tell you when defining a direction? In other words, by expelling energy in a direction will always have results attached and those are the truths of the matter and will tell you what idea is being decided, the intent of the idea and the direction it is headed in. These my friends are the tools of you for you in all cases. I do hope you will CHOOSE to expel these wisely because your future is directly tied to your own energy by choice.


Since writing this paper, a couple of things have come up to me so I thought I would share these for your viewing pleasure because YES kids we are finally here, exactly where you are in view of you as you, FINALLY!


Conscience Energy; I am here with you.


Look at this statement and what does it say to you? You are telling you as energy and all other energy I am here with you in the direction of ourselves, to grow and support us.

It also says I am DECIDING to be with you in peace, love and harmony in this universe of universes.


God is the first decision to support itself infinity or the beginning and the creation of the 1st galaxy in all life. God IS Peace, Love and Harmony in all energy in all universes in all galaxies.


Peace in the universe is the discovery of me in it among all other universes in all other galaxies infinity in the direction in support of me and support of all that is around me in motion infinity.


The cycle of Life starts in the beginning and rotates in revolution back to the beginning and rotates in revolution back to the beginning and rotates in revolution back to the beginning infinity.


In others words there is only the beginning and then there are new beginnings in all cases in infinite possibilities and to find yourself in this motion in all motion is simply a discovery of you in such a motion, may we use and decide this wisely in our own energy into ourselves literally.


With Love, peace and Harmony,


William Schooler, LIFE energy in full view.

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