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Let us End Corporatism once and for all.

To incorporate is what? To form a system of agreement that limits and controls what will take place by dictating policies one must abide by.


Believe me after 10 years of dealing with this structure, testing its limits and finding its cause I get it is dysfunctional by its own creation. It is actually a structure manifest or created by the Financiers of our world to control how and what will be provided for life on earth. The intent is global domination by every definition of such a word and has not one thing to do with supporting communities as it raves to portray itself. It spends a very small amount to support the community in comparison to the enormous amounts its spends or contributes to a very few share holders. These share holders also contribute very little into communities in comparison as well and they only do to say they do and for no other reason. To look like I am good when in fact I am your worst enemy because I will steal you blind and force you to pay with your entire life to support me.


Finance is an idea as well corporatism is also an idea and the only thing holding them in place is the agreement you have to support them regardless of which WAY that is. This is where you have to take some time to LOOK at you and ask; in what way do you support these ideas, by fear, by survival, by need or by desire?


How many of you THINK I have to have gasoline? To what, get to your corporate comfy job? Or how many of you THINK money is what makes the world go round? Why so you can survive and without that company you don’t have a chance in hell? Or you THINK it supports your dreams and allows these to take place? How many of these ideas were put here by the corporations of our time?


What is a corporate Government? A Government by the people or a government by share holders? How is it Governments grow, by the amount they have to spend or by all the contributions they give back to communities? If they do not generate income by normal means where does it come from? Some would say taxes but I would say by corporations who loan Governments money because they created a tax base that they can grow to pay bankers enormous amounts of interest.


Ask yourself this; when you go to work every day what is it you really do, contribute to others because they are asking or are you there simply for a piece of paper that supposedly represents some value?


One of the things I realized several years ago was I contribute to others simply because they ask and the more I put my attention upon the idea I was delivering the better delivery went in ALL cases. I stopped focusing on money at all and the corporations were just throwing money at me. I said how interesting, so I did some really deep testing on this subject and what I found was the more attention I put on the products I delivered the more demand that was created and demand draws attention by others especially lazy others or those who don’t do much, don’t want to do much but love to look good like they are the star of the party. Somehow your name gets passed around and you become in very high demand to a point where that is all you will see is your demand even when you don’t want any more. Although I created openings for others to handle these high volumes and taught them where to focus. Many around me in my capacity could not understand my volumes and became very resistive. In fact, some so resistive because they could not compare their volumes they found it in the hearts to let me go. Call it union shops along side non union shops in the same company doing the very same activities, the union shops are unable to come close to these numbers and in the corporate system you are not allowed to stand out especially when there is such a union presence in such a big unnamed Corporation. Lets put it this way, it is second to Government as far as employment in the US but it is a global company off shoring more work every single year.


If you really want to have fun start challenging upper management with their own policies because you understand  them better than they do. It is funny to watch the reactions or to get a call from a upper manager asking why you would say something like that on a internal forum when all you were doing was quoting their own policy.


I can remember one day coming to a decision because the company was working so hard to destroy all you had created that delivered, to a far more arduous less productive tool and I would figure out ways to institute what was effective into their systems thus never slowing down. They were putting big pressure on me to be far less productive and I was fighting with myself every day even considering leaving their sorry asses. But I decided I was not going to care what they thought and I was going to be myself everyday whether they liked it or not. After that day and everyday after that I came in with a huge smile on ready to role and everyday I could see the concerns on people faces or the calls questioning me why I did this or that and so on. I studied their policies so well and used everyone of them that supported my efforts they had difficulty even coming to me anymore because they would have to break their own policies. It was fun the entire time and yes they did let me go and yes I was as grateful as you could possibly be to become free from that system entirely. Talk about blow hards, LOL, people huffing and puffing threatening to blow the house down with their hands tied behind their backs is damn funny to watch.


Since then I have moved from the big Incorporated city which is the signature of the corporate entity and moved to rural town america and what a beauty it is to wake up every single day. No more traffic jams, no more long hours because so many before you didn’t do their jobs. No more big pay checks, no more taxation and no more sheeple wondering around you all day long agreeing to something that goes directly against all they really want to be in the first place. To be free, to be creative and to manifest agreements with others that contribute to one another. I call this peace of mind and joy and now I simply support what I love doing anyway in a small shop with two of us and our demand is growing simply because we care and LOVE what we are contributing to.


Since this is my roots of performing or contributing for small ma and pa shops I already had prior knowledge of the difference between life and contributing and corporations and dominant controls and there is no comparison and one can simply be seen contributing to the community while the other sucks it dry. This lesson has been very fulfilling to me and acknowledged what I had always thought was true to begin with, but hey who wants to give up a big pay check, right?


Sure I have had to change my life style and I am completely ok with this because I LOVE what I do and it even allows me these moments to share with you.


So why do we need to keep this agreement in place, what is really holding it all in place? To hell with the corporate entity and let LIFE contribute to LIFE without all the limits and controls by those who have no control of themselves and this can be seen by the lack of support for community, for the robbing of resources upon our earth, for the poisoning of our lands and our waters, for the theft created by them through Governments and most importantly for the over all crapy ass products ever designed and distributed. These are done in a way that creates more demand and fills our land fills with crap that was created to be limited and break sooner than later all in the name of the all mighty dollar. The all mighty dollar is not a reason to contribute to life, life is the reason we contribute to life. To allow us all to live our dreams to the fullest without limits, without controls and without domination from false authorizations made up in their own minds.


It is funny when you start to realize you are the answer to such questions, that you are a part of life here to contribute to it and then ask yourself where does this corporate structure fit in? In all honesty it does not fit, it never has fit and the financiers of this world have been working on this program for over 5000 years and it has not one example of sustaining life upon this earth and can be shown to do the exact opposite in ALL cases. There is one thing I have learned in all this and that is the consistency of results do not lie and the more there are to review the more we can see the true picture if we are only willing to look.


The financial corporate Governing system or structure is only here to serve a very few yet LIFE is so much more so why is it we incorporate this into our own decisions and then enter such an agreement?


Indoctrination by the present education systems and I dare you to follow education and where it began and how it got where it is today and I am betting you will find it came from the Religious / financier community and has been passed down over 5000 years as well and is in all cases the very same source it was before. I actually discovered it on my research of the english language and why is was so complicated and lacked understanding (although many attempt to argue this all the time) but if they took the time to look they will also SEE it with their own eyes and recognize which groups instituted this complex combination of symbols. It was done entirely on purpose to support Rule and secrecy and is there biggest tools so perverting language to be complex added to their cause of diverting the life attention capacity. This can be fully displayed in the language of LAW or the perversion of law if you wish. It is not for you, it is for them, their system of complex and self authorization. It was never intended for you commoners, you know the common people who only wish to dream and live life rather than rule over and control it to death. Yet even you have conformed and gone into these agreements unknowingly because of the indoctrination camps designed and implemented by them through Government. They know all they have to do is direct your attention and when you ask question you get redirected and if you rebel you continually get redirected and most of this is done by all those around you agreeing to such terms and what are terms anyway? Something specific that limits or specifically directs your attention.


I know for all you well educated are yelling you SUCK, LOL, keep telling yourself that. I have higher education but so much did not add up and I kept questioning where these ideas were coming from and my frustration with language was really pissing me off. So many make it seem so simple yet when we look at the US at large where is all the understanding? In all cases I have been in I see a big lack of clear understanding so I stopped questioning me about it and started looking into what could cause such a disfunction.


It was funny how many things lead me to the same sources and asked myself how is this possible, why is it all these dots connect so clearly? I could list many reasons but you need to find some of this yourself so you fully get what is being communicated here, but here are some very interesting hints; Rulers, Financiers, Governments, Languages, Religions, Education, Law and the greatest of them all Authority. In fact this is something each one of these has in common in all of history as we were shared it and that is authorization or the author of such ideas, to mandate or to institute a system of authorization over Life. That in a nutshell is the Corporate entity or miss representation, or the falseness that surrounds us and that we have gone into agreement with. WE are actually supporting these ideas that go directly against us by choosing to and entering these very poor agreements which in no real way supports you because in all cases in this over 5000 years all have destroyed themselves and the communities around them simply by authorizing themselves or being the authors of how life shall be lived in their own version and not your version. In fact your version is forbidden because you do not hold such authority by their own thinking. Unless of course you can show without question you fully support their authority then by all means step right in and you will be compensated but not to their level of compensations. And when it is ready to die you will be first as they all run and hide as they have always done.


So why keep this idea around and how do we rid ourselves of such a cavity or this menace to society? Simply we stop using them, stop agreeing with them in any form and stop supporting anything they generate. We all have the capacity to combine our efforts, create other products that are far more sustainable and the best of all is we no longer have to ask permissions. We create ideas that we think work and we test the crap out of them to see if they support all we are and all we are truly a part of and if we did not have rules excluding our invention or creations the world would prosper big time. In fact the biggest crime against us is the laws against cannabis and hemp as these are renewable resources given to earth to create abundances and abundances of life supporting products serve life very well.


What is a limited view of the world? Utah, that I live in a state and thats all there is. What is the broad view of the world? This entire globe is part of a solar system in a galaxy that is part of a vast infinite universe of LIFE. So supporting life may mean far more than you THINK today and you should imagine yourself traveling through this cosmos. Because if you look at the lessons we are receiving on earth about Corporatism and Authors imagine what you can learn if you are willing to review ALL you are a part of, and then to understand how it all works in relationship to all that is. You can see a system of unity in support of ALL that is or all you are a part of and that picture is enormous so screw LIMITED think by Rulers who have yet to include all they are a part of as well and let us move on in life unauthorized, limitless, bound by nothing but our own creations and let us LIVE LIFE in an infinite universe of possibilities only awaiting us to wake the heck up from our stupor.


Its time to sit down and actually have this discussion, to visit the realities of today as they have been cast upon us. Let us the decision makers of this world sit down and make a new choice, a far better agreement with one another in full support of ALL on this globe and in this universe. Let us free ourselves from the limits others have worked so desperately to impose upon us as though they were or are the masters of life upon earth. Let us imagine ourselves freely imagining and bringing into existence creations of full support for all life.


I want to cherish what I am part of in joy and abundances and be boundless the way in which I was born, willing to take in, willing to receive the world and be a part in it.


Let us put and end to The corporate model of limits once and for ALL.


With love and gratitude, in lakech.


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