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The source of OUR agreement!

The Fiscal Cliff is causing all kinds of reaction and where are we looking? At them, we are paying attention to them even though they have never solved one thing. Then there is the idea of nullification of their bad ideas of law. It always seems to be them and it is always US agreeing this is the case isn’t it? This blame and this agreement is over 100 years old and guess where the source of agreement resides?


The last hundred years was not done by them it was done by us and our own agreement versus our resistance. It is ridiculous to keep blaming stupidly trained people who went to our same education indoctrinations that taught us to follow and not independent thinking. Independence is a word long forgotten and it is sure not a practice by very many. You can look where most people spend all their time looking, most are looking at some other rather than looking at themselves and their own poor choices, bad agreements and the allowance of this nonsense.


Where does responsibility reside? In some other or is this a part of YOU? Our own neglect of US is the true cause of our own failure. Show me our Republic, where is it hiding? Do you have it in a bank vault somewhere? Who the hell creates and sustains a Republic way of living? Can liberty survive in some other way known to man? Who stands and supports Liberty by a constitution, the people or a Government? How is that working by the way?


I have really been giving this some in depth thought, maybe instead of reacting to all these bogus ideas of others and nullifying their poor activities maybe we should Nullify our ridiculous agreements of support, pour inability to create independent thinking and to act accordingly. Maybe we need to nullify the lack of our own understanding of which way of Life we all said we signed on to, or did we? Maybe we have yet to decide such an action.


The beatings will essentially continue until we change us not them, who is it that learns these lessons, them? How is that going? So the real answer sits right before us doesn’t it?


I recently watched a film called Blue Gold and the resistance communities all over the world where people are standing up for their selves and resisting and removing Corporations from their countries and communities. What has really been taking place is they are finding agreement with each other and their independent ideas versus ideas from well trained non independent useless politicians. Personally I don’t want some well educated (trained puppet) in office, I want some living soul who tested a few ideas in life and got who causes crap to happen. Someone who did not agree with all statements in writing and tested a few to see if they were worthy at all.


Our whole basis is right in front of our faces but all the educated cannot locate it which says a lot, this basis is simple;

We are to be A Republic which is a way of life where public are able to DISCUSS these issues (which is different from educated dominance of any kind). This Republic is comprised of 3 basic parts that make up the whole and they are LIFE (YOU!) Liberty an act we DO! and Our Pursuit of Happiness which is simply acts of sustaining ourselves as this life as these communities to Thrive and grow. Most of you will not focus on these parts, you only focus on what all others are not doing around you. Independent thinking is a result of independent living (not the conforming to educated fallowing techniques) which have yet to produce anything material.


Let us decide today to Nullify education in this country and encourage the testing of real ideas directly associated with us. Let us be the solution and not the starring, the blaming and the oh so unconscious puppets of training of the past.


Fact; WE agreed to pay taxes, I did not say that was a good choice at all, but is what made it possible.


Fact; WE agreed to allow the growth of Government which stripped us of our Liberty.


Fact; WE allowed the alteration to our constitution which when applied is our liberty.


Fact; WE have all agreed to stop creating and promoting A Republic and decided on the American dream saga.


Fact; WE agreed to let representatives be put in office by special interest or corporate interest.


Fact; WE agreed to have and to support corporatism under the false claims of Capitalism (a financiers dream)


Fact; WE Agreed to support the idea of Debt by borrowing, (still a financiers dream)


Fact; WE refuse to look at ourselves as Life and make choice based upon such a fact.


Fact; We refuse to use and apply our Declaration of Independence as the foundation of this Republic period.


Fact; it is not only them that are trained and ignorant, it is us as well by our own ignorant agreements and this poor indoctrination.


Now who wants to swallow this crap, eat crow and learn these lessons, change the way we make choices and become a part of the solution and stop agreeing to the very causes we are pretending we are not.


New ideas do not come from old education, they are created in independent minds and this in itself a great lesson to receive. Nullify your old training, please.


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