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How do we show we have decided?

This is an interesting question and the reason I bring it up is because I rewrote the Declaration of Independence and then sent it out. Two people responded TWO, like it was that important. I also wrote it in such a way that anyone agreeing to the terms would have to sign it by their own decision to do so.


Here is what is interesting and I know this to be very true. Nothing can take place or be possible without first making the choice to do so, so with this being the case how do we verify those who have decided?


We give them a choice, we let them sign and then we observe their actions to verify they are acting upon their own choice. This is the truth folks and I would think many would start to be able to see this but for some reason this is not the case at all.


Is ignorance of ourselves this enormous? How do all things we produce get accomplished? Choice and agreement. If not show me otherwise I am willing to look, but I have verified beyond question the cause of all things accomplished and it is staring directly at you at this moment and it will be you deciding to live by or discount this statement.


Why do we decide any activity? To have one, to do something to pursue an achievement of some idea be it ours or some others. It is one of the most remarkable abilities by life I have been able to observe and all of us are this capable so why wouldn’t we want to know this fully and fully utilize this capacity of LIFE?


I personally discovered this several years ago and tested this concept in many different experiences and it proved itself consistently over and over and it became obvious there was no use in arguing it, that it was something I could use to improve my life and the life around me and we would be better off. I call it an idea that supports life by the results it produces by its understanding and application. It is actually one of the simple basics of being A Producing American which truly stands for “achievements for LIFE”.


Since my whole purpose in life is for LIFE, to promote life, to support life, to encompass all life and most of all to allow life to do what it is really capable of. Can you imagine no limits upon you? How are limits comprised or initiated? How are accomplishments? Each is by choice and choice alone and this is how all complexity was created as well. Some are intent, totally determined to be complex for self gains only because in all cases of complexity can it be shown to be cerated, decided and implemented to empower the source of the creation. Simple really means simple understanding of concepts being passed along, to understand and utilized to support life. Most complexity was not intended to support life. Some will argue this until they are blue only providing proof of dominance over. To know more than another versus creating understanding with all life around you. Where does superiority come from? Thinking I know more than others and then making sure I only know so I can be more dominant. This is really a dumb choice when you fully discover you are connected to all other life, the last thing you want to be is dominant. This is different than passionate because passionate is an individual who has really dug in about an idea and only wants to share the idea so others can understand but in most cases is not getting the act of listening do to dominance and the act of dominating a particular communications. I have experienced this many times and it is frustrating. Many who are dominant will work feverishly to make you wrong versus listen for the first time in their lives. But most do not view life as connected with all life and this lack of understanding of self is what? Ignorance of self or lack of knowledge of self.


From your own experiences to date, do you feel you are a better decision maker today than you were yesterday? Why? More experiences is accumulated knowledge which equals better determination and choice making skill. So being ignorant of self creates better choice making or insufficient choice making? Isn’t this really the only question you have to answer to self?


Answer these questions to you; Who are the deciding on this planet? In your house? For your life? Are these all one in the same?


This is a big piece of you isn’t it? Have you realized this or have you really put it together in your own mind? Or is it possible you never even gave it a thought?


See I recognize these questions because I answered these for me to know me, to understand me and to be the best me I can be by growth and lessons I accumulated and it has made me by far a better Producing American in my community and for LIFE which I am entirely a part of. My only desire or wish is that this can be passed on and utilized by others as well to make us more capable and better for each other to achieve LIFE, with Liberty and the allowance to Pursue our Happiness through achievements that serve us as LIFE.


Now you might understand why I rewrote the Declaration of Independence because I made it a part of my life as my foundation for all choice making I make to support the very concept we are “LIFE” which I happen to love and cherish every moment of regardless of the lessons I must receive to be a better choice maker. My question to you; is this a good reason, does it have reason and does it promote you?


Pointing out the best in LIFE is a great contribution to ourselves.


William Schooler

A Producing American


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