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The Agreement Factor of the Deciding, You be the judge.

Certainly I hope all will be able to SEE the humor in such a statement when we arrive at the end of this wild creation that is BEing manifest before your eyes. May your own experiences bring you home with your heart.



What is the agreement process or what is an agreement? It is  more than one who decides on the same idea and decides to help support it and the more decision makers who enter this agreement the more force or manifestation it becomes.


How many agreements have you entered in your life time? Thousands? Hundreds or fifteen? Why is it you entered one?


Now I could sit here and tell you this is the way it is but I would ask what makes something the way it is? How about the creation and the agreement to manifest such an idea?

What is a creation and what limits or how do we define creation? To manifest an idea maybe?


Here are some interesting agreements to include in this package of creation;











Peanut butter



To name a small few, but lets take these and review. Have you gone into any of these agreements? Do you believe in them, use them daily, support them in any way using personal energy? Well certainly you have, everyone of them in some version.


Lets take the car, if there was no agreement to have a car would cars exists? I suppose its possible for one person to decide to create one but even if he did and he had no agreement it was a car would it be? NO! Because it takes at least two to form an agreement about an idea and the agreement grows by those willing to enter and decide its support. Now is it a good agreement or a bad agreement? That would depend on your view and decision of it. If it killed people would it be a good agreement? Tough question isn’t it because we know cars have killed people so it could be a bad agreement but then there is the idea it gets you from point a to point b, in fact some have created ideas that cause you to get from point a to point b on a daily basis which is also by decision and to enter in to an agreement.


Now lets look at Housing, did you agree to buy a house or agree to live in one? It took more than you to agree to this didn’t it in either case?


Now pucker up, look at the rest of these ideas and how big is the agreement for these items and what determined their size? For these in particular they are enormous and world wide and the size is determined by how many were willing to enter this agreement and support it by using energy and I mean everyone of these whether you agreed or not, the numbers are their to support such an agreement. Now look at the force of these or their enormity or vastness. All of these have some effect on your everyday life do they not?


So what does this say about the decision process and then what does it say about the agreement process? That all ideas are decided and for them to grow they ALL need deciding to agree to their terms and this truly is the energetic force behind any and all ideas that are manifest present day.


Thats a lot of decision making to take in at one session isn’t it? But it gets even better and far far more deep to the point it will touch you very personally, hopefully you love being touched in such a manner and if not I guess we will find no agreement will WE?


Are all agreements created equal? Absolutely without sway but now, what makes great agreements and what creates poor agreements?


This is where you need to look at you in that DEEP manner as in probe your inner self. If decisions support you in all your wishes and all your dreams is this in full support of who you are? What happens if you do not know who you are how would you gauge or measure the decision being made? How would you know if it supports you or not? What if you think it does but in actuality it does no support what so ever? You are welcome to go hide now, but if you want to get to the bottom of this bowl you better grow some patients because the understanding of this entire subject relies completely on your ability to enter the agreements of your own choosing and why you would enter. To know you and to know why you are entering and to direct your own life the way YOU desire it to go. You can be pissed off later or you can continue into an adventure that sits right in front of your face every single living day of your life. In fact here is a reality check for you right now; there is not one idea manifest upon this earth today that is not here by the power of agreement and that is how forceful it is in every way shape and form. In fact not one thing exist without this ingredients so now it becomes very significant to you personally.


A really good agreement will support you and all around you entirely without question because it will be that clear and every poor agreement out there only benefits a few and that is the gauge of measuring and support means to employ or embrace, full support and add to your living, to make life better, make life joyful and fun to experience and those agreements can be lived in our lifetimes so we are positive they exist.


Now the poor agreements have been very prevalent as well and really what they have been is awesome lessons to teach us clarity and understanding of our own force of nature, the decision process and to understand its great strength. There is not one poor agreement we do not deserve because it will help show us the way to be better at ourselves and to be full support of all that we are.


I am sure some are asking what makes me the expert on this subject and I would say nothing, that this is simply my recognition of ALL that we are capable of and that recognition does not go away it becomes that empowering to thy self. I have a saying that I love which is, to know thyself is to love thyself and what it means to me is if I know me, my abilities, my qualities and love what I enter into then I shall love myself for the actions I take in a life time. This is simple self recognition and not one thing more.


Now on this earth what is it you observe, do you see great agreements where all life is supported to be its own creativity? Why not, so you see the same thing I do, lots of poor agreements that only serve a few in different separated groups? And if you see this separateness how can you see the agreement?


Here are some great examples of some of the poorest agreements I have experienced;







Law creation









to name a few and the reason they are poor is because the groups they support are so small its trivial at best and most of these can be found and agreed to by the same group although many of you have gone into agreement with these ideas without once reviewing exactly what they support and how little they actually support. So what does this say about you? That you need these lessons to bring up your own understanding and your skills to act in this manner.


Here are a few of the greatest agreements I have experienced;







Fresh food




The galaxy

The universe







to name a few so how many of these have you fully agreed to, how many of these have you fully supported each and every day with energy? So are these as popular as the poor agreements? Why do you suppose that is?


I can honestly say it is where you focus your attention, your energy and your decisions and by doing so lays the very source, your decision and agreement to be a part of those poor agreements. Now thats a real stinker isn’t it, but to be fair how did you know you held so much power, so much force you could actually make things appear by entering agreements by deciding with others to support these efforts poor or not. Now many of you have had your attention directed for you without your knowledge, call it the diversion program or poor agreements at work in your universe going against the very things you are actually a part of.


Here is my whole reasoning for bringing it up at all, I am sickened by the amount of growing poor agreements and so little work on the greatest agreements of our time. It is hard to watch this on a daily basis and since I understand it has become my responsibility to share with people my findings on this subject matter in hopes of improving energy flows. To assist in redirecting miss directed attentions, to establish and help you understand your very own power and empowerment.


One of our weaknesses as a people is our own lack of knowledge of ourselves and our very own abilities and changing that within us simply takes putting our attention on such a subject matter as ourselves. Where ever you put your attention is where you focus your personal energy, it is the direction it takes off in, it becomes the energy stream as well the manifestation as well the agreement.



By now you may all say I am crazy and that too is a choice isn’t it, and if more than one of you takes that road it becomes the agreement. But what if what I share is the truth as I found it and that it has a monumental impacts on how your own life goes from here, would this be important to you personally? So why not be willing to experiment with these ideas and concepts and see what comes from such an adventure, after all look again at all the poor agreements you have entered and you are still here to read this, awesome job and now it becomes lesson time, the willingness to take in this lesson of your own experiences and put them to the test to see if what I share holds any validity what so ever. In others words I ask that you not believe in what I say and that you test these to see for yourself in oder to empower YOU.


This is one reason I have this website called the producing american is because that is my act of kindness to all others, my gifts from me to you to use, test and possibly enter far better agreements in your own life. I value life and consider myself to be a contributor to serve all who are willing to look for themselves because it is that important to me, I love life and all of you in it the same amount and no one receives less from me. I know this is not natural to what you have been taught but it is very natural to me because I have been using these concepts for some time now and my entire life shall never be the same it has made that much impact. I also realized I don’t change those in the world, that I only change me and the world changes because of it and I expect nothing less from any one of you because I see you as equal to me. Not only that but this can be used by anyone regardless of the poor agreements they have entered and they too can improve their own lives to be viable and vibrant, loving and joyful.


The recognition process is nothing more than you recognizing what you are doing each day and reviewing it to see if it delivers to you every day all that you desire or imagine or create. Are you loving every day, are you creating and fulfilling dreams that you imagine? Can you honestly call yourself joyful or ready to get up every single day and Live by such acts as these?


And there are several things to recognize that are very important to help you conserve your energy to your imaginations, to be and live your dreams which all of these take energy in order to manifest and if you are occupied by poor agreements every single day your own dreams are inundated and do not become achieved and then really ask yourself, are you really living your own desires and dreams?


For the record I am living my dreams every single moment of every single day and one of those dreams is to allow and help others reach theirs. Because the more who reach their potential the more fun and joy we all get to share in our world.


So let us review some poor agreements and their results or what has become manifest by them.


We will start with Governments and the agreement to authorize themselves, the idea they are the law creators and that they tell people what to do rather than the people telling them what to do. How did this agreement turn so sour or so poor. Easily we can see the agreements they have entered have been very poor at best and have served no one except the system they agreed to. It is not a republic they have agreed to, it is not the state of BEing independent they have agreed to but rather it is the system of Finance they have all went into agreement with because by doing so they get to spend and expand and that agreement has become very obvious to most of us on a grand scale. This system is incorporated or is a system based upon on limited controls and secrecy to reach their own objectives and by law the Corporation must and is bound only to support its share holders so all of you in the stock markets, thank you for your agreement and support and better yet this great lesson we are about to receive. The system was actually designed by the Financiers of the world and one of the instruments to make it all possible was the Tax system and the retirement system as well with the social security system. All of these were made to look like they were for you but in actuality they only really serve the financiers, the banking cartels and the oil cartels because all of these corporate systems are a part of each other from their very core. They were able to create agreement to pay taxes and sign over our embryos as an asset to their market place and if we look today the only real thriving we see is the Corporate structure and everything else is dying around it and all are clueless as to why. Although this is changing on a daily basis because of people like me who a have researched and studied ourselves to understand what thriving really means upon earth. If you look each and every one of us has gone into the agreement for taxation because we think it is needed to have certain things in society. But the facts are taxes were only created so the Government could barrow money in order to spend and the interests paid would serve the bankers and the principle would never be paid and the interest would only grow as the debt does. One can be seen in relation to the other and they never intended to pay the principle but only to grow the interest payment to bankers. So thank you to all tax payers for supporting such a poor agreement, job well done and now it becomes lesson time by the recognition of what the agreement has actually served and it has only served a few elite intent on the control of it all through the manipulated world of finance. Oh by the way you also supported their money supply, the loan supply or debt supply and you agreed to these wars through this act and by international law can be held liable for war crimes for paying taxes to a government that promotes war in the world versus peace. This too is a very poor agreement isn’t it? But it could not be possible without such an agreement period.


Now you don’t need to get all bent over yourself and realize for the first time in your life you are getting a lesson of a life time to help you understand how much force sits behind your own choice ability and if you understand this and get this lesson all of it is worth every poor activity we delivered to ourselves through such actions. Finally we can move on because I think the lesson hits some real home doesn’t it? So you know it did for me too and really got me to question myself working in one of these big global corporations supporting the very things I was entirely in opposition to thinking I knew anything about anything and realizing I needed this lesson so for the first time I could actually know something. But all of this has been very helpful to my growth. I am no longer a part of the system, am supporting what I love and Life has become very joyous to say the least.


NOW, why did I list the good ideas and great agreements to look at? Because they are the heart and soul of our very existence and when I am done I hope you will have a clear visual upon its working parts.


One of the most important parts or ideas I ever located was LIFE, living, creating, imagining, manifesting and testing ideas that fully supporting all life upon this earth as well this galaxy and in this infinite universe. Vast isn’t it and shows I do not mess around and have located ALL the parts around me that serve ALL that I Am. and in oder for life to be this big, this vast, this enormous and fantastic it has to be allowed. It cannot be controlled or told what to do and what not to do, it has to be allowed to LIVE and imagine and for this to be possible at all Liberty must be present, to be free from those imposing poor agreements on to you, limiting you, controlling you and enforcing upon you the way in which to live. Yep this is where I say thank you Religion and the agreement to live in a limited manner as written and if you go outside that box you will get zapped by sin and evil and are now cast out of society. Well how the heck do you test ideas  when someone puts something like that in place? But follow history and you will see where financiers and Religion became very close friends and now, there is an agreement you will wish you didn’t see. So who creates liberty and what is it exactly? It is freedom from authorization, it is the complete removal or a state or condition of living without enforcers, ya where is that agreement? Well believe it or not the constitution was and still is liberty because it was meant to limit what Governments could do and not what people could do. Well what the hell happened to that agreement? Well a few in our history decided to form a new agreement without our knowing to become the corporate system of finance and control while keeping us in the dark and telling us they were still a government by the people. But their actions and what they said were very opposing to say the least. But there was something else missing, something very viable for the entire idea of a republic and it was no where to be found. It was and still is the Declaration of Independence declaring to a just world it would no longer participate with an unjust Government body, that the people of such an agreement would live without this form of imposing government where all men were created equal and all life was entitled to liberty by creation itself to pursue our Happiness, our dreams and our imaginations to have love and joy in our hearts without the acts of violence and impositions. There was an agreement by 13 states at the time that said to hell with you and your barbaric authoritarianism, now that was one hell of an agreement to FREE THYSELF.


OK so what happened to that? Well which one of you has decided to be independent in your choices able to enter any agreement without sway by another? How many of you really read and understood such a state of BEing? So how could you decide something you did not understand exactly? So you mean to tell me we have NO agreement to be an independent state? Well how the hell do you create Liberty without such a sate of existence? So you mean we have no agreement to be independent and we have no agreement to create liberty and because of that we cannot have either? YEP! Oh it gets way better than that and if you wish you are free to read more of what I have written or more of what I have simply contributed because I worked and changing me to be better at the decisions I now make and to fully understand the agreements I shall enter.


I have one on my site that says Ideas are like dust particles in the wind and there are literally millions of them and not one of them is worth a damn without any agreement it is anything at all. This statement still holds true today some 5 years later and if you look you can see all I did was observe ideas in relation to dust particles folks, there were no parlor tricks here.


The other thing to realize about me is I am not a writer, or a speller in fact I hate the agreements behind language because it is that poor and chopped up and can be related to the vast amounts of confusion in this country especially when it comes to law practices. That industry alone is very responsible for the destruction of our language, it is intended to create confusion versus good clear understandings which all great agreements are based upon.


Now you hold the power, you are the entire reason life is even here. You are fantastic and deserve to live every dream you can imagine, thats how capable you are and the only thing lacking is the agreements that support these acts.


I hope all of you will truly consider what was shared here because from my view we are ALL creators in creation without boundaries and limits, we are vast and infinite beyond all measure and there is nothing we cannot accomplish simply by creating and manifesting great agreements that support the whole of life upon this earth in this galaxy and throughout this infinite universe.


Namaste, with love I declare.

William Schooler, a creator, a decider and a contributor to all life has to offer universal.

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