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Where the hell am I?

In recent times as I have been adamantly educating myself a lot of questions have been arriving lately as well a realization the world is stuck in the past and has not arrived to the present. This seems to be most prominent by those serving as the educated in this country which is scary as hell.


In recent years I have focused on production principles which I kept spelling as principal because I was only focused on the communications and not all the proper bull crap so many have cerated before me that a mass amount have gone into agreement with. I feel like the outsider but my lessons are sharing something far different so again I will share myself in hopes it will assist another in finding themselves. Since one of my own discoveries was through self discovery I will share it from my perspective, experiences, decisions and results of such.


Where the hell am I is a question that came up this morning because so few even recognize this existence and so I will ask the blatant question; what the hell is all this we are a part of? The answer to this so internal, so much a part of each one of us yet its almost like a practice not to ask or answer. I have touched on it many times on my site A Producing American but even it has not produced much in the way anyone even cares. I am starting to think I am far before my time and wonder if this is how Tesla felt or Thomas Jefferson. Since I compare myself to any and all in this capacity I do not cut myself short, yet I see isolation from a world for which I live and am a part of.


Here is the answer I found and some information I was not able to find. I am Life, on a earth rotating around a sun, in a galaxy that is entirely universal, is all connected, is a part of everything with none excluded and I am part of its creation as well its demise. WOW! Best yet when I looked it up in the dictionary at the definitions of life I could not find one definition that defined all things, yet in my present state without questioning my own existence my conscience, my feeling is all around me in all connections with all of existence. So I asked myself is it possible the person defining this did not recognize their entire self as I have? This is always something to consider isn’t it? Who defines what is?


So here is where it gets very interesting when you start to ask the all important questions about yourself like; If this is true I am life and all things and I live in this manner (do something) which direction is this exactly? I mean if you are going to DO something, put forth energy there must be some direction attached in order to move forward, so what is that direction?  What is a direction? Isn’t a direction essentially when all questions are answered a choice or a destination chosen? So which decision or destination would I like to arrive at as the definition of Life? The destination or the way that supports such a life if I find myself and I am being entirely honest with me. Are you getting why this is a selfless act or an act for self?


Who defines our direction or our destiny or destination? Some other or is this an independent choice or act? When do we get to this question and better yet to this answer as serving our own purpose to exist or to live (do)?

What causes several independents to move in the same direction? Agreement, which is choice for the same or agreeing direction or destination.


What is the ability of an independent Life if you were looking and if you were asking you? Is imagination? Is creation? Is choice? is there any more components in agreement? When the hell do we recognize ourselves and what we are capable of? Is this out of the question for you, something you wish not to know, trained out of you not to even ask, what is it?


If you are this existence which existence is this for you? which one have you chosen and how could it be anything but what you have chosen or gone into agreement with?

You know this is your own trap door don’t you? Never the less these are the very questions I have asked and answered to me in all honesty as I find myself and the more I find the more I ask and the more I answer to myself because recognition is simply discovery of me period. So where I am today is exactly where I found myself by looking and is in no uncertain terms exactly where I am located in this life in this present moment which will change upon my own growth and more discovery. In fact I have found it very compelling, invigorating and energetic by such an act to self and makes me wonder if I am before my time because looking around me this is far from what I see at all and here is what I see on a daily basis by so many around me. Which is difficult because when we realize we are as capable as the next life why would any other be less capable at all?


My observations; Enormous amounts of energy are spent looking at others, blaming others and consistently responding to the things others have caused. Its almost like some obsession out of a book. But I did look back and I did remember being in such a place so I think no less of another and can see the visual of how it is possible at all. The other is the enormous agreement into ideas that do not even support themselves, this is so heart wrenching it is hard to even comprehend but in looking back that was me as well. The other is the lack of independence at all and all these poor choices made by not finding ones independence of choice ability and conforming to others rules which are so not life supporting at all, they are life dominating thus giving up Independence at all.


Now I am certain of why I am able to observe these very clearly because I have become far more aware of my own existence upon this earth rotating around such a sun in my galaxy in a universe along side all other life none excluded. Each new day a new beginning, a new choice to be made, a new discovery to locate and so much more to see. I can only envision this on a Galaxy scale as well in my universe all having new beginnings constant over and over again only the size dictates the amount of time from one new beginning to another new beginning.


So my real question to you is where the hell are you in this existence? Are you independent as you think you are? Have you gone into agreement with others ideas? Have you inspected to assure you they support this existence you say you are? Have you?


Here are some other really important questions I have answered for myself that helped to increase the growth for which I am personally experiencing.


What is A Republic? What does the dictionary give you? What does the long history of this concept explain to you? How does this apply to your own existence or does it?


What is Liberty? Again what does the dictionary say and what does history reveal?


Here is what I located about a Republic, it was obscured from view, miss taught, miss defined and had nothing to do with its origination which is where the concept was actually conceived and then where its examples were in this origination? It really is simple and means a way of living, a destination or direction in which we can decide to live (do things). Early on it was brought into being because of the miss use of supposed authorities and the way that was originally defined was a public way where public in a community expressed there ideas, their choices, the results of these, the lessons for these and worked to show better ways to support the very existence life is in such a community. It was where life could put on display accomplishments it used in support of themselves to sustain and grow each other by their own contributions by such acts in the very community they were creating with each other. This was a participating effort and is how real education was ever cerated in the very first place. It brought life closer together versus farther a part. The public way of life was in response to the Rule way of life where only a few decided for the rest. In the history some of the best stories were during the Spartan’s era which valued independence as an essential to life for its own support. But today we can find no such representation or example of this period. This is because it is no longer being created by the independent creators of this life time which is comprised of the life you and I are, isn’t it? Another great example obscured from view is the Native American indians prior to the Colonials. Their system of community was very exemplified and discussed with one another and their growth can still be seen today if one takes a very close look into those who have held onto what they had learned and some have been working to pass this on. The perversions imposed upon these people was not of independent minds but of slaves or those willing to take orders for a meal and a living regardless of what it supported. But if we look we can find great examples of this way or choice of life and the kind of life this decision and activity actually supported.


Now we have “Liberty” which I have found to be the most miss defined concept of all, although it does state some part of the real definition which is to be free from despotic Governments. Some equate this to freedom but it is far from fact. Liberty by the application of such a concept really means to be free from any other life enforcing dominance or the act of freeing ones self from those imposing their ideas upon you without your ability to choose, democracy is a great example of liberty being absent because when group mentality says you will live in this way or we will kill you, incarcerate you or deny you can we visibly see no liberty exist because you are no longer free from this mob mentality. The act of liberty is the limitations of those to impose upon you, it is actually activity you have to do to actually manifest it into your own reality of existence. In the United States it was actually the application of the original constitution before its radical alterations. Another words by apply these articles to those in public office when they do not do we keep ourselves free from any mob mentality. We can also see an example of this today by the very lack of this activity and there is no visual Liberty in sight is there? But our Constitution is not applied by either those in office nor by the public at large. This would indicate either a large confusion on what Liberty actually is or a choice not to practice these activities.



Here is something all life should really put into view, questions and answers to themselves for this directly has and effects your life as well all life around you regardless of where it is. By my definition of A Republic what do you think are the prime ingredients for independent choice to make it possible? I mean all ideas or concepts are comprised of parts that make it entire or support its existence. So what supports independent choice? Does LIFE? Isn’t life independent choice as the original starting point? Yes and it is a prime ingredient of this choice or way of life. In order to allow Life this opportunity of independent choice is the concept Liberty a viable ingredient? So to be able not to be imposed on and allowed to make this simple independent choice Liberty needs to shine brightly, correct? So Life and Liberty now become a vital component of this whole of a Republic way of life, we simply put these in our choices to cause these acts to deliver in this manner and in this support of such a concept and or way of independent choice. So what else could possibly comprise this whole? How about the Pursuit of happiness? If we are pursuing something (doing some act) in some direction of support would pursuing acts that support community, Life, Independent thought and Liberty would this all be a part of Life, how about liberty and what about the act of pursuing anything?


So if I live (do) pursue ideas and achievements that support me and I am connected to you by this definition of life and keep Liberty alive so that these pursuits will not be imposed upon life, and a Republic way of life is the only concept in history that supports these parts and this whole should I be aware of these, should I put them into all choices that I make in support of myself which includes all others?


So if A Republic is really only whole with all Life, Practiced Liberty and the pursuits of achievements which brings happiness and all of these parts of this entire whole support and encompass the whole is this concept possible if independently decided, implemented and acted on a daily basis with each new revolution? What are the chances of it being a visual and feeling experience in every day life?


Is this vital knowledge to be (exists as a Republic way of deciding) in full support of myself and all life in this existence since this is how life is truly defined? Does this give any one group authority over you? Does this allow all in life to pursue ideas and accomplish great things?


What is growth in our lives? isn’t this the accumulation of lessons along the road we dare travel and what is it all this growth does for us by such an accumulation? Doesn’t this make us far better at imagination and choices? Is there a limit to how far that can grow? Then why would we want to limit ourselves or allow others to limit us by their own generated limits of themselves?


Now for you; What is independence? Free will, the ability to make ones own choice, the total ability to imagine and create without any limit by any other. Life as we are carries these yet we have not discovered ourselves and thus the limits of others become imposed and by discovering ourselves we empower ourselves by the knowledge accumulated by simply asking ourselves and then answer these to ourselves. At this place and time, in this revolution and this new beginning I give to you the tools of self and the discovery of you to make the correct choices of self support rather than the agreements of poor bad ideas that have no real life support or imagination, in truth they are limited to death all because of all who have agreed have no independence at all and are lying to themselves daily. Life is far more than what is being defined and you need to discover you as this truth because you are the full value of all life in existence and you have two choices which are to support this life or deny this life you are and no independent on this earth can admit they have no responsibility to their own cause to have such free will at all.


This discovery of me is now shared with you to fully and independently decide for you as this definition of LIFE! The new beginning is strictly based upon our life giving choice and no more nor any less.


May the Life be in you.



William Schooler

A Producing American (by discovery)

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