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How to be an Alien on your own Planet.

If you ever wanted to feel out of place or enter another world, find yourself on this planet and all that is connected, figure out what it all means and you too could be an Alien to the life around you that are the same as you but have no freaking clue.


This is because you don’t see things in the same way at all, in fact all I see anymore is people working hard to be different than another, almost like you have to try extra hard or something. Even people you have known for a long time have now become the enemy combatant or something and you will not find an agreement and the more you speak the more people run and flipping hide. They get real quiet, no one wants to talk to you anymore and here you are feeling the best you ever have your whole damn life. These are people you actually care a lot about and are alienating you so now I am the alien on my own planet. Fortunately you find others who are able to understand what you are going through because they too are going through the very same experience.


In all cases, here is what I recognized and it is so boldly obvious only you are the only one who can see it, how nice. The only difference is Old ideas and New ideas. Old ideas are comprised of all old experiences and old ideas shared, educated in and agreed to. All new ideas are generated from discovering yourself in the here and now as we speak for goodness sakes. I have seen this everywhere and the only people who value me and include me are those finding these new discoveries and not one, and literally I mean not one in the old world is where you are at all, It is literally MIND blowing.


Luckily I did not set out to wonder what others think about me because it was far more important on what I think about me which got me here in the very first place. Looking in rather than blaming everyone else and by asking why was I failing, or why did I succeed or why am I here types of questions and answers. This has lead to enormous amounts of discovery and this website is actually a running record of my whole experience for the last 5 years but I have actually been working on this for close to 20. Not to be self absorbing but to answer all the questions that keep arising by finding previous answers.


I have to tell you I have 10 times more energy than I ever had, I am very quick to hear and acknowledge and I can generate ideas and concepts at such a rate my hands and fingers are unable to coordinate so writing is tough these days. I have to manually write it like some mechanic or something and these new mediums over the internet are messing up my mind. I am constantly editing especially these font 6 mediums where the text is so small on these I have to strain with glasses to see it at the speed it is coming at you.

So in deed there is a lesson to be learned, when you see so many stuck is a past going backwards is not an option so you have to choose to move on and be yourself or stifled. I decided to be alien on my planet until a rude awakening takes place and snaps these folks out of their comma. The biggest error I see to all of this or the wrong is education itself created this monster and a monster it is. The one thing I stopped doing was focusing on history after history and what are others are doing and doing and doing.


I am focused on the issues at hand pulverizing this planet and it is planet wide. So many here in the US only look as America as the world because this is all they live in, but me I am as big as galaxies and we have eons to learn lessons and move forward. Maybe all those stuck there should not be so stifled and mad at themselves because all this crap is a damn good lesson, get over it and lets move on. For you who get this, you are beautiful and for all others unable to see through the smoke in front of your faces you are beautiful also your just stuck in some other time zone in history trapped by your own memories and I am sitting here calling you out. Until then I am your alien on our planet in coexistence.


Life is and will always be every thing we make it to be, this is done in the here and now or no future is being created. I love the idea of a brighter future maybe just a tad more than those stuck in history, who knows, but I will not stop calling for you to catch the heck up.


Peace and love to all life on this planet and learn these lessons well.



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