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Are YOU the purpose of your own LIFE?


Hello folks, this communications may not be kind to you in that it will expose much about you that YOU have not been willing to look at about you. It is the common part of you that is common among those all around you. Your own lack of recognition will simply be the despair of your own experience. If you are unwilling to face you I recommend you cower and RUN! If you are willing then I suggest you really take some time, some notes and some really look at you and ALL the life that exists around you because for the first time ever in this life time are you going to be exposed to truths that even you may have a hard time accepting.

Two things, there is no easy way in life ever, and all truths have impacts because they change LIFE.


Here is a definition of LIFE you are not exposed to, I did not find it in a dictionary because it was not in there, I found it in me because it was sitting there this entire time.


My definition of LIFE; All Things/All possibility infinity


So what does this really mean, all things? It means all things alive through out the entire universes, that earth is alive, the sun is alive, the universe is alive and all galaxies are alive. Bodies are alive and all of these living parts of the entire total are in constant motion and you cannot stop it from happening because LIFE is endless, it has no end, it has no limit and is entirely limitless in ALL aspects. Then we have all possibility which “IS” what ever I imagine it to be also with no limits, no length, no distance of any kind because it is this expansive thus making all creation possible with no limit but that of the creator of this possibility.


So with this definition where is it you fit into this concept? What relation are you to this idea? Answer this question; are you LIFE? Lets look at some prior definitions;

The condition that distinguishes organisms from an organic object and dead organisms.


The sum of the distinguishing phenomena of organism.


The animated existence or period of animated existence.


A corresponding state, existence, or principal of existence.


The general or universal condition of human existence.


Origin; Body coming from Live


Interesting definitions aren’t they, so how limitless are these descriptions or are they limited descriptions from another? How did they get in there in the first place and who was the master mind who created these limits? Are they different than you, are you sure? So lets look at Live and see what it says;

Live; to be alive


to continue


to maintain oneself


Coming from “to live”


That just funny to me and this was not all the definitions but what is interesting if you actually live these definitions are they limited or are they not? They certainly are by their descriptions given.


Now from experience here is my discovery, Live is an act of energy, another words if no energy is being created, no motion exist is it living? Hell no and if you are doing something what are the limits of that act? What you define them as or what you imagine them to be. So if I live out my dreams I am living out my imagined ideas by doing the actions it takes to perform the pieces of the whole of the entire imagined or entire dream. So if LIFE Lives it creates motion in a desired or defined direction or destination of achievement. Now does this explanation fit those descriptions? And there is more if LIFE Lives “does something by effort or energy” it could really be revealed as Life energy or the life or person creating the energy. How many of you have really given this some real thought through the experiences of your present life? WOW that many of you, LOL, funny how come I know how many that is isn’t it?


So really take this in because it becomes a paramount part of the next step.


So lets say Life is motion and if we look at our globe is it in motion? If we look at the Sun is it in motion? Is this universe and galaxy in motion? then would all this motion be defined as life as WE actually live it?


Now in your own life, I want you to really look at any real dream you have had that you achieved and ask yourself how this was started and what took place to make it happen and look at all the parts of the motion of this achievement. What was the very start? The imagined? Then what, the decision to move forward? Was this an ability of LIFE to decide something forward, the creation or beginning of the creation? If you did not decide this motion forward would it start?


Here I am picking you apart piece by piece to assist you in your own recognition, hows that coming so far, frustrating, not real, discouraging, making you wonder why you did not think of this? Don’t worry it gets even better.


So lets recap, you are Life all things/all possibility infinity that created some imagine idea, decided to move in a forward motion to manifest (bring into existence) this imagined idea, you go through these motions but you run into issues and are unable to get it whole or entirely achieved, so what do you do?

Do you try other imagined ideas to assist? Possibly, do you approach other Life capable of this same activity to induce other imagined ideas to help support your original imagined idea? More than likely, but before this can take place something first has to happen? That Life has to receive what you imagined take this in, add other imagined ideas to help support it, but lets suppose the imagined ideas they share don’t really support your imagined idea? What is that word that describes that act that LIFE does with one another? Agreement? So if you do not agree with each other as this way or definition of life will you both put your own decision and effort into this effort for support of your original imagined idea? NO! you won’t and will each go your separate way. Now lets say this Life actually adds significant imagined ideas that totally supports and compliments your imagined idea and together you put this energy in and all of the sudden your imagined idea now becomes an  experience that both you and others can fully view? Would this be total agreement? Would this agreement be the cause of this manifestation of experience? Hell YES!


IN fact it can be shown that most all imagined ideas created and manifest have LIFE able to imagine, decide and agree to move forward in the very same direction. Go ahead and go investigate any achieved idea you can experience be it good or bad I don’t care which and show me it does not have the original idea and a ton of agreement to achieve the imagined idea, I dare you.


Now you may be able to see a picture starting to form about you, about LIFE, about common abilities by all life and how imagination is manifest in what we call the real world of experiencing. This continues to a higher degree, now I want you to compile these realized experiences together that you were personally involved in, what is this accumulation of accomplishments? Knowledge by accumulation, and the understanding of the parts of the whole of how this is possible at all. What is the whole of the imagined? All the parts and activities that manifest the experience as well the experience is the confirmation. The effects of this cause, this manifestation are in fact the results of all imagination, decision, agreement and energy in one united direction to completion or the manifestation of the imagined idea or the achievement by all results compounded by its total experience.


Now I am betting you are thinking I am some kind imaginary scientist, and you would be completely incorrect. I am simply a recognition of my own activities as this definition of LIFE! as I discovered simply sitting inside me by my own energy because it was my energy I used to imagine, to decide and to agree in this specified direction.


NOW! “Emphasized” because I want you to look around in your own company or town and attempt to recognize how much agreement is going on presently in how many different imagined ideas. Do some ideas have far more agreement than others? How can you tell? By those using their energy? You bet it is and is the truth beyond All question. Now are all imagined ideas good ideas? What is the difference?


First I am going to point this out right now because you need to know before moving forward LIFE which recognizes itself and supports itself does what to SELF? Supports its imagination through agreement? If you Kill what you are in agreement with are you supporting YOU as this definition of LIFE? Really think about this since all life is the same as you in the form of LIFE energy, imagination, decision ability, agreement ability and energy ability. These are very common in each life aren’t they? Could these be the parts of the whole of life itself? So killing what you are does not support you in any manner does it, and the ones more likely to do this act have no recognition of themselves do they? And the fact is when you imagine, decide and agree to directions that support you this is defined simply as LIFE support by Life energy as it manifest.


So the purpose of Life is to fully support life and by doing so do we erase limits placed or created by others because we allow each other by our own recognition of ourselves. The total Purpose of you “This LIFE” is to Support all you are by your own recognition of YOU. Life supporting life, the act of contributing imagination to support one another in an undefined manner of support. By this imagination we place no limits upon ourselves which is what imagination is, is what we are, is what Life is and this connection is all a hologram so when we distort what we are we distort what life is and our own purpose to support what we are. Now lets get back to this agreement concept.


How much agreement have you personally see in this imagined idea? Be honest and remember, this way or this direction supports all life and allows life to LIVE “do” these abilities of ourselves, scary isn’t it recognizing all the sudden you are very capable and are a part of something for bigger than you previously imagined?


WHY is this so important, why bring it up and point out all these things about ourselves, there are several reasons. To become aware of ourselves and our common attributes, common purpose and to see where it is we actually LACK agreement.


Here is the comparison.


What direction is the opposite of LIFE support by imagination? Life support allows Life to be all it is so what is opposite of this? To limit what life is allowed to be and what imagined ideas would this be? You will recognize it right away from your own living experiences, it is to RULE over what LIFE really is, in other words to convince life it is actually less so that Rule may dominate which imaginations are allowed and which are not. This says that someone has selected a few to determine this activity and who would THEY be? I will tell you and then you will be able to recognize them very clearly; They are the imagined ideas that decided to Rule by what ever ideas they create to support this effort, now what does it take to achieve this idea? AGREEMENT? Oh CRAP! this cannot be good can it?

The facts in view or the ideas that actually support this idea of Rule are as stated; Authority, LAW, MONEY, POWER, Government, Banking cartels, Oil Cartels and the biggest one of all the CORPORATION… Well a lot of these ideas are very connected together aren’t they? In fact this is the majority of what we experience in our lives every single day and do you have any idea what holds all this imagined idea in place? AGREEMENT and nothing more and not one thing more of the whole of its entire existence.

Most of you will refuse to accept this but YOU should ask yourself why that is, who is it that trained you? That answer will literally piss you off to the 10nth degree because most of you agreed to it and all you had to do to acquire it. You spent tons of money to receive it, hours upon hours looking at it, testing for it and all for WHOSE agreement?


Education is the primary source for all this agreement and be willing to look at this because I am going to connect some dots that will enlighten you and free you from your own prison. Education got you to agree to Rules, to be good boys and girls and follow instructions designed by THEM, to do as you are told and not to question what is being communicated because educated authorities already tested all these for you and you do not need to reinvent the damn wheel. By this education you agreed to their ideas of Economics, you agreed to their ideas of Government, you agreed to their idea of Money as the value and you agreed to their protections by their laws, their limits of you and to their theft through Taxation. Now I want you to personally add up all this agreement from your own agreements, man that is a crap load isn’t it? Now for the BIG bombshell they got you to agree to the Corporation for which they create the entire image of this idea of RULE.


OH SHIT! is the correct response, now all of the sudden you see all you have agreed to, don’t worry, I did to so it wasn’t just you but I did realize it was me agreeing to these imagined poor or bad ideas. Now for the comparison, are you ready?


Show me how much agreement supports the RULE Image, holy SHIT! It is 98% of the agreement on this earth. Isn’t that funny how some say the two percent yet they agree to their terms of finance and value without a clue it is them agreeing to the ideas they are up against. What does working against yourself mean? So here we are agreeing to things we find do not support us at all, zip, zilch, nada.


Now show me all the agreement we have for this clear definition of LIFE, yep I know that does not feel very good does it and I actually hate to be the one that has to point it out because it was hard for me to accept so I am pretty sure all of you are beating you up, the walls up and are in total chaos with you. Good, because all good lessons well learned should carry a real good impact so that you truly learn such a lesson.


So now that this lesson is sinking in (putting it mildly) what do WE do now? WE work with each other to re-inform ourselves, work to understand this new Definition of LIFE, learn to Live this definition of life in every imagined idea, in every decision and in all agreements where energy goes. We create new solutions unlike any of the old agreements and imagined ideas. We locate every part of us that is common through out all of life and leave out none. We recognize we are independent from each other and that we do not need to agree on every idea with all others, we only need to all agree we are this life we recognize about ourselves and we imagine independently different imagined ideas that support this common part of us which we are all able to recognize through our daily experiences regardless of what we agreed to in our well learned past because there are no bad lessons only greater possibilities from lessons well learned.


This is a delivery from a Life contributor in full support of us as I found us sitting right inside of me which resides deep within each one of you, the one thing I am certain of is we are all as capable as each other and in agreement we become the force of recognition by the examples (results) that we

Imagine (produce) in daily LIFE.

For your own use; You have beed defined as Human, homo sapiens, animal, species and a few others I could locate. Everyone of these is a limited view and everyone was created by the ability to imagine, so who imagined these and do they fit in the experience of your LIFE, or does life define this infinity (without limit) and why would any Life want you to have a limited definition of you? Who is it that decides and who is able to agree and this is your own answer isn’t it?



Are WE in Agreement?



William Schooler

A Producing American

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