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What are Law Makers?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What makes a Law Maker really?

Let us begin with the word Law;

the principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation or of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision.

And then let us look where this idea may have come from;

before 1000; Middle English law ( e ), lagh ( e ), Old English lagu  < Old Norse *lagu,  early plural of lag  layer, stratum, a laying in order, fixed tune, (in collective sense) law; akin to lay1 , lie2


This is very interesting to me because I am questioning where authority is created. Look at this definition, the principals and regulations established by a Community, so which part of this community? The whole community, the part of the community that decided or? Then it goes on to say; applicable to its people. What is applicable, what some other says or what the laws of the universe say? Then it goes into all the ways in which laws are created which in truth are only small parts of any community. Then we can see it came from lay or lie which means to put down or lay down in a horizontal position and could be construed in a collective sense or as a popular sense.

Now we know because these words or concepts were concluded before the year 1000 they hold full authority over all life correct?

Here are some questions; so who are the deciding in a community? Does every life have the ability to decide? Do we all live in a community? So who are the deciding then?


Now let us look at law makers, who are they?





City leaders?



Be specific when answering this question so you can get the full visual. What exactly makes these folks law makers? Does it fall out of the sky or is it decided? Who is it decided by? Why is it being decided? Who determines who these deciding are?

Lets look at a Congressman for example, this person is elected into office. By doing this act of electing automatically makes them a Law Maker right? Why? By whose authority? Is this assumed or was it also written before us so it becomes automatic without our choice?

When do WE ask where authority is given, what kind authority it is and how it is being manifest in the very first place? In the laws of Nature LIFE, who decides for life? Each individual does, so if this is the case where does this become changed and again by who?


Here is the truth; most of you are unwilling to look at your own life. Authority comes from your own choice, it is the cause, it is the whole reason and the why all things take place on this planet. Let us look at God for a moment, how many in our communities look to God for the answer or the authority to do or not do something? But isn’t natural law already here by God? So why do I need some other authority? What if God gave me full authority of my whole life? Who then becomes the deciding? For me personally Life is defined as ALL THINGS nothing excluded, this definition does not exists in the dictionaries of our time, yet if I go out and discover life can I visually see it everywhere including outside this globe, its in space and is infinite. But isn’t God defined as all things living? or the authority of all existence? So is it possible this new definition of Life is in actuality the same as God and no authority exists but in fact the act to support life is the only supporting act period?

Now what does this say about the authority over life? Which life does this refer to? When you look in the mirror and you ask what is life and you are standing there looking, are you this life? Does this make you Life? Does this include you into all life? Are you able to decide for you by the very act of doing so?

See this is why so many are not willing to go here because by finding themselves by realizing the Life they actually are also imposes or puts in place that responsibility of such or the authority over ones own actions which in fact is the full authority over you and over the LIFE you live. You are able to decide which way of life you wish to live can’t you? Whether it be Christianity, Catholicism or Buddhism. It also becomes the choice of Democracy or the Republic way of life and it also becomes the authority over what a law maker is doesn’t it?

So here we are deciding laws or Rules which are authority over us aren’t they? And we do this by making others the authority of laws and rules over us?

But how did we make Congress Law makers? By the vote or was this written prior to our existence? Does this make it right or correct authority?

Well let us look at laws today, do you feel free to attempt the ideas you create or do you feel ruled over? In fact we have so many laws that no one on this planet can comprehend or know them all, it is that impossible. How many of these laws or Rules support life versus control your life? Have you seen any corruption in your life time amongst law makers?


These are all very important questions for us today to realize what it is WE are doing to ourselves. Here is something else to realize about us, nothing takes place without choice so it becomes abundantly clear to understand who is deciding all these ideas and concepts into existence and this truth is you. You are the deciding, you are Life, you are the authority of all choice for your own life and no one else carries this authority or this responsibility, NO ONE! This means with clarity WE are creating Law Makers to Rule over us when in fact this was never meant to be.

Let us look at Congress again, the Rules for Government were simple. (notice I said the rules for Government) These rules were to limit what they can do and including what laws they may drum up and enforce. This was not a permission slip to go crazy and start pumping out law after law. This includes city Governments and state as well. These folks in public office were put there to support us, not to rule and regulate us. This is all false, all made up and all of it all inclusive is entirely decided by us or it would not be possible period.

So how does it feel to responsible for such a bad creation? On the good side of this what is it really, it becomes a valuable lesson, a better ability of ourselves to make far better choices for ourselves. This also becomes paramount for our own existence and growth. WE do not need to cry over spilt milk, we simply need to learn what we are capable of and how and why all things happen and learn to make better choices that truly support us as LIFE, life being all things.


What we need to do now is reverse our decision and decide no other shall be in public office and create laws. We need to decide to abolish all other laws other than natural law which you are unable to abolish. Dissolve all attorneys of their practice, dissolve all judges, courts and all this ridiculous nonsense we created for ourselves. We should nullify all federal and state laws, ALL of them and we should move forward with a far better understanding of what not to do to ourselves.


Now for all of you that are going to scream bloody murder we must have laws to be a moral people can be used as the biggest poorest example of WHY we are here and decided such nonsense and learn your lesson for the very first time in your life and allow the results of what has taken place to be reviewed and studied. Learn to be the authority over you and no other for the first time and learn how to live as you.


Law makers are simply imagined by you, decide by you and are the effect of your own creation. They are the apathy of what life actually is because they have decide to be authority over life which is not possible by the laws of nature thus rendering it false period.


You can Thank Thomas Jefferson for this finding because of the example he left allowed me the very pleasure of finding this truth, to answer all these questions to self before sharing these. It was a great pleasure and and fabulous experience as well a relief that it was me that created this nonsense by my own doing. I stand ready to make the corrections and for once in my life time visualize and actually see what the act and creations of Liberty actually look like. As a Producing American it will be my highest achievement to self and all the life I am connected to.


With all the love within me do I share me with you to discover you and me and our connection with one another.


Life is everywhere you are, everywhere I am and this connection cannot be broken unless you decide to be alien from such a life.


Peace on earth will be our own creation and I am blessed to be a part of all this is.


With Love.


William Schooler

A Producing American.

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