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There is no community without unity.

What is that, what is community? The people on certain subjects uniting? The people in certain towns uniting? Only certain people in in particular land demarcations uniting?


What is uniting or unity?


Unity is actually community because there is one thing in common, the agreement on what ever it is whether it be an idea, a town meeting or some group agreement.


Something I have personally located is we have no unity for Liberty or the agreement to implement Liberty because most refuse to understand its parts. Worse yet is there is no unity or agreement to have an independent state where each makes their own choice and enters an agreement of their own choosing without coercion. The fact of this matter is we have no unity about life, we have no agreement about what life is truly capable of. We refuse to unite on the very subject we are entirely a part of even though we can see it every night and every day in our night sky.


Ask yourself this; is our solar system in agreement, is it united as a whole and in support of itself in ALL ways?


Now, is this solar system in agreement with this universe, is it united with other solar systems in constant motion?

Why is it not taking each other out with the entire destruction of the entire universe? What you don’t think you are a part of this universe? Hello out there.


Why is it we cannot unite on the subject of life? Do we really not understand life that bad we cannot look at ourselves? Hello again, you out there?


Look at my work here and what is the consistent message I share with ALL willing to view it? Our capability to choose and to enter agreements of our choosing in the DIRECTION that supports ALL life with no questions about what that is.


I will say this again so question it for yourself;

Life is everywhere you are no matter where you go, so what does this mean to YOU? Can you deny it is around you? Do you refuse to look at what is around you? What is LIFE?


Is the idea of Life united? Do you want to LIVE? So would this be an agreement of ALL life? Maybe you are already united and never even stopped to look even once. Ya we all agree we want to live, so now what is living?


Is living breathing only, or is it DOing things? Is living destroying the life around you? Is living denying what you are a part of?


What is your unity, what is your community, what is your agreement that YOU chose to enter?


The biggest communities I have observed upon earth, these are the agreement formed by these communities that support them.


The money community or the financial community.

The Government community or governing unity.

The Religious unities or communities.

The racing communities.

The sports communities or unity.

The military community or unity.

The democratic Community.

The Republican Community.

The authorizing communities or unity of authority.

The Corporate community with all its laws and previsions.


But in all cases where the heck is the Life community, you know the one on planet earth in a solar system in a universe so vast its hard to even imagine it has a border?


You SEE, here you are very much a part of something you have no way to deny entering agreements and communities or in unity that only supports a small part or separate from its parts but as a whole no community really exist when it comes to LIFE itself. The very essence of your simply BEing a member of Mother earth or a community of earth for which no unity exists. Swallow that for a moment, yes it may be monumental at first but so are all truths when we face them head on.


Show me the unity of life on earth; the trees, the air, the waters, the birds, the lions, the fish, the mountains, the plants and much much more but how much human unity is there, you know the agreement that supports entirely ALL the human BEings of the human family?


Oooooooops, forgot one did you?


Here we have communities entirely in unity to control the world but as many destructive acts as they can create and we have not one bit of unity or agreement to preserve all this life upon this earth, WTF.


So here you are in support of Finance, Governments, Religions of separation, sports and military and all these communities are allowing the destruction of mother earth by feeding it false information to create divide rather than world wide communities that are in unity in support of ALL life upon this earth. right?


BOLDLY go where so few are willing to and you can see without question which and who supports these communities of self destruction and you can no longer wonder why such communities even exist. The largest community upon this earth in total unity is the Corporation and all its rules, authorities, finance and corruption and each community I have listed supports this model or this agreement or this community and it is a self destructive mechanism that in no way supports life by ALL its activities, results and for sure agreements. Because when it supports life it leaves no part of LIFE out period and MEANS no division or separation for that which YOU are a part of.


So do you suppose those who support these communities truly Live life? or do they only pretend why lying to thyself?

If you have no agreement about what Life actually is how can you unite on something you have no clue about? How can you possibly support what you are a part of if you have no clue what the heck that is?


Again there is no community with such a unity. There is no agreement about what life is to unite in the very first place because you relied on books and teachers and never once went out and used observation to notice ALL that is around you and the boldest part of all, you have denied yourself in ALL ways of Living and thriving and life supporting activities that support ALL that you are and are a part of and truly denial is your own downfall.


Self destruction has repeated several times over upon this earth and in ALL cases did the community of life support and its unity, its agreements to manifest ideas of total support and abundance was empty of the essential ingredients for life itself for love is found in the heart by supporting all that you are a part of without question about what that is exactly.


Thus our community for Life as an independent state of creating and deciding upon in total support of ALL we are isn’t even in the air because so many of you have joined communities and united with very poor agreements of earth that are impossible to sustain themselves in every single measure life can offer.


Yes I know this is exactly what you did not want to read or hear or think about and that is exactly why I BOLDLY stated it. I call it tough love of life, a responsibility that does not go away when one unites with it. A love for ALL life in a universe so vast it becomes impossible to even invent stupid limits some are intent on uniting upon.


Discover how to free yourself from your own poor agreement process and how to recognize communities that are dividers with no intent to unite ALL life upon this mother earth.


In Lakech


A Producing American infatuated by life supporting life in ALL ways of Living, to unite in love and peace and full harmony of such a vibration as this where the community of the human family reconciles itself to be all it can be without the imposed limits of others. For the independent state knows no bounds and creates in full support of itself by all the contributions it can offer.


With Love in ALL ways,

William Schooler, a life supporting effort by recognition of thyself as I Am.

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