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Sameness or Difference, you decide!

Recently a lot of things have been happening in my life that are enormous or monumental to my personal everyday experience. I could go into a great deal of specifics but I am only going to focus on this statement; Sameness or Difference.


So what is so grand about being different or what is different about us exactly?

Well each one of us can create our own ideas through imagination. We can each study some idea of choice. We can all have different experiences each and everyone of us. WE can each choose to be entirely different than another for no other reason but the choice itself. We can choose what school, what ideas we support, we can decide to be some definition of us or we can find ourselves. Basically we can create any difference in the world we want simply by deciding to and acting upon such a choice. In fact it can be shown most people will go out of there way to be different regardless of the effects it creates. I personally think it is a condition from education as a rebellion to being the same as all those before you. For this reason comes the choice I will be different than all this crap. A choice that is far more devastating versus productive.

Here is the proof; Politics by todays definition as separated groups playing opposition to each other. Segregation is divide, hate is divide, argument is divide, religions is divide, ethnic groups is divide, color is divide, types are divide and on and on and on. And look what we see every single day is divide and we have agreement for divide and how it should all be divided so that all differences are now segregated as identifiable in some wild science of nature. There is a whole bunch of differences on this earth and not only that but old ideas of these differences stronger today than yesterday. It is the biggest destructive act to ourselves ever.

Man that sucks out loud, but there are so many that will scream bloody murder I am wrong only because they did not do my homework, would not look at it as presented and continue the divide most are simply comfortable in thinking difference is wonderful.





We are all Life,  Life; all things/all possibility.

We all carry the imagination to imagine ideas.

We all carry the ability to decide for ourselves.

We all live in this world in this universe.

We all love laughter when it is free.

We all wish for a good life of expressing our imaginations. (is that different)

We all decided to be here.

We all decide to Live.

We all have bodies to operate in.

We all desire shelter of some kind.

We all eat to continue.

We all imagine some better way.

We all like to find something different about us.

We all hope others will recognize us.

We all want to be heard.

We all do not want to die because we like to live.

We can all gather knowledge through experience.

We are all an example of our ideas, our decisions and our actions.

We all want to be happy.

We all love to be loved.

We are all connected.


Look at all the things the same about us, have you? If you look at the things that are the same do we still look that different? Why is it we only recognize all the differences and never stop to look at all the same’s?

How funny but I have been really recognizing this the last couple of days because I have seen such an emphasis to be different recently. Yet in our quests we seem to want the same things but it must be done this way or that way (the difference) because viewing it the same way or doing it the same way is Taboo in all languages. Funny, funny, funny.



This has been really staring at me because I attempted to get people on board with the Declaration of Independence which is how independence began in this country and in its infancy was very prosperous for community sustainment. But add in the revolutionary war, a product of those who wanted no Independence to be seen at all and all the sudden when you hear the word Revolution WAR appears as a bright picture rather than its true conceptual meaning as a New Beginning. Include the focus on being different and this subject will begin a shit storm like you have never seen, I know, I have been here right in the thick of it on every website and group I have been involved with in the last 3 years. The last 6 months has been the most outrageous and is the reason I wrote how to be an Alien on your own planet. I keep asking myself if this is all caused by the awakening we are going through as the last ditch effort to be different, LOL.


Well this will not make you happy if you choose to be different because when I am done if this is not you, you may have missed yourself and that would be a shame for you not me, I found me and when I did and I looked out and I could not find a difference, Holy crap!


Independence is actually a description of choice, of acts as well effects. This is funny because it is all 3 wrapped up in one. So choosing this way, this activity, this effect does it begin to appear. Since it can only appear by agreement in order to be a degree of magnitude or energy it displays as the effect also the example of such a choice. Choice is the very same as agreement, one is choice and two or more with the same choice is agreement. And I will repeat this for the umpteenth time, Agreement is (all things) All things? isn’t that also the definition of LIFE here? Thats even funnier, something else the same.


If everyone on earth decided independence, would we all be the same? If we all lived independently would we all be the same? If we all agreed to Independence would we all be the same in our choices, our agreements and the way in which we LIVE?


So why are we so intent on being different? To be conformed to someone else’s idea, like rich and powerful, unique to the world? What greater purpose is there over Independence?


This is the most stupid thing I have realized in our present world and it is as visible as houses are in your own neighborhood. And look at them all different aren’t they only proving my point even more.


I have to be different, don’t dare let me be the same as THAT guy, LOL, thats probably the worst choice of all, try it sometime you might learn something.


Independence is an act I can decide, upon my own accord, that is all it is, it means you have full authority of your own life to decide for you period. Now if you are the same as all others LIFE and you decide independence for you and they all decide independence for them and you are all independent choice making people is that WE the People, or We the deciding or We the agreeing? What if these are all one in the SAME? What does this make you if you decide to be different?


What if independent choice means no other can decide for you and you can create and use your own imagination the way you decide, isn’t that independent living, isn’t that the same all others really want? Is it very possible you are the same as all others?


What if independence means making agreements the same to achieve that idea? What if that agreement supports all life that you are connected to? What if this agreement of sameness is how liberty is even present at all? What if by the true sense of the word Independence really represents A Republic where all the public agree they are all the same and choose to be independent in choice making?


What if ALL life is all the same and you don’t get to choose if it is or is not? If what I share is the truth would this not make us the exact same?


So are you still choosing to be different? Or are you the same as I in all ways?


This case is a rested case and the only argument will be your own with you because you are the same no matter how hard or how long or how determined you decide not to be, you don’t get to change what Life is only where it is going. Today it has gotten kind of ugly but if we can get over ourselves can we achieve directing this life the same as we all want it to be, independent because we all love life and all that is regardless of what we make up in our own minds which all minds are the same and all do the same things again not by any choice of yours. Its time to stop playing with yourselves and deliver to yourselves your Independence, your independent way of living, your independent community and free ourselves from all the stupid differences people made up in their heads, its just down right stupidity on the highest of our own same level.


Deciding the difference is deciding the divide a truth you can no longer deny.



William Schooler

A Producing American (contributions for life in Independence)

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