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What is life energy?

Have you ever asked this question or have you ever wondered why it even exist?


Where is all this life energy created and how is it we utilize or release it into the universe?



What is Life? Energy possibly, because without this energy how is it anything at all is created in any form?


Today we see a lot of divide and corruption, false authorizations and all kinds of made up ideas that don’t add up. Its almost like a dying breed or concept that is about to come to an end because it failed to understand itself, its own life energy and because of this becomes entirely miss directed.


When I think of energy I think of motion or a force of some kind, something that takes other elements and causes them to change in some formation or construct. Its best called a cause and its results are always some kind of effect. So if you think of many causes you see many effects.


So what cause are you, how do you cause life energy to generate and pass from inside you to outside you? I see life energy as a universe or all space as energized and we are tapped into this energy stream and the reason I say this is because of many things I have decided in my life have brought me vast amounts of energy and in my case positive energy.


What I find is the act of deciding, that clear distinction by self determinism that determines this is what I wish to manifest or create. Then to combine this with others who also have this capacity or love receiving what is cast out also decide to support this concept or are willing to receive the concept also make a choice and that act becomes a force of recognition also known as the agreement process. Imagine a symphony in motion with all the different parts pushing out energy to bring you love in a vibration. Here is a great example to explore to get the idea of the harmony or the working together in some agreement form of energy

It gives you the idea of what can be imagined, decided upon and then broadcast outward for those who are willing to receive such a statement.


Notice that each person in this piece has decided to participate and focus their energy to broadcast outwards. Now look into the night sky and what is it you see being broadcast? Do you SEE any points where energy could be transmitted? So where is all this energy at, that is so plentiful we have no idea? Look at all the stars casting out into the wide open, beaming energy all in harmony with one another, manifesting outward in all cases. I cannot say a star decides but I do know in the human family that one very important part of all in the human family carry this ability to determine to decide and once this act is done releases the energy to manifest. But what if I have no energy, how will it manifest? That question is a great one because from my own experience I am connected to the energy in space all the time but the amounts I receive are directly related to how much I give back in support of such an energy stream. So if Life is energy and I support life which is then all energy I am given the keys to the gate of abundant energy. I know this from my own practices of going against me or of life energy and then transforming into full support of life’s energy and find myself in my late 50s with more energy than when I was 10. I can only share with you what I see coming from such a cause, the effect being an abundance of energy and when I was causing harm to life’s energy was I left empty or powerless or without much energy. Even though some energy still exist it is more of a dense or dark energy which does not seem to thrive well at all.


So how did I change this energy direction from an abundance and then a shortage and then a bigger abundance? In the beginning I seemed to be born with this innate ability and as I grew I started testing ideas that did not support the energy grid very well by doing things that were not very respectful to self or to others for that matter. Those two seem to run in parallel and manifest a very poor set of results at best but I can honestly say they shared some awesome lessons upon this subject so it was a very great eye opener.


So what changed the direction? Actually it was hitting bottom for the 3rd consecutive time in my life, wondering what the heck I was doing that was so wrong and I went and got some help from some friends that really got me to look at me. Not at them, not at all the things around me but exclusively at me and what I located was what I was putting into my choices, the ingredients that caused the manifestation or results. One of my biggest and worst ever was money, I was making choices based upon money in ALL cases. I have to tell you that was disturbing to learn and really gave me a whole new look at the world I lived in. The other thing I realized there was nothing about myself in these ingredients, it was all for other reasons like hate or disagreements or things that made no sense to me at all. So I had to start asking hard questions about myself and my place upon this earth and OH My God did I see things I found myself entirely clueless about yet each and everyone of these sat around me daily in every activity. This really made me feel very blind at the time, like I had eyes but they were really not being utilized.


My findings may be profound to some of you because I know I am far from the only one to SEE these, but I also found very few have ever gave themselves any thought and made me very curious what all were so afraid of?

What am I comprised of? Life, energy, mother earth, this galaxy and this universe. Although I must tell you these recognitions did not all come at once and were actually very gradient which helped in my own understanding. I also realized I am life’s energy, I have the power, LOL to cause in the universe and manifest or create. This also helped me see creation as a limitless opportunity to experiment in where nothing could stop the experiment and only the results or effects would reveal the true lesson. I am also a positive loving energy or vibration of appreciation and gratitude or empathy, but that I learned this through a negative more dense energy which has only strengthened the positive vibration I am today. And lets face it folks we are not perfect because we are growing and growing takes lessons so lessons have to live somewhere. So experimenting turns out not to be such a bad thing as some in the authoritative field would like us to believe.


Recognition of this life energy abundance because of direct support has been very exciting because here I am in my fifties keeping pace with those in their 20s and I see them looking at me, questioning me and working to understand why I stand out because so many my age are all warn out. I know I meet people my age that seem lifeless in comparison but I don’t feel greater than these people. In fact it is very hard for me to watch knowing we are all connected all equal in capacity and can all tap in.


So my recognition is I Am Life’s energy and I can choose to be all of it or a part of it and the more I support it as a whole the more I receive to express with or to create with and the more that become aware of this feature the more that will tap in the more connected we become, the more harmony we create, the better our vibration becomes, the more agreements we form that support ALL that we are a part of.

In fact the energy that is exposed is directly related to the amount of agreement that is created. The more agreement the more force that is visible. I learned this from the dark forces or dark side and the agreements were money, Corporations and authority because when I looked at the amount of agreement was I able to see the force of its life energy however dim that is. But it is very visible so imagine if you actually focused all that energy in supporting life’s energy versus attempting to control it all. Because attempting to control something that is not yours exclusively produces very poor results in ALL cases because it belongs to ALL life across this universe and is infinite or beyond measure because it is in constant motion of expansion. In order for energy to even exist there has to be motion. If we look we are born out of zero and manifest into a plus or motion of growth which is constant throughout a life time or life times. It is funny that dark matter is energy and life illuminates through expression of creation or of imagination. So we take something from nothing or do we? If life energy is something we are collecting something that already exist but is not visible and assume it is nothing but in fact is very much our connection point to ALL that IS.


I guess the moral to this story is to recognize all that you are and support that in all ways and have the keys to the castle or the energy stream we are all surrounded with. Call it Gods energy or Life’s Energy or light energy or dark energy for it is all the very same resource we are connected to. And then to support this by choice, to support this by agreement is to expand outward or to generate, to manifest, to put into motion support for ALL that IS.


Life IS everywhere you are no matter where you go, it is completely a part you are unable to hide from regardless of how many agreements you form to eradicate it which cannot possibly sustain the motion of growth for which this universe is entirely comprised of. Or in other words using Life’s energy to go against yourself is entirely counter productive and is unable to perform life supporting measures that create abundance of energy in a field or universe filled with energy. Energy is possible through the expansion of its own motion form a vacuum to an expression or broadcast and when you look at inventors or people to use their imagination can you SEE the announcement of an energy flow expanding across a universe so vast you cannot find the end because the end is always in motion.


Live, Dream and imagine yourself as you would LOVE to be is a vibration of energy that supports you in your entirety and grows the life within you as well out of you in an infinite direction out or as growth. Or you could imagine no growth what so ever and energy would eventually cease.



There is a balancing act of negative energies and positives energies and each have destinations, Positive energies expand outward and are brighter and more joyful in the experience realm and negative caves in on itself eventually because in all cases is it given the choice to change directions so there is a constant struggle. Being balanced is to produce far more positive energy than negative although some negative does strengthen positive so recognizing both has benefits as well helps support the other flow. Most in the negative don’t put in any positive and is one reason is will close in on itself for it shares no balance properties. There are some who only include positive energy, yet they seem to be missing a part of them. Keep in mind to be energy there must be a positive and negative to your presence for energy to flow.


In our world of today we see a lot of negative energy working desperately to control the energy streams, yet it is uncontrollable because of its enormous size. Yet we see positive energy embracing the life we are but most of us stay focused on the negative energies which are draining and leave us tired. But our day is coming as more positive streams are being embraced and so the positive energies are becoming apparent or more forceful. I do hope I contribute in this direction or I do attempt to bring recognition to this effort. Like the music of  Olafur Arnalds, I hope to assist in harmony upon our mother earth so that we may flow in a much more support energy stream where all energy expands in all people who choose to be this energetic. I love the flow, the melody, the nature of the key strokes and touch the heart so deeply it becomes a memory of joy.


May we create a loving vibration of energy across this great space for all to feel inside as though it belongs to each and everyone. Feel that love, feel that vibration, feel this energy and we shall grow beyond our wildest dreams.


With Love and gratitude, in lak’ech



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