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Home » The instructions for Declaring the Creation of My Life.

The instructions for Declaring the Creation of My Life.

To all of you who may come to this site I have created a new declaration that I am entrusting you ALL with. I am asking you all take copies and sign these and share these. Yes I am advocating a new agreement upon this earth, this agreement when formed will manifest full support for all of you in creation in limitless fashion.


This is very important to understand because it is you that changes you and by doing so does the world change to that which we dream it to be. Yes we have an enormous amount of lessons to take in but know by doing so we only become better decision makers and we enter far better agreements than we have in our history.


I have studied me in great detail to understand ALL that I am a party of, this is HUGE to degrees I have never even considered and is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because of how my own love has grown to enormous proportions and a curse because so many will want to destroy me for what I have done. I have reconciled and realize there is nothing any other can do, that I am infinite regardless and will continue regardless of their actions.


I did not do this to please everyone, I actually did this so all could please themselves and become better at creations in your own lives. In my own life I have changed it to a pleasurable setting of loving all that I do every single moment. The other reason is because I wanted to teach everyone going forward the absolute power of agreement by all who enter them so that WE may all know the force as well the responsibility that runs along side this great discovery. I also did this out of pure love that resides within me from such an adventure as I have pursued. I hope you ALL will see this love grow inside you for with love comes peace of mind.


With Love I declare,

William Schooler, A Producing part of creation in full support of ALL that I AM.


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