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The Life experience, embodied.

Hello my gracious loved ones and welcome to A Producing American, a life force of self understanding and journey into you, with Love I declare.


What is the life experience, if you had to answer this question for yourself?


For me it is simple, to try and to test, to be willing to go through and UNDERSTAND what has taken place. It is in direct relation to me on this earth in this solar system and in this universe.


What are the limits to an experience? I answer with another question, what are the limits to your willingness and who defines these? So this is different in each life and each experience, so is it guided by life support understanding or is it guided by fears of the unknown or books and others ideas? What makes a choice a choice and what is a good choice over a bad choice?


But then there is the agreement, which is multiple choices forging the energy into the same direction and how many directions are there really if you are life and you wish to experience it?


Now answer this; What is the life experience that is caused by your own curiosity? And what is it that is caused by others experiences? Is one yours and the other theirs?


You SEE! Do you see? what is really seeing? How about understanding with clarity how parts work together or how they don’t work together and knowing all the parts of the whole of any concept in conception?


So many damn questions and they only seem to grow. Have you ever wondered if this is a part of the Life experience, the growth process of life itself? You may not see the point but answer yourself this; are you a part of life, which part are you?


Let me ask you this; why be a part of something you never review or answer questions about? Many turn to God as the answer, but isn’t God a part of life and are you a part of life and when you combine the two now becomes two parts of life? If you include the universe, does this now become another part of life. Now if you add all that is, does this become all the parts? So how many parts are there and if this is the case what the heck is the entire whole of Life?

I don’t know, how much were you willing to live, go through and experience first hand to understand its workings?


You SEE taking this journey is an exploration into you. it is a self discovery and entirety of yourself as the life experience, it becomes the understanding, the self empowerment and it becomes the force behind all life energy or the decision process where concepts are taken in and by these are choices actually created and made thus releasing life’s energy outward into the entire universe because Gravity has no control of life energy except by its physical form and this can be tested beyond questions to self. Once one becomes willing to experience their universe does one begin to discover the universe and the entirety of all that is which is limitless in all ways because it holds no borders and stretches outward as far as any are willing to grow.


Now imagine that for a moment, being willing to experience and entire universe of life, how infinite is this?


Here I have filled you with questions that I have answered for me through my willingness to experience each and every one of these. My growth of the life experience is in direct relationship to my willingness to go through and examine each question until an answer is arrived at and in all cases was the answer arrived at.


But I cannot answer these for you because the life experience has no such limits it is that infinite and growth has no limits it is one directional, you expand or you do not. The defining moment comes down to my own will, how WILLing am I to experience what is around me? What lessons may I gather and receive from? Since I am all that you are I find no reason to hide this fact and because you are I know it becomes your WILLingness to discover you the life experience for which you are. This experiment that you volunteered for on this planet and in this universe is a one of a kind, to grow Free Willingness and expand life across the universes and galaxies of our existence and each and everyone is in on it. Yes we can deny what we are a part of or we can CHOOSE to be willing to go through its great lessons and expand ourselves as life experience. We can all BE all that we are simply by such a willingness, decisions and agreements which if you look are the skills of the life experience. It is common in all the life around you who choose to be a part of it, but yes there are some who are in total denial of it, but again these lessons reveal greater understandings of ourselves and now we no longer have anything to fear. Even the concept of Death is fear of the unknown, but in all the universe show me Life has not been around for billions of years or better yet billions of revolutions growing ever bigger as life expands.


How many of you resist death, why? What are you afraid of? Isn’t death a Life experience? Maybe there is a lesson of understanding here after all, so why all the resistance?


There is something about the Life experience that is entirely profound and that is the more you are willing to experience, the more you are willing to learn and grow, the more you discover about you and what you are a part of the more life energy that is received, that flows through you in ways I had no idea but I certainly do now and I would wish this life energy on anyone willing to have and experience such an energy. The best part is the finding myself and ALL I am  a part of and the Love for myself because I was willing to receive the lessons. The words to know “thyself is to love thyself” becomes a real visual from the experience itself or this understanding of clarity of ALL I am a part of.


Today I am changing the direction of my life experience into total support for all life. I am actually retraining myself to do what I love whole heartedly. Rather than having a job or working for someone I have become an adventure and forming agreements with others to deliver that which WE truly love. I am entering into a field I have never been for the pure adventure and life experience of it into the activity for which I love. You could call this the love of my life or my greatest desire of all. At 58 I have no shortage of energy, in fact most have a hard time being in my vicinity because they start to question themselves about their energy. But for those that can have me, who are willing to experience do all seem to grow along with me, funny how this IS.


You probably noticed I have positive view of things as well and this is in direct relationship with my willingness and my growth. I was not always on a positive direction because I really had no understanding of its true clarity, but through negative lessons in comparison to positive experiences has clarity fully formed in my understanding or grasp of Life’s experience.


It is very true then that Knowing thyself is truly loving thyself by the full understanding of such an experience.


With Love I declare.



William Schooler, a producing American in life support.

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